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  1. You have no idea what their ECs, personal statements, or LORs said, nor how yours compare. Based on your GPA and LSAT, you're not competitive.
  2. Your LSAT is well below Odgoode’s median, so yes, if you don’t score better on your rewrite it’s quite likely you’ll be rejected.
  3. I don’t see the purpose in having uninformed conversations. Sorry 🙄
  4. That's technically an A average, but the lowest possible one. Of the people I know who were hired last year in the 1L recruit, an A/A/B+ would have been the lowest grade distribution. I wouldn't rule yourself out, but I wouldn't expect interviews either (not that anyone should expect interviews – I know one person with an A+/A+/A distribution who didn't get a single interview). So apply, but be realistic with yourself about your chances.
  5. Me too. It's still the interior of BC. Northern interior, but the interior nonetheless.
  6. "The British Columbia Interior, BC Interior or Interior of British Columbia, usually referred to only as the Interior, is one of the three main regions of the Canadian province of British Columbia, the other two being the Lower Mainland, which comprises the overlapping areas of Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, and the Coast, which includes Vancouver Island and also including the Lower Mainland (from the perspective of the Interior)." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Columbia_Interior
  7. Depends on the school, but from Osgoode JD (not JD/MBA) you’re looking at straight A’s of some type, or at least an A average. A law or business background aren’t required.
  8. Obviously. Continued discussion would require you to have actually looked at their budgets and use of funds.
  9. Sure, population wise. But what you’re doing is the same thing as looking at Ontario and saying it’s housing prices are unreasonable because the GTA’s housing prices are unreasonable. The interior constitutes all of BC that isn’t coastal or the lower mainland. That includes medium sized cities like Prince George and Kamloops, and smaller cities like Quesnel and Revelstoke. To look at just the Okanagan and declare that the entirety of BC is unaffordable is just silly.
  10. Worth noting here that the Okanagan is part of the Interior, but the Okanagan isn’t the Interior. In the vast majority of the Interior, housing prices are much more reasonable.
  11. No. You don't understand how course prizes work. They go to the highest grade. If there are multiple A+s, they go to the highest A+.
  12. Profs at Osgoode are able to award more than one A+. The fact that @harveyspecter993 got an A+ does not guarantee him a course prize. I don't really think this is a complicated idea. Harvey, don't email and ask. It doesn't matter for your purposes whether or not you got a course prize – you're not competitive for the 1L recruit and even if you got told you had the highest rank, it would be gauche to put a course prize that won't be announced for months on your resume. If you won the course prize, you'll find out post-1L, with plenty of time to put it on your resume for the 2L recruit. Not only that, but this prof may be someone you want a reference from in the future. You're more likely to get a nice reference if their memory of you is "the guy that won the course prize" instead of "the guy that asked if he won the course prize, because an A+ wasn't good enough for him."
  13. "Why would we expect university administrators to figure out how to deal with a 5% decrease in total resources?" Is this a real question? I don't know what we expect university administration to do if not figure out how to administer the resources of the school.
  14. No, I think the school has been increasing its endowment, running a surplus, and subsidizing international student tuition, and that ceasing those activities would cover the cost of the tuition cut. I thought you could have inferred that from the fact that I said "they'll likely run a deficit for a few years, stop increasing their endowment each year, and finally increase their international student tuition rates to be in line with the rest of the universities in the province", but I guess that wasn't clear. Sorry.
  15. Or unlucky enough not to know how statistics work
  16. It would be exceedingly unlikely for you to get an interview in the 1L recruit with straight Bs from Osgoode.
  17. Like, yes. I know a bunch of people with A+s that didn't win the course award for the class. Osgoode gives out 3-5 A+s per course, which means that statistically speaking, OP didn't win a course prize. Don't give OP false hope at a course prize that they won't know about for months.
  18. No, they'll likely run a deficit for a few years, stop increasing their endowment each year, and finally increase their international student tuition rates to be in line with the rest of the universities in the province. They managed to operate the university just fine two years ago with $40 million less, three years ago with $70 million less, and four years ago with $90 million less. Somehow I think that they will manage to survive this. Unless your contention is that Western's programming four years ago was actually appreciably worse, I don't think you have a leg to stand on here.
  19. Was Western's programming appreciably worse in 2016, when their funding from tuition fees was 40 million less than it currently is? I wasn't aware that Western has undergone such a marked increase in programming quality over the past two years.
  20. Again, you're using a sledgehammer on a finishing nail for these problems. If you want to encourage low- and middle-income members of society to purchase housing, you can use different grant structures to do so in a more targeted fashion, and without giving handouts to the top 10% of Candian income earners. I'm not arguing that grants should be limited to lower-cost non-professional programs. I'm arguing that grants should be tailored to affect the changes we want, and I'm arguing that giving Bay Street lawyers, even the indebted ones, government handouts is not the type of societal change we want.
  21. I don't have an actual opinion on the funding level of OSAP, but in principle, yes.
  22. Both you and @clevermoose have now suggested I support funding cuts. If either of you would like to show me where I said that, I'd be very appreciative.
  23. If you want to encourage people to work in poverty law areas, there are more targeted ways to design a grant structure that would enable people to work in those fields. Blanket grants to low income students is using a sledge hammer on a finishing nail, if that's the rationale.
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