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  1. Frankly, I think law school contains significantly less content and requires significantly less attention to detail than my undergrad. And there aren’t many provisions in the Criminal Code or CBCA that can’t be effectively paraphrased. I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever written out a word-for-word copy of a provision for law school, in either my notes or on an exam.
  2. I take notes by hand in classes I want to pay attention in, and “take notes” on my computer when I don’t. I’ve never found it hard to keep up in either format – the law isn’t that hard, and you should be distilling lectures and readings down as you go. Only concern with an iPad is whether or not you can write an exam on it. Otherwise, I think it’s a personal preference thing.
  3. Sure, in specific, concentrated areas of the country. But a large majority of Canadian households make less than 90k per year. 90-200k puts you somewhere between the 30th percentile and the 5th percentile, doesn’t it? Surely you’re not arguing that making more than 95% of Canadian households makes you “middle class”?
  4. Who cares about one week courses? Why does everyone seem so upset about this?
  5. Oh man, you’re going to be upset when you hear what Lakehead has been up to.
  6. I don’t disagree with your point, in so far as you accept that said group isn’t shrinking (because as I said, it’s not). I question your definition of middle class, since 90-200k per household is almost certainly in the top quartile of Canadians, and always has been. My response was directed at the absurd comment that the middle class is limited to inherited wealth and db pensions.
  7. This is silly. The middle class is the exact same as it's always been. Middle quintile income has grown steadily since the mid-1990s, and is where it was at in the 80s. Approximately the same percentage of households earn within 1/3 of the median household income and within 1/2 of the median household income as they did every year from 1980 till now. Oh, and that median household income is steady too. The entirety of the "oh no the middle class is disappearing" panic can be chalked up to the fact that whites are seeing minorities pass them in income, the fact that millennials are choosing to stay single longer and live alone more frequently, and the fact that other countries are experiencing an actual shrinking of the middle class. The middle class is shrinking in other countries, but to paraphrase Mark Twain, rumours of its demise in Canada are an exaggeration.
  8. If law societies are banning soles, they should be regulating who can take on what matters generally. There’s no reason a second year call should be barred from running a murder trial, or whatever, but a 7th year family lawyer could.
  9. Most don’t article for anywhere close to 10 months in their practice area. 4-6 months would be the most common, depending on the firm.
  10. Also every single lawyer in the United States (except, I suppose, those who article in a foreign jurisdiction and those who read for the bar instead of attending law school).
  11. Okay, but even if that's true, that's not an argument against hiring someone that's exempt from articles. If you're looking at two candidates that are identical in all other respects, hiring the one that is exempt from articles has three possible outcomes: Best case scenario: you hire them, they're an all-star, and you can get them doing more advanced stuff more quickly. This generates profit for your business and puts you ahead. Worst case scenario: you hire them, they're not an all-star, and they do exactly what the articling student would have done. This costs you nothing, and you are exactly where you would have been if you hired the one that needed to article. There's only upside. Why on earth would a business owner look at a situation and not opt for the no downside, some upside option?
  12. Except one can do more tasks, if you want them to. The other legally cannot.
  13. I’m shocked by the idea that an employer, given the choice between two identical candidates that cost the same, would choose the one that is barred from doing things that add value to the business. It would be like McDonalds looking at two kids, one who can flip burgers and fry fries and one who can only flip burgers, and deciding “yeah let’s go with burger boy, versatility is for suckers”.
  14. And students don’t? Am I missing something?
  15. Why can’t the first year hustle for business? I don’t understand.
  16. The Dean of U of T instituted reforms post-2006 study specifically designed to address the problems brought up in the study.
  17. I don’t think there’s a meaningful difference in student body strength or academic strength between UBC and U of T. I think you’re wrong to believe that U of T provides a better educational experience.
  18. I would go with Queens. Criminal law, particularly defence, is low paying to start out. Saving the $20-30k you’ll save by going to Queens will free you up to take lower paying positions as you enter practice.
  19. What are you basing that off of? Why do you think the current enrolment is the ideal?
  20. This makes me incredibly confident in my previous prediction that Ryerson would quickly enter the top 5 (now 6) law schools in Ontario. Depending on its tuition, I could easily see it jumping into the top three most desirable schools within 5 years.
  21. I'd caution other people reading this that, unless they are attending HYS, it is highly unlikely that getting 180k from any bank for a law degree is a good idea.
  22. Based on the ad, which reads "[t]he work done by Blakes inSource typically includes document review work, due diligence, commercial contract review and legislative updates", I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the role involves doing document review, due diligence, commercial contract review, and legislative updates.
  23. Mixing metaphors, I see. I’m incredibly offended. Just because I could totally pull off a powder blue suit does not mean I would have the poor taste to do so.
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