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  1. For future readers: there's also no expectation to work a law-related job during 1L summer in Ontario. The vast majority of students don’t.
  2. There’s no formal recruit, but a fair number of mid-size firms hire first year summer students in Vancouver.
  3. Most of the 1L firms did two hour blocks on day two last year. I’m not sure if your firm participates and does it differently, but that was my (and my classmates) experience.
  4. As I said above, I believe all OCA offers have gone out. The clerks called to informed interviewee’s last week.
  5. I think OCA is done for sure.
  6. True, but I've been informed that only U of T Faculty of Law Students and Alumni are capable of understanding the complex and inscrutable grading system the University of Toronto Faculty of Law has instituted, so pass/different pass/different pass/different pass it is!
  7. True, they use pass/different pass/different pass/different pass.
  8. Dentons and A&B don't send out PFOs in the 1L recruit (or at least, they didn't last year). Blakes does, but they won't send them out until ITCs have gone out.
  9. You may want to try shooting @artsydork a personal message. My recollection is that he started out with LAO and then moved to private practice in family law.
  10. Why? Parliament could easily pass laws that constitutionally restrict abortion, or could use s. 33. They won’t, because it’s unpopular, but they could.
  11. Stop giving shitty advice and false hope. No Canadian law society accepts online law degrees.
  12. Unless you got a full ride to Yale, it's not going to "blow a recruiter's hair back".
  13. I didn’t respond to mine, though I’m not sure what best practices are.
  14. Have you looked at Chambers (https://chambers.com/research/chambers-canada) and the Lexpert firm rankings (https://www.lexpert.ca/directory/practice-areas/ranking/). Those will give you a better idea of the quality of work firms do in different areas. If you're looking for feedback on how students view different firms, your best bet is to go for coffee with students that worked there. You're unlikely to get meaningful feedback here about firm culture or similar.
  15. No, it’s based on your debt, expenses, and income. I don’t know how indebted you would have to be to qualify for the maximum.
  16. This certainly wasn't the case for me, and based on discussions with recruiters it really isn't for most of the firms that participate. The IP firms were the only ones that really cared. The only large firms I know of that care about undergraduate marks are American ones.
  17. I wasn't even aware that law students cared.
  18. 15k, now. https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/programs/juris-doctor/financial-services/fund-law-school/bursary-program/
  19. Man, imagine how good a paper I must have written to overcome this great adversity.
  20. What an incredibly boring life you're in for.
  21. I can assure you that every semi-political class I have ever been in has had conservatives whine that they need to be "fake woke" to get an A. I can assure you that in each and every one of those classes I have presented a thoughtful, conservative essay and received a fine grade. Perhaps you're right and you found the only professor/TA combination I can think of that would risk their careers to punish a student for having conservative views on a stupid essay worth three credits that everyone thinks is a joke. Perhaps you're wrong, and you're just not good at presenting conservative ideas in a persuasive, nuanced way. I guess we'll never know. All I can say is that I am confident that, during my year and a half at Osgoode, I have never gotten a worse grade on an assignment, examination, or paper due to my political beliefs.
  22. Oh please, I wrote a full defense of the dominant model of legal practice and the conception of the lawyer as an amoral technician and received an A+ in ELGC. If you have a sound argument and have clearly thought out your viewpoint, you'll be rewarded.
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