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  1. Class prizes come with some nominal award. I forget how much each one was, but I think they average ~$100
  2. Your firm sounds depressing. Everyone I met during the recruit knows who I am, and often remembers our conversations. Then again, that might be because of how ugly I am or something.
  3. I don't know why people are avoiding answering the question, the answer is obvious. It varies by practice group. If my firm is ranked higher in M&A by Lexpert, then Lexpert rankings are more reliable for M&A; if my firm is ranked higher in litigation by Chambers, Chambers is more reliable for litigation.
  4. Well yeah, I was pushing back against the never not apply advice. There are times it’s better to focus your energies elsewhere. For OCIs, I’d probably draw the line pretty low, but for a lot of other jobs I wouldn’t.
  5. Time and energy? I wouldn’t apply for the SCC with a B average. It’s just not worth the effort when you realistically evaluate your chances.
  6. God fucking help me if I ever have to live with 5-6 people.
  7. I’m not making fun of Dal. I’m making fun of spec, for thinking a fact that is false, and, even when amended to be true, nobody knows about, is prestigious. On that note, I am happy to make fun of Dal for thinking that advertising itself as the oldest common-law law school that is attached to a university in Canada is worth advertising, if we want to move on to that.
  8. Osgoode is shitty about their bursaries, too. They won’t provide any estimate of what your bursary will be ahead of time, so you’re left trying to guess how poor you are compared to how poor other students are. U of T and UBC both at least provide an estimate, allowing you to make an informed decision.
  9. That’s particularly surprising because when I read the linked page in 2017 (before picking a school), the highest bursary was lower ($12,000 I believe).
  10. I have confirmed that the highest level listed there is the maximum given out to JD students absent emergency funding or top up funding, which shouldn’t be relied upon in determining whether or not a student attends Osgoode. I also think it’s important to note that the level of debt necessary to get the highest bursaries is incredibly high. It was over $80,000 pre-tuition payment this year.
  11. The people you know lied to you, Osgoode’s highest bursary funding is $15,000: https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/programs/juris-doctor/financial-services/fund-law-school/bursary-program/
  12. Mitigate it compared to what? Osgoode’s bursaries are about as generous, relative to tuition, as any other Ontario school, as far as I can tell. They’re also about as generous as UBCs bursaries, as far as I can tell.
  13. People with rich parents who will pay for their education; Toronto residents who can stay at home and wouldn’t want to leave the province; People with significant commitments in the city, such as a partner or child; and People very interested in NY Biglaw that are too dumb, unilingual, or broke to get into U of T, a T14 US law school, or McGill. If there was a reliable way to predict success, I would add some categories (I think going to Osgoode has been a net-benefit for me, and I’m not in those categories). But there isn’t, so that’s it.
  14. Agree with @pzabbythesecond re: costs. UBC has large bursaries that will likely drop your costs down into the 5-figure range. Osgoode’s largest bursary won’t even drop you down into the 5-figure range. No amount of rent saved by living in North York will make up for the massively higher tuition of Osgoode. Plus you would have to live in North York. No amount of rent savings are worth living in North York. Osgoode is rarely the right choice for students, in my opinion.
  15. Could you explain how attacking the explicit claim put forward by spec is a straw man? To me, attacking an explicit claim is the opposite of constructing a straw man.
  16. At a certain point, you have to put so many qualifications on something that it’s not particularly interesting. Being the oldest common law law school in the Commonwealth of Nations outside of a bunch of law schools in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland (which isn’t even in the Commonwealth of Nations), and Northern Ireland isn’t particularly prestigious. It’s like a bad jeopardy question: this law school is the oldest law school in the city of Toronto located East of Yonge St. What is Ryerson Law School, Alex?
  17. I meant specs weird fake fact, but 10/10 retort 😂
  18. McGill is older. Also, can something be prestigious if nobody knows about it? Feels like a “if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it...” situation.
  19. I think when someone says they’re interested in private practice firms with a niche in constitutional litigation, they’re talking about firms that focus on appellate and Supreme Court advocacy surrounding constitutional issues broadly, not criminal lawyers in small practices that occasionally bring Charter challenges but usually spend their time engaging with the Criminal Code.
  20. You shouldn’t, med students are idiots. Respect people for their accomplishments, not their credentials.
  21. I didn’t have an A+ in one of the courses I was a Dean’s Fellow for. In general, the professors will reach out to you. There’s no application process, and my read is that it’s really based on whether the professor liked you more than anything else, although obviously you’ll need to have done well in the course.
  22. “I’ve suspected that employers prefer U of T JDs to Windsor Dual JDs for years” is the most dramatic statement of an obvious fact I’ve ever read.
  23. If anything, they’re the opposite.
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