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  1. So, uhm, we're not gunna link that thread for the newer members?
  2. I agree that the word "friendzone" definitely has sexist undertones, but I still feel there's utility in a word that tells you "I was interested in this individual and they weren't interested, so we're just friends". That word isn't friendzone (at least not anymore), but I feel such a word would be useful.
  3. Hmm, how are you planning to send them ahead? Most shipping companies will be willing to hold things for a few weeks if requested. Otherwise your best bet may be looking into moving companies that service your city and Toronto, they may be able to help you out.
  4. I'm not sure how you're planning on sending them ahead, but in the past I have sent things via greyhound and had them hold for pickup at the station. You'd have to inquire about the cost to do that and figure out the timing, but assuming you'll be heading straight to Toronto from your location it may be a good idea (and less expensive than purchasing storage).
  5. I'll be attending the one on Tuesday in Van, so I'll update you then. It seems to be structured a bit differently than the GTA ones though.
  6. Seriously. Anything involving self loathing and awkwardness in front of a cute member of the opposite sex sounds like the worst possible outcome. Is there an option to tie myself to one ladder before jumping?
  7. I'm going to the Osgoode event in Vancouver on Tuesday, was planning on wearing dress pants, dress shirt and cashmere V neck sweater, would this be inappropriate? I've lost about 60 lbs since the last event I had to wear a suit for, so I unfortunately don't have one I can pull out of the closet. I'd rather cancel my attendance than show up and make a bad impression. (I'll be getting at least one suit for law school, just hoping to lose the last 5 lbs for my goal before then)
  8. They're a lawyer in London. It has to be a full length Burberry number, or they may as well be a notary public.
  9. For what it's worth, I'm in at Osgoode with a lower GPA than you (but a 169 LSAT). It may be my ECs/LORs, but those are the easiest thing to improve if necessary. Osgoode seems holistic, based on my admission, so I think the special circumstances statement is weighted at least somewhat heavily.
  10. Thanks JDom! Sounds like we're all on the same page regarding what we're wearing (I'm thinking dress pants, button up, and v-neck sweater), so I'm glad to hear we won't be under or over dressed. Trap and Chris, it looks like you're both in Vancouver so if you're attending that event I look forward to meeting you (though perhaps not by name)!
  11. Hey everyone, For those of you who have been accepted, are you planning on going to the upcoming welcome events this month? If so, what are you planning on wearing? The events I've seen list it as business casual, but I don't want to be under dressed in a room full of suits!
  12. Thanks! 1) I had one publication and presented at a few conferences from my work, though it looks like I may get another one in a rather large journal before the fall! 2) I went into queue on 18 Jan, so I think there's about two weeks between queue and decision, at least in my case! Thanks again, and best of luck in your application process!
  13. Hey all, Got my acceptance on Thursday. 169 LSAT, GPA around a 3.30, but with my last three semesters hovering around 3.70. I believe I got very flattering references, and my schooling background is a bit interesting (biochemist with significant work experience in both industry and government), so that may have helped me out. I've still go applications out at a few other Ontario schools and UBC, so we'll see what happens with accepting or going elsewhere!
  14. I'd preferably do both, as I've always seen policy design as a later-stage career move (including when I wanted to be a doctor). I'd prefer to work IP cases for the beginning of my career before later moving into a position with the government.
  15. That's a good question! I first started considering law school back in 2013 when I listened to the SCOTUS case Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics. The central issue in that case was whether you could patent a naturally occurring DNA sequence. I got wrapped up in the case, and began to realize that there are many legal and ethical issues surrounding upcoming biotech developments. I've always been a bit of a policy nut as a hobby, and over the last few years have come to realize that my real passion is in policy design. Growing up I had always wanted to be a doctor, but over the last year I've realized I can have an equally positive impact on the world by pursuing my interest in biotech policy design! So here I am, anxiously awaiting my LSAT score and getting applications ready!
  16. Hey all, I'm currently a 4th year student in biochemistry, applying to law schools this cycle. My university offers a co-op program, which I'm doing, and I've completed two co-op terms so far. Starting in January I'll be completing my final two co-op terms, and I've just received word I was selected to work in a rather prestigious lab at my province's Cancer Agency! I'm wondering if it's advisable to include this in my law school application? I was planning on simply devoting one part of my autobiographical sketch to this, and it won't be bumping anything more impressive or relevant from my application. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? I should just stress that this is a guaranteed position, and can be verified by my co-op advisor. Thanks!
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