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  1. In fairness, most people in law school just pass their courses. If I was a B/B+ student in 1L and 2L and could be a B/B+ student in 3L by riding the curve, why wouldn’t I?
  2. Woah woah woah. Do you mean to tell me that it’s conceivable for some businesses to interview candidates in different ways based on their internal HR philosophy? Crazy. What a world.
  3. None of the firms I interviewed with last year conducted telephone interviews first.
  4. Yeah, they are but the size and application varies from firm to firm.
  5. Who is talking about value to their employer? Students are worthless. That doesn’t mean they have no leverage.
  6. It’s really not that high. The students going to a firm like Davies have other options, both in the Toronto market and outside of it. If Davies were to cut pay, or let their pay fall below the street, they wouldn’t be able to attract and retain the talent they do. And talent is all a law firm has – nobody is going to Davies because they have a nice painting in their boardroom. Does the balance of power rest with the firm? Absolutely. But to suggest that it’s a truly one sided relationship is just silly.
  7. What, you think they did it out of the goodness of their hearts? It’s entirely about leverage. Just because an increase isn’t spurred by a threat to unionize or quit doesn’t mean it’s not about leverage.
  8. But nobody is going to pay me 100 bucks a month to take out my oven. Someone will charge me $100 less to rent an apartment without an oven. I’m totally fine with that. Why do you care if other people want to live in apartments that more efficiently use their space?
  9. If someone offered my partner and I $100 a month to take out our oven, we’d take it. I don’t think we’ve turned the thing on in months, and we certainly haven’t used it regularly since we both started working.
  10. Davies ABLWs are essentially entirely grades based, and take a ton of JD/MBA students too. For that reason, it’s probably the toughest stats-based one to get into. That said, there’s different versions of hard. I’d rather apply to a grades-based clinic than do a substantive interview a la the criminal law intensive.
  11. I thought lawyers were supposed to get past the whole woe-is-me-law-school-is-the-hardest-thing-in-the-world complex. Why haven’t you?
  12. There are top 10% letters? Is it just for the graduating class?
  13. Well if a 0L thinks its a good call, it must be. Jaggers was right. Basically every student at my firm ducked out to go watch the parade. Just be responsive to emails and get your shit done and literally nobody cares where you are.
  14. Class prizes come with some nominal award. I forget how much each one was, but I think they average ~$100
  15. Your firm sounds depressing. Everyone I met during the recruit knows who I am, and often remembers our conversations. Then again, that might be because of how ugly I am or something.
  16. I don't know why people are avoiding answering the question, the answer is obvious. It varies by practice group. If my firm is ranked higher in M&A by Lexpert, then Lexpert rankings are more reliable for M&A; if my firm is ranked higher in litigation by Chambers, Chambers is more reliable for litigation.
  17. Well yeah, I was pushing back against the never not apply advice. There are times it’s better to focus your energies elsewhere. For OCIs, I’d probably draw the line pretty low, but for a lot of other jobs I wouldn’t.
  18. Time and energy? I wouldn’t apply for the SCC with a B average. It’s just not worth the effort when you realistically evaluate your chances.
  19. God fucking help me if I ever have to live with 5-6 people.
  20. I’m not making fun of Dal. I’m making fun of spec, for thinking a fact that is false, and, even when amended to be true, nobody knows about, is prestigious. On that note, I am happy to make fun of Dal for thinking that advertising itself as the oldest common-law law school that is attached to a university in Canada is worth advertising, if we want to move on to that.
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