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  1. Jock is in undergrad, applying to law school this year. So certainly no experience in private practice.
  2. You're working off the base assumption that attending class is helpful in getting a good grade in the course. For many people and many classes, that's a faulty assumption.
  3. I don’t know, there are some pretty diverse student classes. To pick just a random example (literally just the first firm I thought of), Bennet Jones has 18 students in their Toronto office. Of those 18, 8 are women and 9 are people of colour. Of those 18, only 5 are white dudes. Considering 72.9% of Canadians are white, and 50% of Toronto is white, Bennet Jones seems to have a pretty diverse student class. I actually think @Deadpool‘s point about socio-economic background is more pertinent. My experience with Bay Street student classes has been that everyone presents as being from a wealthier background, although I also know for a fact that some people who seem to come from higher socio-economic backgrounds actually don’t. ETA: none of that is to say diversity in the profession isn’t a problem. Just that the assertion that student classes aren’t diverse across the board doesn’t line up with my experience.
  4. Complete aside, but Forensic’s recent push to make it look like they’re in law school after @Diplock called them out for appearing to have never gotten into law school is hilarious to me.
  5. Lenczner has slick water bottles – I've seen a bunch of the current 2L crop carrying them around, and I'm envious. Thomson Reuters gave out metal straw sets at Oz a while ago, too.
  6. Just outed yourself to anyone that went to the 1L cover letter writing session hosted by A&B 😂
  7. Dude, I’ve said like 15 times that it comes down to intelligence.
  8. From personal experience, I don't think that's true. Work ethic was a core component of my undergraduate performance, but it's had literally no effect on my law school performance. If anything, the more I've sat back the better I've done.
  9. No. Anybody smart enough to graduate with an A+ average isn’t going to need to have worried about avoiding certain classes. Think about it – to get an A+ average, you realistically need a mid to high A average in 1L. That means they’ve already gone up against the gunners in 1L and came out on top. I fully disagree with pretty much all the other factors @Toad suggested, too. It’s going to boil down to intelligence and exam/essay writing ability, plus a bare minimum level of work ethic. Asking “what does it take to get an A+ average” is really the same thing as asking “what does it take to get an A+“ a bunch of times. And the answer to the second question is intelligence plus exam or essay writing ability, plus the bare minimum level of work ethic needed to review a good summary or create your own. So logically, the answer to the first question is the same thing, but a bunch of times.
  10. You could literally say that about every topic on this forum
  11. Classes naturally curve, and many business undergrads actually do curve their classes. As an aside, I’ve never understood law students concerns with the curve. If you put 75 people in a room and give them an exam, you’re going to end up with a roughly normal distribution of scores. Law students don’t dislike the curve, they dislike being told that they’re less smart than their peers.
  12. My experience is different. I know at least three of us who could at the very least challenge for an A+ average by the time we graduate (or could have by middle of 2L, I’m not sure how last semester went for the others), and of the three of us, only one of us has any real interest in academia.
  13. It’s definitely not a matter of working harder than everyone else, I can confirm.
  14. You’d think Harry Rosen could afford better spammers
  15. This is a weird theory and I don’t agree with it. Mixing up homonyms and spelling errors are about the same level of error, and one certainly isn’t “way worse” than the other. OP, I wouldn’t worry about it. Everyone makes errors when they’re writing. It’s preferable to avoid them, but not worth stressing about ones you’ve already sent out into the world.
  16. I’ve never heard of a law firm in which the student committee is cut out of the decision making process for hire back. It’s ultimately a partnership vote, correct, but the student committees at the firms I’m familiar with hold a lot of sway.
  17. OP’s specific question re: Timberlands was essentially “is a suit and timberland’s a weird fit”. Telling someone that doesn’t know that timberlands and a suit is a weird fit that they’ll look fine wearing timberlands and suit is a recipe for disaster, because they’re going to take it (and the GQ article) as validation that timberlands and a suit isn’t a weird fit You gotta tailor your style advice to the level of the reader.
  18. The entirety of the advice re: Timberlands and suits in that article is “don’t wear them with your typical business suit”. Timberland’s and suits do look good on certain people, if done right. But if you’re the kind of person that can’t find advice on how to style a suit for winter, I think it’s doubtful you’re the person that can casually pull of Timbs and a suit.
  19. Are you seriously asking if a suit with Timberland work boots is a weird look? Like, objectively yes. Your call on whether or not it’s something you can pull off. If you’re worried about fitting in, get some black or brown Chelsea’s
  20. God help me if women start emailing me to tell me they don’t want to have sex with me.
  21. If a woman told me she’d call me at 5 if she wanted to bang me, or she wouldn’t call me at 5 if she didn’t want to bang me, and I didn’t get a call at 5, I’d assume she doesn’t want to bang me. I don’t think that’s ghosting – there’s a clear time she’ll be in touch if we’re having sex, and the lack of contact tells me everything I need to know about whether or not I’m getting laid during the summer of 2020.
  22. If firms sent out rejections on call day there’d be a hundred law students here whining about how mean it is for Blakes to send out rejections after they clearly didn’t get an offer. I think on net, the lack of an email is beneficial.
  23. I’m only half joking, by the way. To be explicit, engrained class structures are wrong and bad (and I have benefited from the relative meritocracy of big law hiring). But no matter what you do, this generation of people will find it stressful. It’s just a symptom of society’s broader problem accepting that things are, on net, much better than they used to be. And because we can’t accept that things are better than they used to be, we look for stressors where none (or at least fewer) exist. Students think that the 2L recruit should be stressful, so it is. Students think that exams should be stressful, so they are. you could chop the 2L recruit and adopt @Uriel’s system, and students would think that it should be stressful, so it would be. The problem here isn’t the system – that much should be obvious, because it’s an objectively easy recruit. It’s the students. @theycancallyouhoju’s proposal addresses that to a point (in an admittedly unrealistic way), which is why it would likely be the most successful. The other way to address that is to just get rid of the students, and let nepotism and engrained class structures reign. Hence my facetious suggestion.
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