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  1. Don't be silly – Osgoode students prefer to whine about their own lack of success and begrudge the successes of their peers. It's so much easier than trying to be better.
  2. If you don't care about living in Toronto during your degree, I would pick Queens over Osgoode. The marginal advantage of Osgoode over Queens, whatever it is and wherever it appears, is negligible for the average student.
  3. The answer to this question should be pretty easily available by searching this site or NALP, but anyways, associate salary would be: Same as Bay Same as Bay What’s midsized and what work? A 30 person shop doing Bay Street work on Adelaide and University? Same as Bay. A 10 lawyer business law practice in Mississauga? Significantly less. Same as Bay Rarely salaried, to my understanding. Compensation will depend. Crown counsel salaries are publicly available. They’re lower than Bay St salaries.
  4. I must be going to the wrong page, because their “meet the Toronto students” page only has their 2L and returning 1L hires on it. students.dentons.com/opportunities-around-the-globe/canada/toronto/meet-the-toronto-students/
  5. Congrats to everyone who received clerkships at the big appellate courts Best of luck to those of you still waiting for trial courts and the FCA!
  6. Belated congratulations to all those who received positions this year: it's a huge accomplishment, and one you should be proud of
  7. I can think of plenty: wearing hats to moots or presentations, wearing sandals to a moot, wearing sandals to business casual events, wearing boat shoes to a business formal event, just generally dressing out of order for the level of formality a certain event called for. The other one that gets me is poor personal hygiene on the regular – I've seen many people wear stained and dirty suits and shirts to events. I'm generally forgiving if it's once or twice (we all have bad days), but if someone is regularly incapable of dressing themselves in a professional manner, I'm much, much less likely to vouch for them if asked. I don't think it's at all superficial to decline to vouch for someone that has shown themselves to be unable to dress appropriately. As I said, I'm talking about beyond just wearing casual clothes. I'm not going to put my reputation on the line with a firm I work for, a clinic I'm in, or a (hypothetical) clerkship, if I'm not confident that the person in question won't embarrass me. One way they could embarrass me is by dressing inappropriately. Obviously other things go into a recommendation (although studying hard certainly isn't one – I quite frankly don't give a damn how hard anyone works in law school, god knows I don't), but one important factor, for me at least, is how they present themselves. See above.
  8. In a profession where reputation and presentation are important, I think students likely should care what other people think. I can think of people in my year that I have a lower opinion of because they dress and present themselves poorly (beyond just wearing sweat pants, obviously). If I were asked to provide my opinion of them for an OCI, clinic interview, or clerkship interview, I would likely not recommend them.
  9. Certainly in the sense that if you get a 1L OCI job, you're essentially guaranteed a 2L summer job.
  10. The majority of Osgoode students, including the majority of first-year students, don't live in Passy or near Osgoode. You'll be fine.
  11. For future readers: there's also no expectation to work a law-related job during 1L summer in Ontario. The vast majority of students don’t.
  12. There’s no formal recruit, but a fair number of mid-size firms hire first year summer students in Vancouver.
  13. Most of the 1L firms did two hour blocks on day two last year. I’m not sure if your firm participates and does it differently, but that was my (and my classmates) experience.
  14. As I said above, I believe all OCA offers have gone out. The clerks called to informed interviewee’s last week.
  15. I think OCA is done for sure.
  16. True, but I've been informed that only U of T Faculty of Law Students and Alumni are capable of understanding the complex and inscrutable grading system the University of Toronto Faculty of Law has instituted, so pass/different pass/different pass/different pass it is!
  17. True, they use pass/different pass/different pass/different pass.
  18. Dentons and A&B don't send out PFOs in the 1L recruit (or at least, they didn't last year). Blakes does, but they won't send them out until ITCs have gone out.
  19. You may want to try shooting @artsydork a personal message. My recollection is that he started out with LAO and then moved to private practice in family law.
  20. Why? Parliament could easily pass laws that constitutionally restrict abortion, or could use s. 33. They won’t, because it’s unpopular, but they could.
  21. Stop giving shitty advice and false hope. No Canadian law society accepts online law degrees.
  22. Unless you got a full ride to Yale, it's not going to "blow a recruiter's hair back".
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