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  1. Whose? Amongst students it’s definitely still widely regarded as working their people the hardest, and the “Slavies” moniker is still widely used.
  2. I eat on $200 a month for groceries, easily. And I eat really well.
  3. To say nothing of the logical inconsistency between trying to get back to straight As and trying to challenge oneself.
  4. Davies has always been an outlier, I can't imagine them bumping is going to materially impact the market. If any firms do raise associate salary, I expect the driving force is going to be the shrinking gap between articling students and first year associates, not the gap between Davies and the rest of the street.
  5. Ah yes, the good old days of 1189, when administrative law was entirely consistent!
  6. Calling it now, Vavilov won't change anything meaningful. Except spec will have to learn four cases instead of three in his bird course.
  7. Admin law is absurdly easy. There's like, three cases that matter, and the answer is always "reasonableness". You could pass admin law without reading the exam by typing "Based on the facts and a careful weighing of the Dunsmuir factors, the proper standard of review is reasonableness. In this case, the Tribunal's decision was reasonable and should not be interfered with." Honestly, that might be good for a B+ in admin.
  8. Also,, have none of you thought about how shitty our beer / wine / liquor options were in 69?
  9. Literally everyone participating in this conversation has >2000 posts on this silly website. We're all the walking, talking (posting) embodiment of people who enjoy using the internet too much.
  10. Dude, you can just not use social media or online dating
  11. Bursaries go up to $15,000 now, but regardless of that, a $15,000 bursary still puts you at $11,000 in tuition charges. That's why I said the generosity is rather disappointing in relation to the cost of tuition. Somebody in the level of financial need required to get $15,000 in bursaries from Oz, and thus paying $11,000 in tuition charges, is probably paying a few grand tops at UBC.
  12. I disagree with this statement, depending on the context. I've found Osgoode's bursaries quite disappointing compared to the level of financial aid I would have received at UBC or UVic, once you take into account the absurd tuition Oz charges. If you're limiting it to Ontario schools, then I tend to agree.
  13. Somehow, this thread has become even less fun than when it was about Toronto real estate prices. Bring back the overpriced anchovies!
  14. Jock is in undergrad, applying to law school this year. So certainly no experience in private practice.
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