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  1. BlockedQuebecois

    Articling Salary

    This is interesting, and counter to what I understand from the couple of firms I’ve interacted with on this issue. Is this truly widespread enough to be presented as a rule of thumb?
  2. BlockedQuebecois

    Taking November LSAT - What are the implications?

    @Ryn indicated in the osgoode sub-forum that Osgoode at least won’t wait if a substantially higher LSAT still wouldn’t help. I don’t think he indicated how low the cGPA needs to be to warrant that. But in general I think you’re right, they’ll wait for the second LSAT.
  3. BlockedQuebecois

    Still no articling job.

    Windsor does.
  4. BlockedQuebecois

    Windsor and Switiching Law Schools

    ... care to expand?
  5. BlockedQuebecois

    School Names in Personal Statements

    What's York?
  6. BlockedQuebecois

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    In fairness, some firms are working on this. Ironically enough, BLG sponsors a U of T program to provide LSAT tutoring to students with high potential from low-income backgrounds. Others are heavily involved in LAWS or similar programs.
  7. Is this a satire account?
  8. Now you’re just being silly. “I don’t have one spare hour per week”. Yeesh.
  9. I've never heard anything more insane than "If you want to pursue your hobby, you need to be willing to live with the fact that your career will never advance very far". Like, no. Just no. There's tons of time in law school for hobbies. It's cyclical, and in the lead up to exams or a large assignment you may drop off, but that's life. Almost everyone I know has managed to keep up their hobbies and passions during the year, even if it's tough at time. It's just a matter of being productive when you need to be and being smart with your time. There's likely a bit less time post-law school for hobbies, but it's not like that goes to zero. Most lawyers work, what ~60 hours per week? That still leaves ~60 hours of free time each week. If you can't manage to keep up a hobby that only eats up 7 hours of that, your time management is off. And as @providence notes, you can draw in your office when you're waiting for feedback or a call or whatever.
  10. BlockedQuebecois

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    Basically every Bay Street firm says that. And they’re telling the truth, kinda. If you’re still there in a decade, they want you to be a partner. But that doesn’t mean they’re not accounting for the natural (and necessary) attrition of associates.
  11. BlockedQuebecois

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I've never gotten the impression that trial court clerkships are looked down upon. They're not a prestigious as appellate clerkships, sure, but they're still competitive and generally viewed favourably (at least amongst the lawyers I've talked to).
  12. BlockedQuebecois

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    This sounds a lot like someone who is bitter because they got their job through their UCC connections It was a funny joke, let people have their fun.
  13. BlockedQuebecois

    UVic - What's it like?

    If you feel old at the Sticky Wicket, you've got to be at least 65 And even then....
  14. BlockedQuebecois

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    Few instances of being forced / heavily prompted to say first choice? I don’t think the practice is as rare as you think it is (maybe it’s changed since your recruit) – I can name at least half a dozen firms that engage in the practice, and that’s just from the limited social group with which I discuss the recruit. It’s pretty prevalent. I actually don’t think it’s that big a problem – I think it’s possible to avoid the pressure without really prejudicing yourself – but I understand why some candidates don’t like it. And I do think it’s rougher on the more marginal candidates, who may feel they need to say it to secure an offer (whereas a strong candidate likely feels more secure in their chances, and may get an offer regardless).
  15. BlockedQuebecois

    Non-OCI Recruit - 2019 Toronto 2L Summer

    Yeah, it's Mount Sinai. I saw their posting last year when I was applying for RA positions.