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  1. You can accept and cancel you just lose the acceptance deposit
  2. Accepted today! Was previously put on the wait list LSAT: 164 OLSAS GPA: 3.76 Decent ecs and work experience
  3. As far as I know (and I might be wrong) scholarships are mostly dependent on your financial aid application, so I'm assuming you'd hear back some point after applying. Have you looked at u of t's financial aid page? They have a financial aid estimator as well as a list of external scholarship resources and other tips regarding loans/lines of credit. Hope this helps!
  4. Thank you! I've already been accepted to a few other schools so I'm not too worried!
  5. Last 60 credits percent wise is 85~86, not sure what my GPA would be. ECs/work experience decent, but not outstanding. Probably good letters of reference, but one was from an employer instead of a professor if that might affect anything.
  6. Got the waitlisted email today OLSAS cGPA: 3.76 LSAT: 164
  7. Accepted today as well! cGPA: 3.76 LSAT: 164
  8. Just got the call! Definitely was not expecting to hear back so early so I'm very excited!! LSAT: 164 CGPA: 3.76 Wrote the optional essay and last name starts with w
  9. Thanks everyone!! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one! If it isn't resolved in the next few days I'll definitely call, hopefully they'll get it figured out before then.
  10. So I just checked OLSAS to see if it was possible to respond to offers yet and it says that my Queens offer has already expired. The email I received from Queens says that the deadline to accept is April 1, and OLSAS says that it expired December 19, which is the day I received my offer of admission. Is anyone else in the same boat? I'm wondering if I'd be better off emailing OLSAS or Queens directly about this, any insight is appreciated!
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