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  1. Hey everyone , I was wondering if anyone had TIPS on nailing the Solicitors exam. Currently, I am really struggling with both accuracy and time and I have only about a week left to prep. I found barristers so much more manageable with time and accuracy. I’ve done two practice tests and ive scored low and have been completely out of time. What have you guys been aiming for interms of a percentage for accuracy? Any thoughts on if the solicitor pass rate is set to a low 60? (I know its all speculation) The bar exams have been taxing on my mental health. I cant help to think about the worse. any tips, or encouragement would be greatly appreciated.
  2. What about if you have a B average? My breakdown is A-,A-, B+, B,B,B, C+, C+ for 1st year. I also want to get into family law would i face trouble in the OCI process or artlicling in general. Although my GPA is average, I feel like 2 C+'s doesn't look good.
  3. hey there, so for the blocks, tbh all the blocks with the 'better' professors (subjective ofc) are all full but there are still spaces for other less popular small groups. i think each small group has approx 20 spots. in regards to the thematic courses all of them are still available. some have few seats left though!
  4. thanks for you help! I honestly didn't understand before seeing this thread, so thank you
  5. hey there, i followed this proces and it worked. however, i am kind of confused. eg. i did what you said and Put 1207 for torts and like 8 options came up do i select all. i SELECTED one option that matched the schedule in Torts 1207A will that automatically put me in that block? Thanks for you help also, if i add this to my cart will be saved until registration day?
  6. rejected: Lsat: 152/ cgpa: 3/78 Not surprised but also not disappointed. i have been extremely blessed this cycle with 4 acceptances and 1 wait list out of the 6 schools I applied to, which is a miracle with my shitty lsat score! Best of luck to everyone else.
  7. i also had the same decision and I ended up going with Uottawa as well for similar reasons like Girby and also because its social justice oriented and has a conflict resolution intensive which I am interested (i want to go into family law)
  8. Hey, they did! approx a week later. I declined my offer in favour of an Ontario school! Um... I think they both have pros and cons. On the phone for me i find its less intimidating, they cant see how you are dressed how you look etc, also if you have notes or your personal statement you can actually look at it (wouldn't recommend a script though but just for reference). but then again in person that could work to your advantage in terms of them seeing how you are and liking the 'vibe' you give off. but I felt they had a good idea about the type of person I am from the interview. they asked me a lot of personality based questions. and no problem! when i had my interview it was so hard to find advice on what questions to expect so I thought I should let others know my experience! best of luck to you! if you have any more specific questions you can Pm me
  9. i had a phone interview earlier in April They asked me: why law, why dal, what kind of law, if I could bring anyone dead or alive to speak to their law panel who would it be, what legal issue am I interested in and why, what obstacle did I overcome, and one specific question about my personal statement. I think you will receive the same/similar questions. My advise would be to look into the possible loops holes or questions they might have about your application and be prepared to answer those. They are very kind and try to make you feel at ease about the interview so don't be too formal. Just casual and polite. it worked for me. good luck
  10. Also accepted sometime last week 3.76 cgpa & 152 lsat. Also declined in Favour of Ottawa best of luck
  11. Hey, I am looking for a roommate and an affordable place to rent starting September. (Preferably near campus). Feel free to Pm me thanks
  12. thank you so so much for this run down its incredibly helpful. I will most likely be doing single JD. I want to do family or disability law so I dont think there are any advantages to doing dual JD. I heard dual is only good if you want to go into business or internatiional law or obviously plan to practice in the states which I dont care to (atleast for now). So i guess it won't be really relevant to do that. Also would the dual be more intense than the single JD? financially, my parents are middle class but in a lot of debt so I will be relying on loans, tbh. I honestly applied dual because I thought it may add to my resume but i am starting to realize that is not the case.
  13. Thank you my intention was never 'big law'. i was more looking at medium sized family law firms in the gta
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