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  1. I know someone who was getting 170+ consistently on practice tests, and got a 160 on the real thing. I wouldn't torture yourself about your chances until you have an actual official LSAT score to work with. I got into law school with a 3.0 CGPA and a 164 LSAT. I applied broadly, got waitlisted at 3 schools, and was accepted to one of my top choices shortly after. If you play the numbers game and apply everywhere, your chances are higher. Of course, you have to consider whether you're willing and able to move across the country if you have to.
  2. Like @jatthopefullawyer said, it's not as bad as it seems. I also applied broadly and didn't have any complaints from my references.
  3. Craziest part is that he's an accomplished litigator
  4. I would apply to "legal assistant" positions. I know of small firms in greater Vancouver that hire NCA candidates for that type of work.
  5. Seiko 5 can be had for under $100 and it's a great entry-level automatic watch. It also comes in a variety of styles/sizes. Personally I've just been rocking a Samsung Active Watch 2 🤷‍♂️ A prof at TRU holds annual "how to dress professionally" seminars during which he loves to preach his (outdated) dress code. He loved to say "nobody will see what car you drive up in, but they'll see your watch." I tuned him out after he insisted that your dress shoes had to be black, not brown.
  6. You should try contacting the TRU Students' Union (TRUSU). I think they run the rec program (and possibly the bus pass). Fees like those often go to students' unions.
  7. These are gone! Shipped them off to someone who will get good use out of them
  8. I'll repeat the common advice: It's always ideal to go to school in the province where you intend to practice as a lawyer. This is because it's easier to network and find a job if you go to school nearby. Because you're born and raised in Calgary, if you get a U of C law degree then firms in BC will be hesitant to hire you because they'll assume you're going to go back to Calgary, making it a waste of time to hire and train you. When applying, probably in your cover letter, you will need to explain that you are not a flight risk. Lots of U of C grads have found work in BC, but I think a lot of them were from BC in the first place. Not if you article in BC, and probably not if you are a licensed lawyer in Alberta. If you article in Calgary first, then get called to the bar in Alberta, you can still transfer to BC and get called to the bar here. For more info, go here: https://www.lawsociety.bc.ca/becoming-a-lawyer-in-bc/transfers/transfer-to-bc-from-another-canadian-jurisdiction/
  9. Do you have any interesting volunteering/work/life experience? TRU is not out of the realm of possibilities if you can sell yourself well and have really excellent references!
  10. I'm also a Class of 2020 grad who lost an opportunity due to the pandemic. I found a new (and equal or better) opportunity in June. I posted a visual of my job hunt a few weeks ago:
  11. I was basically K-JD and when I got to law school I had a lot of trouble figuring out how old people were. People that I thought were my age were 10+ years older. People that I thought were older were actually younger than me by a year or two. Ultimately nobody cared and nobody asked. Everyone was invited to the keggers.
  12. I spent my 2L summer at a <5 lawyer firm that was 50% residential real estate, 45% small business/wills & estates, 5% litigation. I spent a lot of time doing lead intakes. Potential clients would call in, I'd gather details and provide a quote + timeline and try to get a retainer I drafted a lot of articles of incorporation (by draft I mean used software that auto-filled precedents) I drafted wills, letters of administration, etc I did bank runs to discharge mortgages on residential transactions I drafted bills for clients and chased the lawyers to sign them I handled one small claims file on my own. I drafted a few custom contract clauses I did preliminary contract reviews I did document prep for the litigator I got to learn the laws around product labeling and write the content for a warning label on a client's product I helped draft and review asset and share purchase agreements I wrote blog posts I helped organize the firm's anniversary party I helped research and implement some new tech for the firm (i.e., an internal precedent database) I did a bit of due diligence I wrote maybe 3-4 memos I did other stuff too but this was what I can remember off the top of my head.
  13. There's plenty of time for dating in law school. A lot of my classmates either maintained pre-existing relationships or found new relationships in law school. There's no rule that says you have to be in a relationship during law school, and for a lot of people it's hard to balance school and a relationship. I would start law school without expectations and go with the flow. I personally lucked out and met my fiancee during orientation week in 1L. We were from the same city and had mutual friends, and those mutual friends were trying to set her up with me without telling me. We met at a social event 3 days into the semester and were inseparable from that point on.
  14. I have the following books to give away for free (except you pay for shipping from Greater Vancouver): LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible + Workbook LSAT Logic Games Bible + Workbook LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible + Workbook Little to no markings/highlights in any of them. I'm located in Greater Vancouver for anyone local who wants to just pick them up.
  15. There was a decent amount of PDF reading I had to do in law school, so getting a tablet isn't a bad idea. Almost all of my profs made their powerpoints available, so a tablet could make it easier to go through them and scribble notes. If you have a newer macbook, you can use an iPad as a second screen which is extremely useful for making CANs and writing papers.
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