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  1. I don't know about that - I applied to like 15 schools and I was wait listed by 3. I got accepted by TRU first, and jumped on it. The other two were UWO and Sask. I most likely would have gotten into both but I pulled my applications from them when I accepted TRU's offer.
  2. I had similar stats to you (cGPA 3.0, LSAT 164) and was accepted off the waitlist in early May 2017. Your ECs will bump your application up. I'd expect waitlist followed by an acceptance, although you might be waiting until June/July. The waitlist doesn't move as much as it used to, people aren't letting go of TRU these days.
  3. If you want a definite answer, call the school or email them: [email protected]
  4. No reason other than my own laziness in my 1st and 2nd year of undergrad. I cruised through high school getting a 90% average without trying. Wasn't able to do that when I got to UBC for my undergrad. My LSAT score was in the top 10%, I worked full time every summer since I was 15. I started my own business. I had reference letters from a tenured professor and the head of my department of study. I was president of a large student organization. My GPA was on a clear upward trend in my final couple of years, with nearly straight As in my last couple of semesters. TRU values GPA and LSAT, but not nearly as much as other schools do. While my GPA was below average, my strong LSAT and strong ECs overcame my GPA. I was waitlisted at multiple schools, but TRU was my preferred option and I took the offer as soon as I got it. At TRU Law I've been consistently above average, with a GPA just below the Dean's List cut-off.
  5. Most firms across Canada don't advertise articling positions. Your best bet is basically to cold apply to firms. Use google maps and search for law firms in the cities you're interested in working, find contact info, write emails tailored to each firm (don't use generic language). Good luck!
  6. Not OP, but I'm also in 3L at TRU. cGPA: 3.00/4.33 L2: 3.4 L3: 3.2 B2: 3.7 LSAT: 164 - written October 2015 Students live wherever they want. The least expensive option is on-campus residence, which is typically with 1 other roommate (most law students room with other law students). Dorms in the main residence building are 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, small kitchenette. Some students rent entire houses with other students. A significant chunk of students rent condos across the street from campus (5-10 minute walk from school). There are several condo buildings across the street from the school. Rent ranges from $1200 - $2000 per month. There's also a brand new condo building being constructed right now that shares a parking lot with the law building, we're talking 20 second walk.
  7. I know in Vancouver: Bull, Housser & Tupper became Norton Rose Fulbright in 2016. McCullough O’Connor Irwin LLP became Bennett Jones in 2018. Swinton & Company became Miller Thomson in 2000.
  8. I received a rejection letter by SNAIL MAIL this past summer during the Vancouver articling recruit. Some people said, "it's nice that they went through the effort," but I was more cheesed that they spent money on postage and wasted paper for that.
  9. With a 160 and your worst case L2, you'll probably get in
  10. You'll almost certainly get in
  11. It's a small-ish campus, with around 13,000 on-campus students. The law building is the top 2 floors of the Old Main building, which is convenient because the bottom 2 floors has cafes, computer labs, a medical clinic, a counseling office, etc. There's not a lot of food options on campus, but the campus is very close to several grocery stores and restaurants (less than a 10 minute walk). The campus is also located on the side of a small mountain, so it overlooks the valley and the Thompson River. There's not a lot of opportunity to interact with people from other programs, but the law program has a lot of intramural teams (basketball, soccer, volleyball, dodgeball) and joining these teams gives you a great opportunity to meet other students. One of my favourite things about campus is the Scratch Cafe - students in the culinary program make breakfast and lunch and its sold in this cafe. The food is always reasonably priced and delicious, and the menu is always changing as the culinary students learn new things. The school has leaned more towards corporate law of late, but there is still a strong social justice interest among students. We have classes like Mental Health Law, Immigration and Refugee Law, Comparative International Indigenous Rights Law, etc. The school also has students participate in "Truth and Reconciliation Day" once per year. In 1L we visited a residential school located here in Kamloops, in 2L we visited the salmon run, and in 3L we visited some of the public services in Kamloops designed to support the urban indigenous population that no longer belong to any particular nation. Then there are the student-run clubs: Access to Justice, Criminal Law, Human Rights, Women and Law, OUTlaws, Animal Law, Black Law Students Association, South Asian Law Students Association, Indigenous Law Students Association, etc. Exceedingly. It's a small school (~360 students) and most of the students are not from Kamloops, so generally speaking everyone tries to maintain a positive atmosphere because we're all stuck together for 3 years.
  12. @Mkeats sorry, TRU calls it "Special Consideration" and they describe it here: https://www.tru.ca/law/admissions/first-year.html
  13. Are you applying under the mature category? I'm pretty sure you'll get accepted under the general category with those stats, but it's pretty much 100% if you're applying as a mature student.
  14. You'll probably get into TRU with those stats. I forget what the LSAT refund policy is, but you could register for the January one and then cancel if you get in beforehand. I'd say a 160 LSAT pretty much guarantees you a spot.
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