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  1. canuckfanatic

    Getting a bad grade in Fall 2018

    Yeah... she really needs to figure out how to deal with that anxiety.
  2. canuckfanatic

    Getting a bad grade in Fall 2018

    There are 4 pages of responses and I haven't read all of them. I just have this to add: if a B+ in undergrad causes this much stress, law school might break you. I personally don't find law school to be that stressful, but it's certainly more stressful than undergrad. Couple that with the fact that getting straight As is virtually impossible thanks to bell curves, you might have an anxiety attack. Law students tend to be overachievers that have had high marks their whole lives. In law school, most of them live in the B- to B+ range. If your grades are as high as implied, you'll get into law school. The bigger problem is keeping your anxiety under control.
  3. I had very very average grades in undergrad at UBC, somehow my law school grades are markedly higher 🤔
  4. canuckfanatic

    Things I Wish I Knew (Before Starting Law School)

    Currently in 2L and realizing I took on too many responsibilities. OCIs also took a huge chunk of my time. I'll be damned if I don't exercise 4-6 days a week though, it's the only thing keeping me sane as I pump out these papers.
  5. canuckfanatic

    Is there a way to track documents?

    Does TRU still have you email the documents? If so, wait for their confirmation. You could also call after a reasonable time has passed and inquire about it.
  6. canuckfanatic

    What was it like getting in? How did you celebrate?

    I drafted my resignation letter for my job and handed it in. Enjoyed the last 2 months of summer.
  7. canuckfanatic

    Chances and Question [3.39, 3.5, 156]

    I've seen people with that GPA/LSAT get accepted but you might get waitlisted based on the strength of your letters of reference and personal statement. A significant amount of students at TRU are from Calgary/Edmonton and go back to AB to work. It's harder to get a Big Law job in Alberta as a TRU student though. We do participate in Calgary OCIs.
  8. canuckfanatic

    3rd Year Applicant Chances

    Generally students who get accepted to any law school with only 3 years of undergrad are exceptional students with very high GPAs and LSATs. Your GPA is good but your LSAT is just decent, so together they don't really have a reason to take you over someone who completed their degree. I don't know anyone in my class who doesn't have an undergrad degree. There's 0 downside to finishing your degree first.
  9. canuckfanatic

    Waitlisted 2017

    I did! I received an acceptance a month after I got waitlisted. I had a great 1st year at TRU.
  10. canuckfanatic

    Low Undergrad Grades

    Law firms don't make their decisions on the basis of any undergrad grades. The fact that you're in law school renders your undergraduate grades irrelevant. I mentioned in my previous comment that I was only asked about my undergrad grades because they wanted to see how I responded, they could not have cared less about my actual undergrad grades.
  11. canuckfanatic

    Low Undergrad Grades

    Just did my OCIs yesterday. In my first year of undergrad I had multiple Ds, one F, and an average of around 58%. The rest of undergrad had I Bs and As. Through 9 interviews, only 1 firm asked me about those bad grades, and how I managed to get such good grades after that year. I told them that I hadn't been prepared for the learning curve of university after being able to coast through high school. My grades went up because it was a wake up call that I'd never make it to law school unless I got it together. I ended my response by saying I was prepared for the learning curve in my first year of law school because I wasn't going to repeat the same mistake twice, and as a result my 1L GPA was great. I knew that was the answer they were looking for, and they told me that when they see a patch of bad grades in an applicant's undergrad transcript they usually just want to hear that the applicant learned a lesson from it.
  12. canuckfanatic

    Summer Student Salaries?

    Downtown Vancouver corporate commercial (McCarthy, Norton Rose, Fasken, etc.) is $50-$55k pro-rated with 3-5 days paid vacation. Looking at $4000 - $4500 per month.
  13. canuckfanatic

    0L's - post any questions in here

    They don't release that information. Nobody but TRU administration know the numbers. If anyone gives you a number, it's likely BS.
  14. canuckfanatic

    Is TRU a reputable Law School

    Not just that, they're investing in more than just the interviews, they're investing in encouraging TRU applications. 19 downtown firms also had a large group of TRU students tour them in May. The firms had catering services and had senior lawyers take the time to network with us for 1 hour+. Some firms have sent groups of lawyers to Kamloops to host networking events at bars near campus. Two days ago a few firms ran a joint OCI information session at TRU.
  15. canuckfanatic

    Is TRU a reputable Law School

    I wonder why that firm would refuse TRU grads. TRU does OCIs with all of the giant firms, if those firms don't refuse TRU grads I fail to see why a smaller firm would be so picky.