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  1. Did anyone hear back from the Alberta courts today?
  2. Maybe because you went on a Saturday? I come here every day on weekdays and it's always fairly full. I, like most of my peers I'm sure, study at home on the weekends.
  3. Fairly confident you'll get in with your GPA.
  4. Fourth year here. Acceptance was conditional on fall term marks but they've since removed the condition since marks should be in by now.
  5. Law schools don't break semesters up so if you only need one course in a separate semester, they include all the courses taken in that semester. Be aware this means that they will be looking at more than just 20 courses. In your case, they will look at all of Winter 2016 for a total of 24 courses.
  6. Nope, tuition includes that fee. But you have to add on a bunch of non-academic fees and account for books, etc., which brings total costs to ~13k.
  7. Fair enough. I was speaking from the perspective of someone who knows they are going to Alberta so that's probably why I didn't glean too much from it.
  8. You didn't miss much. They gushed about how great the school is and gave tours of the law school. The tour was mostly going from room to room listening to various clubs give spiels on why you should join them. I hope and anticipate that orientation will be more informative.
  9. I had asked Heather a question relating to this and she had implied that because Law is a professional program, Beartracks is not updated until the semester starts. However, she can still see whether you've paid your deposit, etc.
  10. I'd love to know what law students are like. I'm stereotyping, but I'm currently in business and most people are party-hards. Are UofA law students also like this, or are they a more diverse set of people?
  11. 99.9% sure it doesn't, or else it would be on the to-do list on Beartracks. Ninja edit: 100% sure it doesn't as it is not listed as a requirement on https://www.ualberta.ca/law/admissions/juris-doctor/regular-applicants
  12. Also got an acceptance email. L2: 3.97 LSAT: 171
  13. Did you get acceptance by email or by BearTracks? I'm so anxious for either one. :/
  14. Since you're worried about L2, I assume you are applying to UAlberta. They will count the fall semester of this academic year, but not winter semester.
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