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  1. Yeah, I don't disagree with your last point. That's how rumours are spread and grow. Maybe someone can chime in to comment on the competitiveness of student bodies at Windsor versus another school if they've transferred - I am still convinced there is a difference, though I acknowledge this is completely my opinion based on my own experience there and discussing with others about their schools.
  2. I have heard stories from peers at a few schools. I doubt it's a normalized part of their respective student cultures, but there is a different sense of competitiveness between students at Windsor.
  3. Windsor's strength is certainly its community, to echo what @LuckyCommander has put really well. Being an "underdog" school, I find that people are kinder to each other. The stories you hear about the competitive nature of other J.D. programs - where students are trying to fuck others over for better grades - didn't occur in any of my years at Windsor. People here acknowledge that were all here for a variety of reasons, and that makes the student body interesting and it functions really well IMO. If you have the opportunity to study at a law school that places better in OCIs, and you're certain you want to pursue that path, then choosing Windsor to study at wouldn't make sense. I am a big proponent of my school but obviously - choose somewhere else in that case. But for those who aren't sure what they want to practice, or are geared towards public interest types of careers, the school and the administration excels (IMO again) at getting the message across and resources out that you don't need to fall into the trap of going through OCI's, just because its the thing to do. And that is also not to say that you're not going to be able to get a top job through OCIs at Windsor. The students who excelled in school in each of their years did. See: http://ultravires.ca/2018/11/toronto-2l-hiring-numbers/
  4. Consider reaching out to the Windsor Dean of Admissions or Dean of Student Services to ask to be put in touch with current students who have had similar experiences to you. Also - I had no idea schools even looked at the LSAT writing sample. That is bizarre.
  5. If you're really keen to start reading, I would suggest a book on law school like Getting to Maybe. Save the textbooks for when school actually begins. You have no idea how the professor will approach the course (or even if they will choose to use the textbook).
  6. Cogeco is quite consistent and has decent rates. MNSi is a local provider with better rates, although it isn't available everywhere.
  7. You'll get an email from the Student Law Society with a link to join an official group. We got this email my year sometime mid-summer.
  8. There's a boat cruise, a formal-type of event, a Detroit Tigers game, lots of meetups at bars, physical-types of activities like a sports tournament and a visit to a trampoline park from what I remember. It's a great time and there's usually a few events per week/weekend for the entire month of September.
  9. The info on what courses you take was online and always has been.
  10. Thanks for searching this for OP. It's amazing how people can type out an entire question and post it on this message board when just a few characters into a Google search would elicit them at least part of their answer. To OP's and your question about scheduling, this changes every year. In the 1L single JD program there's about 160 students in the year, which is divided into 3 sections. Each section has their own timetable, and takes all their 1L classes together. Classes are usually in the mornings and afternoons. A2J (and I assume ILT now) usually lands on a Friday morning.
  11. You applied quite narrowly so it may be later in the cycle until you hear something positive. Why didn't you apply to Western and Queens as they are l2/b2?
  12. 1. Most live alone. Some enter with friends back home or from undergrad so you do see a few with roommates though. 2. There are many different areas students live in. I would say the majority live within close proximity of the actual school - within walking distance off of the side streets that come off University Ave going East. Some also choose to live downtown and take the bus or drive, there are several popular buildings there. Some also live in Sandwitch town, West of the school and requiring a longer walk or commute. Walkerville is also the most popular area for a young person to live in Windsor these days. Few students live there due to its distance, but worth mentioning none the less. 3. Nothing comes to mind. 4. Sure, that range sounds reasonable. 5. May 6. I have no idea 7. Either. Biking works fine and many students choose to do that.
  13. Echoing what @providence said, if there really is nothing you have involved yourself in in the past that you could rekindle, it likely won’t look too good on your application and will come off as being “last minute”. Schools look for applicants to demonstrate they took initiative and did something - be it a passion, an interest, a volunteer cause, or all of the above. If you don’t have any of that in your history, I’m not sure what you could write about in a personal statement.
  14. Generally, it’s not appropriate it Canada. Later on in the process you could reach out to admissions to inquire about any movement on the list. Save that for a later date though, it is still early.
  15. I think you know the answers people are going to say. Academically you are strong. Extracurricularly you are weak. I would suggest making that the focus for the upcoming period before applications are submitted. Is there anything you’ve participated in that you could continue or reinvolve yourself it? Is there a volunteer cause you feel strongly about that you would like to get involved it? Schools are looking for good academics, which you have, but they are also looking for initiative. It will be difficult to discuss yourself in your personal statement if you haven’t taken the initiative to be a part of something.
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