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  1. Thank you! Can you tell I have anxiety issues? LOL
  2. Does anyone know if offers of admission are generally contingent on completion of current term courses? I received an offer of admission and there was no mention of the offer being contingent on anything (I've already completed a degree and am working on my second) but I dropped a class last semester and now need to submit my final term transcripts and am wondering if that might affect my offer of admission. I've already accepted the offer and laid down a $1000 deposit. Would be super appreciative if anyone has any insight. Thank you!
  3. No, I didn't. I did get accepted to Manitoba, U of A, UNB, and USask though, so had some pretty good options
  4. Just a heads up that I previously accepted my offer here, but will be calling tomorrow to decline since I accepted at Alberta. This means one spot should open up, good luck friends!
  5. Spoke to Elaine yesterday and was told scores would not be shared over the phone until May 1.
  6. Didn't get an email or anything, but accepted today based on my application status on the online tracker. Lsat 169, I think my gpa is probably 3.5 ish with drops. Not a maritime resident.
  7. Just got in today! Lsat: 169 B2: around 2.98 or 3.0 No saskatchewan connection I will likely be declining this offer in favour of University of Alberta. Good luck everyone.
  8. Mine still says app forwarded for review
  9. Does anyone know how to accept your offer? On beartracks I can only see the "decline offer" item under application status lol.
  10. Agreed lol I live in province about six hours from Edmonton, would like my package NOW I'm so excited! Wish the acceptance letter would at least be posted on line somewhere.
  11. Just got in today! L2: 3.3 Lsat: 169 I applied as a regular applicant so I have no idea how I got in with these stats but hey, i'm not gonna argue with it! Will likely be accepting.
  12. Ha! You have similar to my stats, awful gpa but my lsat was 169. Something this process has taught me is that there is ALWAYS a chance if you give it your all.
  13. I'm wondering if there's any point in paying the application fee and applying here.
  14. Can anyone verify what the actual tuition amounts are for U of M? Also, how successful have you been with finding decent student loan funding? Thanks!
  15. Accepted yesterday, guess they were early this year! Thanks for your help!!
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