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  1. vabs9694

    Firm Acceptances

    From my understanding, no. It just became automatically firm, which cancels any other pending Ontario applications (ex: waitlists)
  2. vabs9694

    Waitlisted at Osgoode 2017

    Wait-listed June 21st as well, LSAT 156, cGPA 3.46, L2 3.89. Filled out Part B. Good luck to all!
  3. vabs9694

    A couple questions about enrolling for first-year.

    No problem at all
  4. vabs9694

    A couple questions about enrolling for first-year.

    You only select one option - the one small group that you want. To my understanding, yes - selecting the one SG torts will automatically enroll you in the rest of the courses for that block. Look at the second bullet point of Step 2 here: http://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/student-centre/enrollment/first-year-english-jd-programs and yes, to my understanding, the selected class(es) will stay in your shopping cart until registration day. Note = I am also a 0L, but the registration website is exactly like my undergrad/grad school, so I assume the functions are the same. The only diff is that I have not had block timetables before, but the link above reassures the enrolment
  5. vabs9694

    A couple questions about enrolling for first-year.

    You have to use the course code instead of the class number. So, instead of putting in the class number and clicking "enter" use the "search" tab and just do "law" for the drop down menu, change course number to "contains" instead of "is exactly" and type the course code (so for example, small group crim it's 1203), and they will all come up. And yes, you can add to your shopping cart. Then for thematic, do the same but for term winter 2018 instead of fall 2017
  6. I must say, in my opinion, the weigh/focus on stats is over-rated (I'm saying this considering your amazing gpa). At this point, I agree with ThrillainManila that it's down to PS and/or ECs. We have no idea what the remaining applicant pool's ECs and PS/life are like, so I don't think anyone could give you a proper "evaluation" right now. I'm only a 0L but am providing my opinion considering my experience getting into both Ottawa and Western with a 3.46 GPA (3.89 L2) and 156 LSAT (second write) (never waitlisted - accepted to both beginning/mid April). Not saying that my application alone suddenly explains Ottawa's adcoms' review process (I know none of it), but it does show a bit of the lax on stats in favour of ECs/PS. In any case, don't drive yourself too crazy and good luck!
  7. vabs9694

    Submitting deposit?

    Yeah just do the online banking option where you select the payee as "University of Ottawa - (student number)". They can see when it was sent, and if there are any issues, you can always have a screenshot of the payment from your online banking statement, which includes amount, date, recipient Don't stress too much
  8. Posting this just to bring this thread back to the top so new accepted students can see it.
  9. vabs9694

    How do I find a roommate

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1481521211866376/ I'll post it as a thread too (or re-vive the original thread)
  10. vabs9694

    Does $500 deposit = firm acceptance?

    No, the deposit does not turn your provisional acceptance into a firm acceptance. In other words, you will still remain on Osgoode's (and any other school) waitlist/consideration list. You just can't get the 500$ back from Ottawa is all.
  11. vabs9694

    $500 non-refundable deposit

    On Uozone, when you click the "Juris Doctor (JD) offered in english: accepted offer" thing on the left immediately after login in, it'll say "we have received your deposit" in the grey box (underneath the "Status: accepted offer")
  12. vabs9694

    How do I find a roommate

    Yup me too!! For anyone that may see this, any e-mail with @giffels-westpro is a scam
  13. vabs9694

    Accepted to Ottawa 2017

    Do you know if there will be more than the two-page offer that appears right away?
  14. vabs9694

    How do I find a roommate

    Thank you for this insight and suggetions
  15. vabs9694

    How do I find a roommate

    wow thanks for this!!