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  1. Would you typically spend more time reading PDFs or are the readings typically from course books that don't have electronic versions? Also, how many assignments/papers do students usually have that need to be typed? I am looking to replace my old laptop and need to know whether it will suffice to have a smaller keyboard that I am not that used to.
  2. Yes, they said +0.5 was "standard" and that they do not do prime +0, which from what I'm reading on these forums, seems to be a lie (I choose to believe the people posting on LS more than the bank)
  3. So I just got approved for 100k from Scotia, 33k per year and interest rate of prime + 0.5. I've read a lot of posts about people getting interest rates at prime. How, if possible, can I get Scotia to give me a better interest rate?
  4. Waitlist accepted. Got the email to check the website around 5:45pm. OLSAS gpa: 3.83, lsat 156. Going to Osgoode so won't keep my name on the waitlist.
  5. Thanks! I read the email first but do not know which update came first. After seeing the email, I checked OASIS to see that it was updated. And I have until the 17th to reply.
  6. Got the email this morning. Accepted with 3.83 cGPA and 156 LSAT (Feb). Filled out part B. Around how much time does it take for the acceptance to show up on OLSAS and for the formal acceptance to come in the mail?
  7. I see, they are a mature applicant according to their other posts
  8. Are you sure it's 154 and not 164? Congratulations nonetheless!
  9. I really wish these "anxiety" posts weren't on the accepted thread. If you aren't posting about an acceptance or congratulating someone on theirs (or something related) then this is not the place to be posting, just make a different thread.
  10. I was at York for my undergrad (same campus) and even had some of my classes inside the Osgoode building. The campus culture is, in short, not the best (it's a commuter school). If your looking for a social life or to build lasting relationships in your time at law school, you will have to make an effort and hopefully find someone that doesn't have their headphones on. Also, security bulletins are issued quite regularly, partially because the area the school is located in (usually sexual assaults, robberies, etc). There are some good things about York as well. Like the new student res buildings being built are really nice and obviously the diversity that it is so well known for (which is important since options like Queens and Western are prodominantly "white schools")
  11. Rejected as well. Not surprised because of low LSAT score. cGPA: 3.84 (in fourth year currently) LSAT: 153, 156 (Feb write)
  12. Queens posts their GPAs as %s and I can't seem to figure out how to convert my 3.84 OLSAS calculated cGPA to the %s they are using. Any help? Also, it is not just Queens that does this, I've seen these %s used on these forums in many places which is why I posted in General Discussion. http://law.queensu.ca/jd-admissions/admission-information/class-profile Average Cumulative Undergraduate Average 81.5% Average Last 2 Years' Average 83.9%
  13. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I am rewriting the LSAT in December (hoping for 165) and yes, I have calculated the GPA correctly. My softs are pretty good, nothing exceptional. My application strength will definitely be in my numbers so if I end up getting my target score of 165 and granted the rest of my application is average-slightly above average, should I be fine?
  14. cGPA: 3.85 LSAT: 153 first take, 160 second take Are these stats an auto-admit? My first LSAT score was weaker but will that have any impact on my application? (They take the highest score so I would assume it shouldnt)
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