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  1. I saw the position on the Osgoode job boards. Osgoode said that it would be open until the 31st, but the external link has been taken down. Is there any way to submit an application still, or is it down for good? Thank you!
  2. Anyone else hear anything for the 2L recruit?
  3. When do we get back our 1L first semester marks? The suspense is killing me.
  4. Anyone get a call back for a second interview yet? Or were they supposed to go out tomorrow?
  5. I would also have to say that having a 3-year bachelor did not prevent me from getting into any Canadian law school (except U of T if I'd applied). I just figured it would save time and money
  6. I got the same thing. I doubt its actually a problem
  7. Accepted yesterday 3.77 gpa,167 LSAT in third year of 3 year program
  8. 3.77 167, 3rd year of a 3 year degree. So excited!!!!
  9. Didn't say anything about being conditional on the email, but it said that all the information would be coming in the mail. Ill update you when I get it.
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