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  1. Thanks all for the helpful replies!
  2. Thanks! That’s helpful. That’s the range I understood as well, for the most part. Most Toronto postings seem to be around 90-105k or so.
  3. Thanks, that’s helpful!
  4. Hi all - I am a new call and am considering an in-house counsel position with a trade union. They've asked me to provide salary expectations, and I'd like to be as informed as possible. Does anyone have any guidance on where I could look for salaries apart from the smattering of union counsel postings I can find on google? I would also be grateful if anyone is or has worked in-house for a union before and could share their salary/benefits. PMs would be helpful if that's more comfortable! And data is helpful at this point. Thanks in advance.
  5. That obviously would make no sense. I'm finished school.
  6. Thanks! I’m so used to overthinking my articling work it’s trickling into everything else...
  7. Has anyone considered/done this? I'm thinking that the interest rate for the LOC is so much lower than student loans that it probably makes sense financially. But have I just oversimplified it for myself? I find it a bit overwhelming and would love to know strategies or plans others used to pay back their debt during (and after) articles! Cheers!
  8. https://ccla.org/2018-2019-articling-position/ $51,000 - same as the others funded through the Law Foundation of Ontario Public Interest Articling Fellowships program.
  9. Not yet! For now I'm just relieved to know where to focus my energy. Although I'm sure the dread will return soon enough...
  10. I had 8 interview offers and accepted 6. My strategy was to accept those I felt strongest about and focus on a max of 5 or 6. I don't think it's the number that matters so much, it's more whether you received interviews that you feel excited about. Some friends have accepted 2 or 3, or as many as 8. Good luck!!
  11. I wouldn't worry! I had 3 top picks and 2 of them will be on a Tuesday. Chill out this weekend, prep for your interviews, and be very clear about where you want to be once you interview on Tuesday. Don't overthink it (impossible advice for all law students, ha). Congrats!
  12. I heard from Cavalluzzo at 8am.
  13. Good luck!!! Crossing my fingers for you!
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