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  1. I think offers should be going out this week. "Successful candidates will be contacted by telephone the week following the conclusion of the interviews." http://cas-cdc-www02.cas-satj.gc.ca/portal/page/portal/tcc-cci_Eng/About/Law_Clerk#information
  2. Hi all, Wondering if anyone could provide some insight about interviews for clerkships at the Tax Court of Canada. I know there is some sort of written test and that we'll have to discuss a Supreme Court of Canada case, but don't really know anything else. If anyone has done a clerkship at the TCC, I'd be interested to hear how your experience was, and whether you were able to secure a tax-related position after the clerkship. Thanks!
  3. Anyone hear from Dentons about second round interviews or social events?
  4. You should look into what the consequences are before you decide. As I understand it (though please take what I say with a grain of salt, as I may be wrong), it is an employment or contract issue. Any potential consequences would stem from that. Contrastingly, no consequences would come from the law society, for example (which would be more serious and scary, at least in my eyes). I think that if someone accepts an offer, it creates a binding contract. But if you break it, it would be up to the employer to actively dedicate the time to come after you. We can think about the likelihood of that happening. I would tend to think it is unlikely. I know you are talking about summer employment and not articling, but for what it's worth, I have been told that people switching up their articles is something that happens all the time. Reputation is the other consequence that a lot of people on this thread seem to be talking about. I honestly don't know how much we are supposed to factor reputation in our decisions before it stops being strategic. But surely there comes a point when it stops being smart to let reputation sway your decision. If I accepted an unpaid articling gig and then say, two weeks later, got an articling offer with a 7-sister on Bay St. / clerkship / insert-amazing-dream-job-here, I don't think I give enough craps about my reputation to stop me from taking the better position. How much better is your first choice from the position with the in-house counsels? If one is not all that much better than the other, then maybe reputation can play a bit more of a role. The legal field is a dog eat dog world. Law firms mislead students about jobs all day every day and I don't see them losing sleep over their reputation. Look out for yourself and do whatever is most strategic.
  5. Anyone have any tips for MAG interviews? I understand there is "an exercise" before the interview itself.
  6. I see that the OSC also does the articling recruit. Does anyone know if they still tend to hire their summer students back for articling and then again to be associates?
  7. General counsel's office also, and office of the secretary
  8. Could you please speak a little more about some examples or situations that show firms dont like clerkships? I personally hve heard mixed things, ive heard someone say a firm was pissed off by the student leaving to clerk, but have heard from a few partners at two firma that clerkships are encouraged and even rewarded with bonuses, basically because it brings prestige to the firm.
  9. When a firm replies to your post-OCI thank you email with "goodluck with the process..." or similar, is that code for please fuck off?
  10. If we get calls on call day, what's the strategy we should use for scheduling? Can we tell the firm that we will let them know later whether we accept later (depending on if our prefered firms call us in thhe meantime), or will that jeapordize our standing with that firm? Do we put our preferred firms on certain times/a certain day? Do we put the firm that we think puts US high on their ranking list in a certain spot?
  11. Are nude heels okay for OCI's and interviews in particular (ie. not just around the office), or are discrete black heels preferable?
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