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  1. Well if my input isn't appreciated (because of prejudice) by the law students.ca coterie, there's no reason to post. I'm only wasting my time. Don't want to derail another thread. @Mods: I'd like to ask for a ban.
  2. Ok. By "us" I meant the governing body which acts as the gatekeeper. Your comments are a bit disparaging.. I'm not dumb but I might seem low IQ because my writing is highly elliptical as I've said before... This is out of habit.
  3. The burden is on Ryerson to provide us a compelling reason for opening a new law school. Where's the benefit? What's its mandate? Analysis of how selfish law students are is misplaced and a low hanging fruit. Moreover it's a psychological analysis that doesn't answer the pressing questions stated above.
  4. Just because academia (and others) have a shitty system doesn't mean that should be replicated everywhere... First ask, is the situation in academia in fact shitty? If yes, no sane person would want to replicate it. People who don't ask the first question end up arguing for shittiness everywhere.
  5. The comparison with Medical School isn't crucial to my argument. It's a BORING SCHOLIUM...... You've only focused on one angle - the self-interest angle.....In other words, the LEAST important argument.... What about the others? What is the gatekeeper's duty? How is having more law schools good for the public? Is your goal simply to promote competition among law students? Is there a compelling reason to have another law school? Btw this isn't about me... Let Ryerson open its law school. It won't even impact me.... Let Guelph open another. Let there be 20 law schools in Toronto..... THE MARKET is the final ARBITRATOR! More law schools drive down the value of JD. So, what kind of a person will go to law school with a <50 % chance of employment? NO smart person... But we hate self-interest right? Even when self-interest converges with public interest!
  6. You are conflating what is with what ought to be. Just because that's the system we have doesn't mean that's how it ought to be. Btw we don't have that system across the board. MDs are basically guaranteed employment. Just because a bachelor's degree is useless doesn't mean a JD SHOULD be useless. You haven't spoken to the "what ought to be" issue.
  7. Btw a society doesn't need that many lawyers. Protecting the public interest is a lofty goal but it doesn't come into play. More law schools is BAD for the public! More law schools = lower standards. Low quality lawyers don't benefit the public; they harm them. More lawyers than necessary is ALWAYS A BAD THING in every way imaginable. What's the upside? MORE MONEY for universities. NO other upside exists.
  8. It's not irrational for law students to look out for their own interests. No one would dispute that we have a vested interest in not being unemployed. Analyzing whether it's selfish to do so is a low hanging fruit. It's boring. We're not working from first principles or at least shouldn't be. Every profession has a gatekeeper. The question is when should the gatekeeper close the gates. This is what we should focus on.
  9. If this is allowed, the whole profession is doomed! Canada will be worse than the US because Canadian economy is WEAKER. There will be even fewer lawyer jobs in the future.... How the hell will the market keep up? Look at the writing on the wall. The whole thing is crashing down. Bumpy road ahead....
  10. lawlskewl


    Law school is an arms race where you're competing against 200 pushy strivers. Efficiency is key but slacking off will bury you. How do you know if you're being efficient in your first semester? You don't! So you try to cover the field.
  11. Do you know what exactly bothers you about my posts? Because it's not clear to me. Yea, I'll admit that I don't have intimate knowledge of the employment landscape but I'm just using common sense! Wouldn't you say there's an articling crisis in Ontario right now? That's what I hear all the time. Sure, it's probably not as bad as the US but a "crisis" is usually a bad thing. Maybe you're imagining some threshold unemployment percentage that warrants a JD Underground forum and you think we haven't reached it. Pray tell, what is this precise threshold? Btw I'm not literally calling for the creation of a Candian JD Underground. It's a rhetorical device meant to signal how things aren't so rosy in Canada anymore. I'm pretty sure you agree with that.
  12. lawlskewl


    I think a lot of people are in the same boat as OP. It probably depends on which school you go to. At my school, everyone seems super motivated so just keeping up can be draining especially if you never had to study this hard before law school. I didn't and it has definitely been a challenge to change my studying habits. I'm doing it slowly but surely. The hope is that you can learn to discriminate the important stuff from the irrelevant stuff. That way, you'll be efficient and studying won't take forever.
  13. Well I've read a lot in the interim and that's the picture that's been painted. And it makes a good deal of sense. Things seem worse now than they've ever been. More competition, more people, more schools, worse economy, more university graduates, fewer jobs, more immigrants, etc. It's not a total shot in the dark but the skies are rather cloudy I suppose. I just noticed that I write very to the point, economical sentences. It's mostly due to laziness. I can kinda see where YB is coming from.
  14. Nice psychoanalysis but explain how I am being aggressive. It's an interesting observation because I am quite a calm person really. Maybe it's my writing style?
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