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  1. I cut down the number of OCIs I had and found that I definitely did not need to. You will get breaks throughout the day and I was running on such an adrenaline high the whole day that I definitely felt that I could’ve handled more OCIs than I took on.
  2. OP, I lived alone for the first time in a new city in my 1L year as well. I had had roommates throughout my undergrad and was similarly anxious about living alone. To be completely honest the first month or two were challenging as I often felt lonely or isolated. I leaned heavily on phone calls with friends and family back home to get through the initial awkward stages of adjusting to a new environment. That being said, I really enjoyed living alone for my time in law school. I loved having my own space where I could study, chill, or entertain at my preference. I wouldn’t worry about living alone, if you like the place and the location, and the price is right, then go for it. I would recommend throwing yourself into the law school community head-first if you’re worried aboutf feeling isolated. While I didn’t go to Dal I’m sure you will find your people there before too long. One other word of warning, there was a period while I was living lone when I nearly choked to death on a pretzel and cursed the fact that I didn’t have anyone around to heimlich me. While I obviously lived to tell the tale, that day I made sure to develop my Choking Emergency Disaster Management Program™ . (PM for more details if you’re interested)
  3. LEJ

    Social events for law students?

    I found the social life at Western to be an overwhelmingly positive experience. While some of the party culture that Western is known for certainly applies to the law school I found people to be generally very good about balancing partying with being slightly older and taking school more seriously. In terms of social events, the main ones are the Dennings (read: bar nights) which happen once ever 1-2 weeks. But there were lots of informal events that happened regularly, for example: Trivia at Winks on Wednesday’s is a perennial favourite at the law school. In terms of the community, even if you’re not a big partier you will find your people at Western. The school works hard to foster a tight-knit culture and by the end of my 3L year there was basically no one in my year that I didn’t feel comfortable striking up a conversation with regardless of how frequently they went out drinking. A HUGE asset in this regard is the small group program. Spending every day of 1L with the same 20-25 people may sound overwhelming but it really brings people together and most of my closest friends from law school are those I made in my small group. Hope this helps!
  4. LEJ

    2018 2L Recruitment

    I have friends who scheduled firms on Tuesday morning and afternoon and still got an offers from those firms. Firms know that call day is absolutely insane and that you're not always in control of your in-firm schedule. If you're meeting with a firm on Monday they know you're definitely interested.
  5. LEJ

    2018 2L Recruitment

    Keep in mind that different firms may send out emails at different times depending on when the OCI day(s) for your school are scheduled. Try not to panic yet, there will be plenty of time for that come November.
  6. LEJ

    2L Summer Job "Offer Date" Question

    The justification that we were sold was: 1) Pushing Offer Day to the next morning would allow candidates to meet with firms well into Wednesday afternoon. (I don't think I heard of a single firm that was seeing candidates past noon so this clearly failed) 2) To allow a "cooling off" period which would allow for candidates to reflect on the firms they met with and make an informed decision in the morning. (The actual result was most students having a sleepless night agonizing about whether the firm that they thought loved them was going to call in the morning). In any case, I respect the fact that the Law Society can take feedback and adjust things accordingly (at least when faced with universal condemnation from the firms, students, and law schools.) Next on our hit list should be eliminating thank-you emails.
  7. LEJ

    2L Summer Job "Offer Date" Question

    You'll get called at 5:00 PM. Pour one out for the poor souls of the 2016 recruit who had to wait until the Thursday morning to get calls. (Not to mention of having to contend with the sentient cheeto getting elected in the middle of in-firm week)
  8. LEJ

    0Ls: do this.

    *sigh* My comment was an attempt of injecting some mild humour into the thread by quoting a popular musical. I did not intend to repeat the misogynistic practice of men telling women to smile more I believe that practice is gross. Nor was my post intended to support, endorse, or otherwise comment on Aaron Burr's political views, treasonous acts, or murders. On a related note, since commenting on this thread who can say if I've been changed for the better but, because of your responses, I have been changed for good. xoxo, The Hamilton-privileged LEJ.
  9. LEJ

    0Ls: do this.

    Happy I could spread some joy. P.S. I'm incredibly jealous. If you have tickets for a fifth show, hmu.
  10. LEJ

    0Ls: do this.

    Talk less, smile more.
  11. LEJ


    If it says GPA report your GPA. If it said percentage average you should report your percentage average.
  12. LEJ

    Using Preferred Name on viLawPortal

    You probably need to put something close to your legal name on viPortal. The exception to this might be people who go by their middle names, I know of people who put their first initial on their applications followed by their full middle name e.g. Tom Marvolo Riddle might put down T. Marvolo Riddle. Another option might be to put down your legal name and then preferred name in brackets e.g. Albus (Al) Dumbledore. I can't speak to the discrimination issue directly aside from parroting the line you'll find on every firm website about commitments to diversity but since they're going to see your legal name on your transcripts anyway its probably not worth spending time trying to deal with the confusion of your transcript not having the same name as your resume. You want to make it easy for recruiters to know which document belongs to which candidate.
  13. LEJ

    Hired but snooping around

    It can take shells 2-3 years to decompose. Definitely littering. Also if you were just dropping pebbles on the sidewalk most people would probably call that littering as well. https://www.quora.com/Composting-How-long-does-it-take-pistachio-shells-to-decompose If I've learned anything from Mario Kart it's that littering anything, regardless if it's man-made (such as bob-ombs or item boxes) or organic materials (banana peels and koopa shells), can spell disaster.
  14. Just ask questions that you are genuinely interested in knowing the answer to. As a student who is now in the position of answering these questions it can be frustrating when people ask questions that: 1) Can be answered by spending two minutes on the firm website (e.g. How is work distributed to students? Is the program rotational? etc.) 2) Questions that you are asking to appear interested without actually caring about the answer (These vary but if you're not interested in what we're saying we can tell. I would say that the most common culprit for this is the "What drew you to this firm?" question. Often students genuinely want to know the answer other times its clear they've been told that this is a good question to ask by their CDO or by LS.ca.) I wouldn't be afraid to ask tougher questions, in my experience most students will be willing to be frank with you. Questions like "Do you get to work with partners?" or "Do you spend time with your fellow students outside of work?" will probably yield more useful information than "What makes a student stand out at Morgans LLP?" or "How crazy are the hours?" You'll have to read the situation a little bit and act accordingly but don't just ask questions for the sake of asking questions.
  15. The good news is that this debate is largely immaterial. 1Ls can always be depended on to panic at the sight of anything worth an even trivial percentage of grades, (I almost dropped out of 1L when I got a B- on my first case brief that was worth a WHOPPING 5% of my final grade.) So I doubt there is much scoffing happening. The important takeaway is that the midterms aren't worth 100% so even if you do end up with a C its possible to recover to a degree. Whereas if you get an LP on your first exam at U of T you just have to live with it. Getting back to the original question: At Western you can expect to have class in 1L Monday to Friday. Generally, you will have 3-4 hours of class a day totalling roughly 18 hours of class time a week.