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  1. Possible cut on hiring because of the articling salary increase??
  2. Does anyone know what time firms tend to start interviews at?
  3. A friend of mine didn’t have any ITCs last year and ended up getting three calls! I would definitely get up
  4. Just got a crown - civil ITC so looks like those are being staggered
  5. Has anyone heard about second interviews at gowlings Ottawa?
  6. Do you know if that person has gotten a response to their email with the follow up interview information?
  7. Oh I misunderstood your comment! Thanks though
  8. I'm assuming you were at the OCIs in Windsor? Did you hear from all of the firms you interviewed with?
  9. And since when is U of A's tuition ~$30k? Super accurate ranking
  10. Thank you for this! I was hoping the things I had heard from people who did their undergrad at York was exaggerated or that it doesn't apply to the law school. I'm considering Osgoode pretty seriously now.
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