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  1. What year into practice did you make the switch?
  2. You can get a Tissot or a nice Swatch in that price range
  3. For what its worth, I had a D range grade in my final semes of undergrad after getting an early admission with a scholarship offer, and it didn't impact the scholarship money (which was awarded in August)
  4. This thread and all the replies had me in tears, thanks op
  5. For those of you who successfully transferred from another Ontario law school to UofT after first year, what 1L cgpa is competitive? Anyone transfer from Queen's? Thanks.
  6. They do all of the measurements (14 I think). Takes 45 mins - an hour. They save your measurements so you only have to do it once.
  7. Just got a suit from Indochino. Arrived in about 4 weeks and fits me perfectly. Really happy with my choice.
  8. Anyone know if a facebook group has been made for admitted students? Please post the link if you have it, thanks.
  9. Going to piggyback this thread, but what about Queen's vs. Western? I'm torn between the two, and the provisional acceptance deadline is coming up. Currently living in the GTA, so I'd have to rent at either school. Rent is slightly more expensive for Queen's. However, this is offset by the slightly lower tuition at Queen's. I'm not sure what kind of law I want to practice (no preference for business law, just know that I want to work in Toronto afterwards). I visited both campuses, and both were nice. I'm leaning more towards Queen's right now because I was really impressed by their legal clinics (Prison Law clinic seems cool). Can anyone else give me some brief pros/cons between the two or let me know if I've overlooked something?
  10. How do you know this? Were you accepted or did you call UofT and ask?
  11. As consolation to both of you, been in Queue since Jan. 9th with 3.51/165. Hopefully our time comes soon
  12. Slightly off-topic, but is a background in commerce necessary for success in corporate law? Or can one make up for a lack of commerce knowledge from an undergrad degree by reading in their spare time/learning on the job? Does it even matter in the corporate law hiring process if somebody doesn't come from a business background?
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