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  1. Fasken and Goodmans were both OCI notifications. Not sure about Osler.
  2. Absolutely...it's an insane amount of money owe. I know some JD/MBA students approach this amount already with their LoC + govt. loans. Check out the expected debt section on this: http://ultravires.ca/wp/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Ultra-Vires-Toronto-Summer-2019-Recruitment-Special.pdf
  3. Hey, I'm just wondering if anyone can confirm if Scotia is now offering $180k to law students at U of T. Thanks!
  4. It’s relevant to note that some PSLOCs (such as Scotia’s) don’t require you to make any payments while in school - not even interest, they just add it to your balance every month. I get that what you’re saying is that during school a difference in interest rate can change significantly the amount you’ll have to pay at a time when your income will be low. That’s valid if you have a plan that requires interest payments while in school. It’s imporant to make sure you can service this loan while studying, no doubt Blocked’s point is also valid, though. Interest rates ARE very low right now (on a historical basis) and over the lifetime of your loan, this seems to be the more appropriate basis to evaluate since the floating nature of PSLOCs mean that we could once again see much higher prime rates. I don’t necessarily think that you guys are arguing about the same thing. Blocked is talking about lifetime repayment (which is one important consideration) and you’re talking about repayment while in school (which is also important, if you have to make interest payments, or chose to, while studying).
  5. By this, do you mean that you were not allowed to pay off your outstanding gov. student loans with the LOC, while you still had access to it? Or do you mean that they wouldn't loan money on top of an already maxed LOC to assume your gov. loan debt? It was my understanding that it was fairly common to use left over LOC room to pay down government loan debt (because of the lower rate).
  6. Accepted during R3, a few weeks ago. OLSAS: 3.8 B3: 3.98 LSAT: 164 Average ECs
  7. I also recently turned down Osgoode for U of T. OLSAS: 3.8 B3: 3.98 LSAT: 164 Average ECs
  8. Did OLSAS calculate a GPA for each year for you? I only show an “Overall GPA”.
  9. Got in yesterday as well but will be declining. Index: ~974 Good luck to all!
  10. Hey! thanks for the offer. I found a few users who have been able to help with my questions. I appreciate it though !
  11. I don't think so. To my knowledge, just the cGPA is posted. I believe it is the school who directly calculates L2, B3, etc. based on their own policies, using your transcripts.
  12. I was hoping to ask a few questions to a JD/ MBA student at U of T. If you're in the program and wouldn't mind answering a few questions for me, I would really appreciate it. Please PM me if you're willing!
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