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  1. randominternetperson

    Scotiabank vs. TD for Student Line of Credit

    By this, do you mean that you were not allowed to pay off your outstanding gov. student loans with the LOC, while you still had access to it? Or do you mean that they wouldn't loan money on top of an already maxed LOC to assume your gov. loan debt? It was my understanding that it was fairly common to use left over LOC room to pay down government loan debt (because of the lower rate).
  2. randominternetperson

    Accepted to U of T 2018

    Accepted during R3, a few weeks ago. OLSAS: 3.8 B3: 3.98 LSAT: 164 Average ECs
  3. randominternetperson

    Declined Offer to Osgoode 2018

    I also recently turned down Osgoode for U of T. OLSAS: 3.8 B3: 3.98 LSAT: 164 Average ECs
  4. randominternetperson

    LSAC GPA conversions

  5. randominternetperson

    OLSAS GPA Calculated and Posted on OUAC

    Did OLSAS calculate a GPA for each year for you? I only show an “Overall GPA”.
  6. randominternetperson

    Accepted to U of T 2018

    Congrats!!! Was this today or yesterday?
  7. randominternetperson

    Accepted to UVic 2018

    Got in yesterday as well but will be declining. Index: ~974 Good luck to all!
  8. randominternetperson

    A few questions for a U of T JD/MBA student (current or past)

    Hey! thanks for the offer. I found a few users who have been able to help with my questions. I appreciate it though !
  9. randominternetperson

    Which schools look at B3/L2/CGPA?

    I don't think so. To my knowledge, just the cGPA is posted. I believe it is the school who directly calculates L2, B3, etc. based on their own policies, using your transcripts.
  10. I was hoping to ask a few questions to a JD/ MBA student at U of T. If you're in the program and wouldn't mind answering a few questions for me, I would really appreciate it. Please PM me if you're willing!
  11. PMing you to keep this thread on topic.
  12. I'm wondering if anyone here has any idea of what type of index score would qualify for a UBC entrance scholarship? Cost will be a huge factor for me so I'm wondering where I might stand with around a 94 index score. Thanks!
  13. randominternetperson

    Merit based scholarships at UVic

    Does anyone know what index score would be competitive for an entrance scholarship at UVic? I'm sitting at around 974 which I assume should be good for acceptance, but not sure how that stacks up as far as scholarships are concerned. Thanks!
  14. Offer here as well. Self calculated: GPA: 93.18% (with drops) LSAT: 164
  15. randominternetperson

    Document Tracking Error

    Same here, I wouldn’t worry. It probably has something to do with them submitting application data to schools since the deadline has passed.