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    Updating computer

    The new MacBooks don't have an eject key anymore. It's now a power button. This has gotten a little off topic. My only point was that Macs are fully functional and have a backwards delete function.
  2. thegoodlife

    Updating computer

    I have the 13" MacBook so the logic in no delete key is that the truly pertinent keys (like your letters) are a functional size. It is still functional (apart from no keypad) you just have to know how and be willing to use it to its full capacity.
  3. thegoodlife

    Updating computer

    Going into law school I was using my 5 year old MacBook pro. It started shutting down randomly, which obviously made me nervous for exam writing. I opted to buy a refurbished Mac from the online Apple store and couldn't be happier. I used Refurb Me to determine the best deal to buy a new Mac. It was brand new and has lasted me 1.5 years without any issues. Turns out my old MacBook pro had a corrupt RAM chip, which I replaced myself for $6 and sold the laptop for $600.
  4. thegoodlife

    Updating computer

    Press function + delete. There's your delete key!
  5. thegoodlife


    I had my German instructor (contract academic staff, PhD) write me an academic reference and I got in with that. She knew me very well since I had taken several small sized classes with her and received good grades in all of them. As Plinko said, it is more important that you receive a personalized LOR rather than a generic one from a well-known figure.
  6. thegoodlife

    1L Summer Job

    Windsor is lucky in that we have two legal clinics that each hire 10 full-time law students to work during the summer. The majority of these positions are held by first year students so I would recommend applying to either CLA, LAW or both. You get great experience, get paid, live in Windsor in the summer, and law firms love it. A few 1Ls also get RA positions.
  7. thegoodlife

    Applying, have a few questions..

    My advice to you would be to add a focus to your experiences. Windsor loves to accept passionate people no matter what that passion is. On my personal statement I wrote about my love of international business which allowed me to discuss my intent to pursue international law (I have since found reason and no longer want to pursue that). I talked about my background in international business: how I studied it in undergrad, went to Africa to meet with business execs and to learn about how business is done there, worked in a European country, in addition to countless other international or non-international extra-curricular activities. Clearly I wasn't admitted for my social justice background. My experiences allowed me to create a story of my journey to law school. My story wasn't anything remarkable; I didn't overcome adversity or have some special eye-opening experience. Instead, I was your regular undergrad student who was involved in extra-curricular activities and got good-ish marks. A cursory look at your application doesn't show what your passion is, which doesn't mean you won't be admitted, but it does not help to elevate you from the pack of 3.5/160 applicants. So my advice is to get involved in what you are passionate about.