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  1. Accepted! 156 September/ 163 December lsat 3.73 cgpa
  2. I as well am looking at this and as others said, am probably looking at the on campus but not residence housing. From what I've gathered so far from emails and such it's probably about 1500 a month. I find that it would be most convenient to be closer to school as I'm coming from another province. It's really hard to find/figure out the prices, locations and such as I've never even been to Vancouver!
  3. Got the email this morning! 3.73 cgpa 156, 163
  4. In! My L2 is 4.0/4.0 156, 163
  5. In! LSAT 156, 163 L2 : I believe about a 3.87 CGPA: 3.73
  6. In this morning! L2 4.0/4.0 156/163
  7. I think around the middle of September! They were waiting on my December LSAT score.
  8. Just got the call! Self Calculated about 4.08/4.33 with drops and a 163 Index approx 945
  9. I know that to confirm your spot you need to send the deposit/form, but if I haven't made a decision yet if I am accepting, am I supposed to reply or do anything to indicate this?
  10. It was around the beginning of October I believe! I was on hold since Oct 12 waiting for my December LSAT.
  11. So excited, just got the email I’m in!! 87.3 gpa / 163 lsat Index of 92.3
  12. I spent May- September living the LSAT doing it daily intensively. Took the September sitting, burn out hit as soon as I got the test and ended up with a bad score after all that work. Mid October - December 2, I studied smarter and took it slow, doing it 3 times a week and took week long breaks when needed. Took the entire week before test off. Came out of it with the score I need right where I was PT’ing. After messing up my first attempt, I took September 16-October 12 off with absolutely no looking at a test. Took a preptest after getting my score back and was the exact same as I was scoring before my real test. It’s different for everyone but once you understand and can do the ‘basics’ and move into timing and preptests, I found less is more and review is the most important. Taking time off helped rather than hinder my performance, but you do have to put in the work beforehand to get to that.
  13. Thank you both! UBC is my top school so this is exciting feedback
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