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  1. still in queue. at this point, should we assume that we're basically rejected?
  2. I've been in queue since Jan 18th. hang in there everyone lol
  3. got the email today morning. CGPA 3.17 B2: 3.8+ LSAT: 162
  4. Accepted today cGPA 3.17 L2: 3.8+ LSAT 162
  5. my cgpa is 3.17 and my lsat is 162 and I got accepted recently! don't lose hope
  6. I got the waitlist email on February 7th
  7. got off the waitlist today and was accepted !
  8. I got off the waitlist this morning. LSAT: 162 cGPA: 3.17 L2: 3.8+
  9. accepted yesterday CGPA: 3.17 / 4.0 B2/L2: 3.8+ LSAT: 162
  10. I submitted my application February 21st although one of my professors didn't submit a reference until March 9th. I'm assuming that's when my application was 'complete'.
  11. got an email today 162 / L2 3.8+ / CGPA 3.17 Ontario resident
  12. I didn't bother calculating my Manitoba adjusted gpa because my transcript is super convoluted and filled with half-credits.
  13. I applied for both, haven't heard anything back from Windsor in regards to my dual application. I'd also like to note that my application was heavily geared towards social justice including my work and volunteer experiences.
  14. Just got the email at 9:41 this morning saying that I got placed on the waitlist for Single JD. cGPA: 3.17 L2: 3.8+ LSAT: 162
  15. I was accepted on January 13th but the email got lost in my inbox haha CGPA: 3.17/4 L2: 3.8+ LSAT: 162
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