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  1. Do you know if they ask typical interview-esque questions?
  2. It’s a bit odd to me that the emailed asking to talk for 15 minutes. Has anyone heard of pre-screening interviews on the phone with WeirFoulds or any other law firm?
  3. I got an email this morning from them asking to talk for 15 mins later in the day.
  4. Applied to IESO, have not heard back yet
  5. For those waiting on green & Spiegel, I called to enquire about the calls and they said that they are not participating since they hired their current summer students.
  6. Has anyone heard from Baker & McKenzie, Green & Spiegel LLP, Metrolinx, Ombudsman, TTC, Isaacs & Co., BARTLAW, Keel Cottrelle?
  7. still in queue. at this point, should we assume that we're basically rejected?
  8. I've been in queue since Jan 18th. hang in there everyone lol
  9. got the email today morning. CGPA 3.17 B2: 3.8+ LSAT: 162
  10. Accepted today cGPA 3.17 L2: 3.8+ LSAT 162
  11. my cgpa is 3.17 and my lsat is 162 and I got accepted recently! don't lose hope
  12. I got the waitlist email on February 7th
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