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  1. Thanks for taking the time to answer my previous question. I may be applying this cycle and have a question with regards to the Sketch part of the application. When I previously applied to Law School I added every little volunteer/extracurricular from the time I entered University. For simplicity purposes, I wanted to retain only the last 3-4 years of relevant experience. Would this be a problem for an individual that had more sketch items in a previous application 1-2 years ago? For example some activities are not included at all whereas they were on a previous application? And just for the sake of knowing I guess, would you have access to and look back at a previous application if you were assessing a candidate?
  2. questions about references: are academic references preferred over non-academic? one of my professors recently passed away and i wasn't able to secure a 2nd strong reference letter in time. i am now using a non-academic reference that my manager has agreed to write for me. i would say i work in a good job band and have some major responsibilities with my title, most of the people i work with do what i do for a career, not sure if it makes a difference. also, if you have a bad lsat score from a previous write and you have indicated on your file that you will be writing in the future (say nov, or jan), does the committee wait until that score comes in to access your file? thanks for this post btw!
  3. i didnt say 4/5! someone above stated that 15% (give or take) of students can receive an A level grade before you need to provide an explanation at the grades meeting. 15% = 15/100 or 4-5/30 students in a smaller classroom... i dont know where you got 4/5 i never said 80 percent of students should get an A :/ ... i know high school is not university... i know A level grades are reserved for students that demonstrate a deep understanding of the topic. as i mentioned in my original post the info i have is specifically for yorku... i have not heard of rules regarding the distribution of grades at other universities and therefore cant say anything.
  4. perhaps what you say is correct, again this is what i believe and take to be true. i think i mentioned this in the original post. i am only convinced what i have said is true in practice. there is definitely a chance i am wrong. i guess i was wrong in saying RARE. but i still believe As are less common in 1st and 2nd year classes. 15% of students receiving A range grades before explanations = 15/100. so in a class of 30 maybe 4-5 students. my understanding of A+s requiring an explanation was based off specific research related courses. so yeah maybe i did misunderstand it from. thanks for the clarification!
  5. Hi, just some input, i am currently a student at york finishing up my final 2 courses. I love this school. knowing what I know today i probably wouldnt have ended up going to university at all (probably would've followed through with my dream of becoming a car mechanic lol). but i still dont regret my decision of coming to york. the info i will provide is limited to what i know from york about york. you must take 24 credits in general education courses within your 4 years of undergrad. i personally never liked this because of the 24 credits 6 must be in some sort of a natural science. i always hated science. being forced to take it was even worse. apart from that you must take 6 credits in sosc and another 6 in humanities. sometimes you can end up with some very interesting topcs ( the final 6/24 you can do another science/sosc/humanities or they have this other set of alternatives). that being said i was enrolled in CRIM my first year of york. i failed 2 courses (one was a natural science lol) and the other a crim. i nearly dropped out and came back. heres the GOOD about york. they have a first year leniency clause. this allows for any courses taken within your first 12 months to be petitioned (completed removed as if you never took them) from your transcript, if you end up doing really bad during your first year. this helped me. basically i started my undergrad in 2013 and none of my failed courses show on my transcript. my GPA jumped from a 3.2 to a 3.6 because of that. the crim dept is fairly helpful. i switched majors to political science because i found a better interest there. i love it and the departments good. now in terms of school culture. very political. very very political. everything from the unions to organizations and clubs. and its very left wing. even the professors tend to lean left, some more than others, some are open to discussion others will bash on you for right wing views. perhaps you dont have your political views completely sorted out yet. for that reason york tends to distort individuals, for the most part ive seen people either agree with the left wing activists at my school for the same of being a part of the bigger movement. ive seen some friends take a right wing stance just because they dont want to be part of the norm lol. all this can be seen with their strikes and activist displays. the campus is HUGE it took me 4 full years to know where everything is... i mean every single thing i have it mapped down. my first year i struggled to find the same class every morning. now the grading. i helped 2 of my professors with research this year and learned alot. i used to do alot of my work in the graduate library and through my discussions with some TAs (who assumed i was a TA because undergrads dont even know about grad libraries) i realized that 1st and 2nd year courses have a maximum grade cap. i dont know how else to discribe this so here goes nothing: basically professors DO NOT want their class grade average being above a certain percentage. when a class full of 50-250 people has a grade average of 75% and above a professor is forced to justify how. inorder to get an A or an A+ (rare in 1st and 2nd year but it happens) you must be really going above and beyond the rest of your classmates. i know for a fact (proff told me) that anytime a professor in my dept gives an A+ out to a student they must provide an explanation to the department. As and A+s are rare in the 1st and 2nd years unless you really really work your a** off. 3rd and 4th year courses arent easier in any way. its just that during the 1st and 2nd giving out too many As is too much work. what i heard next could possibly be a rumour but i accept it for the most part: 1st year and 2nd year anything 75% and above a proff must justify, 3rd and 4th year anything 80% and above a proff must justify. i honestly could be wrong about the last part. i am 100% confident of professors wanting to keep their grade average below 75% 1st and 2nd year. if your class has TAs common practice is only the TAs mark. the proff simply teach. so that condition of keeping the class avg at a certain level is passed down to the TA some of whom aren't a fan of it either. I had 5 Bs in my first year and 1 A. we dont carry an A- (minus). which i find very annoying because you are either an A or an A+ because a b+ is anything from 75%-79% but it doesnt matter if you have an 81% or an 88% they're both an A... heres my disclaimer: this info pertains specific to yorks liberal arts department which i am a part of. i know other departments work differently, my sister was nothing short of an A in her first year (she was a Bio Chem mjr) i guess for her classes she is either right or wrong. that being said i wish you the best of luck with your choice. im sure ryerson is just as good of a school. my final tip for you... please take logic and philosophy related classes in your 1st and 2nd year. you will thank me when you start studying for your lsat i didn't take any logic classes and struggled with the lsat, my friend took 1 logic and 1 philosophy class and said he owes his success to those courses entirely. *excuse the poor grammer etc, was in a hurry typing!* goodluck
  6. Hi all, I am currently working full time for a financial institution. I have 2 of my professors that are willing to write reference letters for me. I think 1 will be better than the other. I am considering getting my branch manager to write a reference letter for me. I've performed extremely well at my job in the past year and I feel that my manager will definitely highlight that along with my other strengths in the letter. Just wanted to get some input on whether I should stick to 2 Academic References or 1 Academic and 1 Professional. Thanks.
  7. Hi all, Had a rough year, didn't manage to study for the LSAT enough so I decided not to write it at all this year or in Feb. I got ahead of myself earlier this year however, and went ahead and applied to a couple of law schools inside of Ontario. This was my first year applying. Just wondering if I could still cancel my application and if I do what happens. Also have questions regarding reapplication 2017 September. I am hopeful that I'll be able to complete the LSAT over the summer. I look forward to applying again in 2017 September. Would universities know I previously applied? I will be sure to create new personal statements but if I cancel the application are my items retained by the schools I applied to? Thanks for reading. Any feedback would be helpful. Goodluck to those trying to enter law school this year!
  8. Thanks for the help guys, it all makes sense now.
  9. HI, I am currently applying to law school in Manitoba from Ontario. So I started the online application through the UofM webpage. I went through almost all of it and saw no section for Ecs or volunteering info etc. The app didn't even ask me about work experience. Just wondering if I missed this completely and if there actually a section for all this. Apart from that, do we upload our own transcripts to the website? Does Manitoba no request for originals? Thanks for your time! Kindest Regards,
  10. Thank you soo much for this post. Very encouraging. I feel alot more confident.
  11. Really kind of you to list the schools. Thanks so much for your help.
  12. Thanks so much for your help, my post was the result of stressing at 2am about law school applications. I tried doing a google search for the questions before I asked the answers weren't what I was looking for but these answers are exactly the assurance I needed. I had a feeling this was the answer I was going to receive but I think you understand where I'm coming from. Its just very assuring when someone who has been through the process tells you about it. Thanks again.
  13. This may be a dumb question, I might already know the answer to this but I don't really have anyone guiding me through the process I'm learning everything as I go along. I am going to be applying from Ontario, I plan on applying to a couple of law schools in Ontario and some in the west. My question is how do I apply to the schools. I know for Ontario I must apply through OUAC. But what about law schools in other provinces? and also is the LSAC website only really useful for your LSAT score and American Law Schools? I mean do I have to upload my LORS on it? Apart from that I have my LORS ready from 2 professors and 1 is from work. I'm wondering how you input EC's and what kind of information you include. For example I was part of the student union elections this year and I led a campaign of 22 people in the student elections. The parties dissolved now so would this be included in my EC? If so would I have to provide a reference or contact info for my EC? Again I'm sorry if the questions sound stupid I just really don't have anyone helping me with this and I'm trying to clear my mind for clarification. Any responses would help!!! Thanks for readings.
  14. Hi, I am looking to apply to Law School this academic year. Unfortunately, I had a bad 1st year and that resulted in having to petition all the courses on my transcript. I was able to successfully have the courses removed from my transcript completely. My Stats are outlined below: FW 13/14: GRADES REMOVED FROM TRANSCRIPT FW 14/15: 3.2 SU 2015: 3.0 FW 15/16: 3.65 SU 2016: 3.85 I have not written the LSAT as of yet. I am currently studying for it and plan on writing it in Sept, and if need be again in Dec. Just wondering what my chances are to get in to a Canadian law school with just a 3 year BA instead of a 4 year Hons. BA. Any success stories for 3 year applicants will also be very motivating! If I don't get accepted I plan on finishing my 4th year.
  15. in ontario, almost all degrees are offered in 3 year programs. the only difference is at the end of 3 years you receive a BA, 4 years gets you a HONS. BA. it doesn't have anything to do with the grade 13 thing that existed a while back. its just ontario offering all degrees in 3 year versions. well most ontario schools. some would argue the extra year makes all the difference in terms of job ops etc.
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