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  1. There definitely has to be a higher pass required for the June exam. I was confident in about 80% of my answers and still failed the exam.
  2. 300 views and no response. Thanks guys!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm wondering if someone has any helpful charts and summaries that they used/are using for the upcoming Barrister exam. I'm looking for charts that help in seeing where particular matters go to, appeal charts, deadlines etc. Thanks!
  4. Hey, do you mind sending me the same? Have DMd you my email address.. thanks!
  5. And do you have to write an exam that you previously passed again?
  6. What exactly was their 6th attempt? Did they get withdrawn for a year (after failing 4 times), write the exam (5th attempt), fail, then write again and pass?
  7. Answering the calculation questions at the end is a great strategy but I'm not sure how much of each question being weighed equally is true.... I recall from my last experience that Estates Planning had about 10 questions fewer on the exam than Real Estate, yet when I received my breakdown, Estates Planning comprised more of the exam than Real Estate.
  8. Through an index and the table of contents. I started by doing them un-timed, then followed a timer sheet and did them under exam conditions. Just at a loss for words.
  9. No, I learned from previous sittings to prioritize practice exams and spend over a month and a half doing practice exams from various sources. Can anyone shed light on whether it is worth going through Ontario after failing for a fourth time? I was a few percentage shy from the provincial average in March and just don't understand what went so horribly wrong this time around.
  10. I had taken the LSUC tutoring, along with private tutoring and purchased practice exams from 5 different vendors. Just didn’t work out. The structure of the exam is not meant for me.
  11. Oh. Ok. Someone else on this blog said they requested them to honour one of their exams and they did..
  12. Did they retain credit for passing an exam? Or had to do them both over again?
  13. Hi, I failed the Solicitor exam for the 4th time in Ontario but passed the Barrister and have finished articling. Any advice on where to go from here?
  14. I'm guessing the week of December 11. Last year they were released on Monday, December 12 in the afternoon.
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