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  1. Hello, I am writing a personal statement for Lake head and they want us to discuss their 3 mandates . I can only find so much online to get a better understanding for the mandates. Can anyone help or point me to the right direction in terms of getting more understanding of Lakehead Law's following mandates: Aboriginal and Indigenous Law Natural Resources and Environmental Law Sole/Small Town Practice with the Integrated Practice Curriculum (IPC) Thanks!
  2. So, like a lot of people, my life was just not school and study growing up. I am the oldest among the kids, my mother dealing with worse kinds of health issues since i was 14, having two younger siblings, My father had to leave me in charge of a lot of things while he was out making ends meet. I went to college here in Edmonton while doing all what I was suppose to and from time to time it affected my gpa. My last two yr GPA is 3.25. I took Lsat twice. first take i scored 152 and second take i was sure i scored atleast 165 like but ended up with a 140. Reason that I was stupid enough to fill the answer sheet wrong. I am scoring in 170s right now on my practice. and I want to take the test again to apply to U of A. But since they take average of all your LSAT attempts, it is even worth applying to since my average will sit around mid 150s even if i managed to score 170s on the next attempt.
  3. Hello, I am trying to figure out which Canadian Law schools average LSAT score, which takes the highest or latest? Some websites are unclear about this. Thanks!
  4. This may be a stupid question. Does the green circle mean something other than application complete and pending decision?
  5. So here is a question. I am taking the test tomorrow and I am not driving myself as in taking the LRT to UofA so no where to put my personal belongings. The exam is going to be held in Centennial Ctr for Inter Sci L1 (assuming this means level 1 or main floor). Are there any lockers in that building? I was told usually students can rent them out or use it for time being to place their own locks for the day? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Questions.. Since we got our score for Nov today, When should the 1st cycle of acceptance should we expect to see from U of A? Thanks!
  7. but I thought it was true for two tests done in same testing periods. not if they are more than 3 month apart.
  8. I heard yesterday that U of A will be taking an average if we took both nov and jan exam. Is this true? thanks!
  9. Hello all, So I joined an LSAT facebook group where people from all around the world discuss the exam and there was a topic where certain exams from the past were repeated this year. Is this actually happening? Someone else has come across this rumor? I thought this exam has never repeated its questions at all. thanks!
  10. I did understood and In my CV or any document I will be attaching with application , it will be referred as volunteer work only if I am able to get a letter from the coordinator. Independent word was just for this particular post and It wont be in my documents. Thanks!
  11. I am refraining from lying as its against my own moral rules for myself. I have some pictures from the relief camp provided by a local non for profit there and I am hoping that a letter from the coordinator will help. Thanks!
  12. Thanks so much. I really appreciate your input. Congrats on you admission..
  13. Those are calculated in the GPA I have stated. I was freaking that it would push it way down but still ended up with 3.4. Not proud of it but it is what it is.
  14. For the volunteer experience, I am tracking the local volunteer coordinators that i worked for that can vouch for me. I was not associated with a non for profit as they require commitment which I was not sure that I would be able to make it due to my circumstances. So I went whenever circumstances allowed. I am scoring at 156 on the practice ones and I am sure I can work hard to do better. Thanks for your response and time.
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