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  1. The only loss you may face when applying is the application fee and your chances of being accepted are only possible if you do apply. So I would say go ahead and give it a try. You never know. UVic is a great university to study at. The profs are amazing and so are the peers. You have a good GPA and your 1L scores are good too. I think LSAT may not weigh as much as it does when you apply for the first year. So give it a go I say.
  2. does anyone know when do the acceptance start for upper year transfers? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I just wanted to know around what time doe U of A set out acceptance/rejections for upper year transfer applications. I need to make decision about moving to another province based on the expected timeline. Thanks!
  4. Hey, my tutor taught me online and she is really good with her methods of teaching. I will send her email to you via pm..
  5. Hi, will you be open to one in Edmonton.. She is really good and her tutoring style has helped me alot. Let me know.
  6. do you guys get emails or have to check online for staus? congrats to those who got accepted btw.. Thanks!
  7. The book is in mint condition and have no markings. Pick up is in Edmonton Asking $50 OBO. thanks!
  8. Hi, Just wondering what the first year of courses looks like. I try to search on the website but they only show 3 courses. Do we get to choose our own courses or it is setup for us by the faculty. Any input is highly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Hello, My stats are 3.2 gpa as per calculated by u of a and 157 lsat score. I got rejected even though i thought my holistic profile was very strong.I have been accepted by 5 other schools though. Edmonton was my first choice because its home for me and i have a kid who is 2 years. He will be living with his dad here while i go away to law school in BC this coming Sept if all gets better with covid. I still want to apply for a transfer during 2nd year so i can be closer to my kid and stay home. My question is that when i try to apply for a transfer, what is the biggest aspect of the profile they consider? should I re take LSAT? Also should I try emailing UofA (may be a dean or assistant dean) for a reconsideration of my application for 2020? I would like to hear about both successful and unsuccessful experience about this. appreciate the help. Thanks!
  10. hi, I have this book which is in perfect condition. this book has helped with clarifying logical reasoning very well. no highlights or marking at all. paid $55 including taxes. Take is for $45. Location is in Edmonton, AB. thanks!
  11. hi, I got accepted into the Sept 2020 intake and I am from Alberta. I was hoping to get some insight about what a first year student should do to prepare for the move to Victoria. In terms of housing, packing etc. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Hey, Congrats to all of you!! Does anyone know when does the last call of offers go out? I was told that it could be as late as end of aug. Thanks!
  13. Hello, I was looking for rules about posting about tutoring services for LSAT. Could someone please specify if/what is allowed? Thanks
  14. I have applied to Calgary as well. Hoping to stay in Alberta if I can.
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