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    Third Retake?

    Hello! Longtime lurker, first time posting here. I probably know the answer deep down inside, but I still wanted to ask... should I retake? I've been studying pretty much continuously for the LSAT from March 2017 to July 2018. Did the same PowerScore review class twice (+ self-study) and my score got lower the second time around (Yikes). Untimed, my score is in the 160s so I feel like I have it in me to understand this test. I'm not sure what my problem is. I've been trying very, very hard. I guess I sort of burned out. I absolutely want to apply in this application cycle (because of a lot of factors) and I want to know if I am hopeless or what. My school choices are (1) Osgoode (2) Queens (3) Ottawa (4) Windsor GPA: 3.65; (B2): 3.7+ Really good references and ECs (well-- I think so) LSAT HISTORY: Sept 2017: 152 July 2018: 147 Registered for Oct 2018 (International) I have between now and October to give it another shot. Is there any benefit to applying early with my 152, or would taking the October LSAT (with one month's worth of additional LSAT review, on top of the year's worth I've put into it) be worth a shot? Perhaps I could just dig into the games and get a slight bump? Anyways, I'll try to keep this thread updated next year when I find out the results. Thanks and good luck to all the other desperate souls out there.