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  1. I guess they will be putting more weight on personal statements, references, etc. This is what I saw when I checked Osgoode's website:
  2. The larger common law section's culture is very collegial, friendly, supportive! However, there will be sub-cultures within the small groups and it really depends on the types of people in your class. I've heard of small groups that were cliquey, more united, very close, etc. Personally, mine was wholesome and respectful. We didn't really form study groups, but I could ask my fellow classmates a question and get the help that I need. Hope this answers your question. I came from Toronto too, and I would say the the culture in Ottawa is a lot more relaxed and friendly
  3. Have not had Kirkup but he seems really interesting on Twitter and I know somebody who works for him who seems to really like him. I personally picked my small group based on schedule and whatever I could find on the prof online (Twitter and ratemyprof) so I could gauge their vibe~ and I also took a look at their research. If you’re interested in their research, you could possibly connect with them and be an assistant later on or do a Directed Research Project with them. You can message me privately if you have a question about other specific profs. I might know a little bit about their reputation.
  4. Anybody have experience going through the Ottawa 1L recruit in Toronto or the Student Proposed Internship (work for 115 hrs at a law-related job in exchange for 3 units)? Even if you don’t, I’d like some advice on how to spend my summer after 1L! I guess the main differences between the two is the 1L recruit is for the whole summer, a formal recruitment process similar to OCIs, paid, and competitive. SPIs are short term, student-proposed/ more casual, unpaid but for school credits, and less competitive because smaller firms usually agree to do them. You can also do up to two of them. All my grades haven’t come out yet, but I definitely won’t have straight A’s or anything like that. I have Big Law ambitions or just private law/corporate office in general. I worked at a big corporation before, and I think I am suited to that environment I did a firm tour over thanksgiving in Toronto for one of the firms participating in the 1L recruit. It was a mid-sized one downtown. The partner hiring emphasized that she wasn’t looking for the highest grades, but rather based her hiring choices on the cover letter and interview. This is what leads me to believe I have a chance despite my average grades. However, I also came across a small practice in midtown just recently that does mostly immigration, but also civil, crim, and family. Their services are directed towards my ethnic group. I speak the language and I also have a desire to work with members of my community. I told them about the SPI program and they were willing to take me. Should I still try for the 1L recruit? And on the small chance that I do get something from the 1L recruit, should I do that over an SPI considering my long term career goals? Should I just concentrate on making my grades higher this second semester and not worry about the recruit? I know these are silly 1L worries, but I would like to know how I can increase my big law/ corpo law chances. But of course I am just a hungry 1L and will take anything. I couldn’t sleep last night because I’ve been thinking about this. Anyway, I’ll end the post here. Happy holidays everybody!
  5. Thank you! July 5. I firmly accepted when it appeared on my OLSAS account (2 days after it appeared on my uOzone account). I heard that people last year got in sometime in July. Best of luck to everyone still waiting!
  6. Accepted yesterday! (June 14) Got an email about OSAP first, saw it on my uOzone account, and then got an email to check my uOzone account lol. cGPA: 3.53 L2 and B2: ~3.7 LSAT: 152, 147 Originally in the Access category, I called a few weeks ago to check my status and they told me that I had been moved to General.
  7. Hi, OP here! I just wanted to update everyone that I just got into Windsor 😁 I also realize I posted the wrong stats, so here you go. I hope this gives some people insight on their chances. cGPA: 3.53 L2: ~ a low 3.7 B2: ~a high 3.7 LSAT: 1st take 152; 2nd take 147-- I did not end up taking a 3rd take because long story Excellent LORs, ECs, and PS Rejected from Osgoode and UVic Waiting on Queens, Western, Ottawa, and UBC I'll post once again when all the results are out 🤞
  8. Accepted yesterday! cGPA: 3.53 L2: ~3.7 LSAT: 152, 147 Strong ECs, LORs, and PS Rejected from Osgoode and UVic Waiting for Queens, Western, Ottawa, and UBC
  9. Hello! Longtime lurker, first time posting here. I probably know the answer deep down inside, but I still wanted to ask... should I retake? I've been studying pretty much continuously for the LSAT from March 2017 to July 2018. Did the same PowerScore review class twice (+ self-study) and my score got lower the second time around (Yikes). Untimed, my score is in the 160s so I feel like I have it in me to understand this test. I'm not sure what my problem is. I've been trying very, very hard. I guess I sort of burned out. I absolutely want to apply in this application cycle (because of a lot of factors) and I want to know if I am hopeless or what. My school choices are (1) Osgoode (2) Queens (3) Ottawa (4) Windsor GPA: 3.65; (B2): 3.7+ Really good references and ECs (well-- I think so) LSAT HISTORY: Sept 2017: 152 July 2018: 147 Registered for Oct 2018 (International) I have between now and October to give it another shot. Is there any benefit to applying early with my 152, or would taking the October LSAT (with one month's worth of additional LSAT review, on top of the year's worth I've put into it) be worth a shot? Perhaps I could just dig into the games and get a slight bump? Anyways, I'll try to keep this thread updated next year when I find out the results. Thanks and good luck to all the other desperate souls out there.
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