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  1. hi! do you know...under the request for elimination on the applicant bulletin, do the (for us over 26s) 30 credits have to be completed prior to the request deadline of December 1st, or will they include our Fall Semester grades? It would make sense if yes, because those grades are included in the GPA calculation for index score applicants. Or, if not, is there leeway? I have 27 completed in a new program, my previous 50 credits are from 10 + years ago and most of these I'd like disregarded. I will have an additional 12 completed in fall semester, and assuming I will maintain my current excellent GPA. Edit to add: getting these removed would make me v competitive as an index score applicant, I have a great LSAT. Otherwise I will have to take my chances under individual consideration and I feel that is an application process I can't really control.
  2. she had a ton of different things, literally none related to law. she was in her 30s, and just had a badass answer for why she wanted to become a lawyer (single mother, show her son anything is possible, etc etc). Her work experience included being a pastry chef, working for Boeing, ran a daycare at some point. I think they took her because she brought a very unique point of view, and passionately wanted to get into family law to help those through the hell she had to go through (among other things, but that's what she said she thought sealed the deal). Going in through IC means you need to have some sort of story or good reason as to why they should accept you, from what I hear! She also had strong recommendation letters from some professors and professionals she knew through her previous job experience.
  3. I will be applying this Sept as IC as well! I am nervous, but I think will get in...early good luck to you! So this isn't me, but a friend. She got in IC with just the minimum amount of required credits (30?) with decent grades and LSAT. This was 4 years ago, I was super impressed!
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