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  1. HandsomeSocialist

    Waitlist 2018

    I was accepted late in August and the college was quite accomidating with it being last minute!
  2. HandsomeSocialist

    Waitlist 2018

    I was accepted late off of the waitlist last year. If memory serves me right tuition is due a couple weeks or a month after classes start or something like that. Not due on the first day.
  3. HandsomeSocialist

    Application Status

    My application was like that last year and I eventually got in off of the waitlist after summer classes were complete! So in my experience it is not a huge deal if there has been silence since an early date change.
  4. HandsomeSocialist

    Chances for Fall 2018? (4.03, 155)

    Had a couple LSAT marks and I'm not sure which one they took since I was admitted off the waitlist, was wither a 156 or 157 (not sure if they took a later date test since I was still in consideration). Got in with either one of those marks anyways
  5. HandsomeSocialist

    Chances for Fall 2018? (4.03, 155)

    For what it is worth, I got in with a 156 and a L2 of around 3.6 last cycle, also with a very strong Sask Connection, so with a much higher GPA I'd say there is at least a fighting chance.
  6. HandsomeSocialist

    Lakehead or Saskatchewan?

    LSAT might hold you back for USask. Would likely be an uphill climb to get in, especially if you do not have a Sask Connection. I had roughly the same CPA and L2, but a slightly higher LSAT and a strong Sask connection and got in late off of the waitlist.
  7. HandsomeSocialist

    Chances? 154 LSAT, 3.67 B2 GPA

    It is too bad you are not Brad Wall, cause it would likely be an automatic in!
  8. HandsomeSocialist

    chances? 156lsat 3.69l2/4.3 3.5cgpa/4.3

    I would say possibly/likely in if you have a Sask connection, if you don't i'd say it may be a bit tougher.
  9. HandsomeSocialist

    Rejection Timeline?

    I think last cycle I was green circled from October until late March (27th). Not sure what it will be like for this cycle but I assume it would at least be somewhat similar.
  10. HandsomeSocialist

    Chances: Low cGPA 2.7; L2 3.4

    Check out L2 schools! Your L2 is more forgiving than your CGPA if you do well on LSAT
  11. HandsomeSocialist

    Admissions Anxiety

    I can maybe give my experience to help your nerves. There is tons of time, and a majority of acceptances left in the process. The first wave of acceptances go to a very few people that have amazing stats and get accepted most places. I had ended up getting my acceptance off of a waitlist in August. Just give the process time and try not to think about it too much. No matter when you get in, when you are a 1L you start with a completely clean state! Your LSAT and undergrad marks no longer matter. If you put in time, you will hopefully be at least semi-acceptable. Give the process time and have faith, it could be a long wait, but there are still tons of acceptances left to be given.
  12. HandsomeSocialist

    Reading material before starting L1

    Just read to read. Like @bhaywardio mentioned, the next several years you will be reading academically. Take time to read what you want and get in the habit to 'practice' reading. I came in from my undergrad with not the greatest reading skills, but these are super important moving forward trying to read in an efficient manner, both quickly while still being able to pick out crucial information. But read for leisure, law schools don't expect you to know any material coming in, and may even prefer you don't so you bring a clean slate.
  13. HandsomeSocialist

    Should I apply to Sask? 3.58/4.0 L2; 161

    You would likely get in there. But as you mentioned, if you don't want to be there, it might not be best for you to live and go to a place you do not want to be. If you want to go elsewhere maybe see how this cycle goes (seems your stats would be competitive elsewhere) and if you don't get in you could always improve your stats for next cycle. I would not recommend committing to go somewhere for three years where you 'really do not want' to be.
  14. HandsomeSocialist

    10 reasons TO go to my law school

    I am a 1L at Usask and will give my opinion on these 1) What do people wear to class? Same as undergrad for us. Super casual and not many people wear suits. Wear clothes that are comfortable. 2) Are students competitive? (Like are they all, "I got a A how about you?" and such?) I often hear about USask being relatively non-competitive compared to other schools. This fits with my experience. Everyone obviously wants to do well, but you do that on your own, how others do should not really impact your grades even in the slightest. 3) Are classes semestered? Our classes our semestered but in 1L we take 6 classes that are stretched over the whole year. Our six classes are; Contracts, Criminal Law, Tort Law, Property Law, Constitutional Law, and Legal Research and Writing (LRW). 4) What are your classes like? (Structure, number of students, formality, number of assignments, etc.) So our year was split into two seperate groups. So there is roughly 60 people per class. Some profs like things super formal and others do not really care. Most classes are structured to discuss readings so ensure you do them. We only have midterms and finals which is bittersweet because those tests are worth a stupid amount (finals can be worth 100% and are for most classes). Only in LRW do we have assignments and are roughly weekly assignments that take roughly an hour to do and a memo which can be thought of similarly to a term paper. 5) Do you find the professors actively teach you how to understand the material, or do they just throw you in and expect you to figure it out? I find all our profs incredibly helpful and will discuss rules to readings and ways to use them in a practical way. Furthermore, all the profs realllly want students to come to their office hours if they need help. They are more than approachable and really wanna help. 6) Did you become overwhelmed at any point? What would you recommend to another 1L to avoid this? Yes! Of course, law school is far more difficult than undergrad. Stay up to date on readings and do assignments/studying/CANS early. Try and not fll behind because than it gets hectic. But also take time to do the things you enjoy. Have a social life outside law school and continue hobbies. For me this is the gym and helps me reset myself when I become stressed. In short, read but don't get lost and remember to be well rounded and have a life outside academics. 7) In your opinion, what's the best way to format notes so when exams come, you're prepared? I have two sets of notes. One for in class notes, and another file for notes on readings and cases. I would recommend this as it makes creating your finals notes a heck of a lot easier! Remember law school is fun, be humble and enjoy the time
  15. Given your previous LSAT I think you would have a rather difficult time getting into a program. If you are feeling good and feel you would score better on the February test it would likely help with schools that accept Feb LSAT scores (I am not sure if, or how many Ontario schools do accept these). If not i'd suggest taking a bit of a break and get to studying and put in work to give yourself a better shot next cycle