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  1. Why lunch on "Tuesday"? Is lunch on Monday not an option for most firms?
  2. I know Fasken wasn't part of the official 1L recruit, but I don't want to make a new thread. Did anyone hear back for interviews yet?
  3. I was considering 2 banks, and I let both banks know that I was looking at multiple banks and comparing offers before I signed with one. Naturally both of them asked what the other was offering, so I let them know. One had a better offer than the other so the other one ended up matching the better offer for me. So... you could put in an application with other banks that offer prime (I believe both RBC and TD offer at prime) and see if Scotia will match their offers.
  4. Has anyone applied for BC student loan to attend out of province law schools? The student loan application requires an appendix C which is to come from the law school directly - mine has been pending for over 2 weeks now and was wondering if other people have had theirs completed already.
  5. I do - but they did tell me that $125k is their limit so I don't think they subtracted my debt. I do have other assets though so they may have taken that into consideration.
  6. was RBC - what's Scotia's limit? I didn't get a chance to apply to Scotia yet, because I've been traveling out of the country...
  7. when is the increase effective? Has anyone started talking to their banks about raising their LOC limit based on this raise? I was able to get a $125k LOC but that was not going to cover all of my expenses at the current tuition level to begin with....
  8. Since my cycle is, for the most, part over, I thought I'd post my stats and application results: cGPA: 3.59 (I calculated it to be 3.60 and thought about following up with OLSAS, but didn't bother in the end) LSAT: 162 Been out of school for 5 years - have been working in finance and am actively involved in the community as well. Accepted: Queens (Jan), Alberta (Feb), Western (Mar), Osgoode (May), UBC (waitlisted initially then accepted in June) Rejected: Toronto, Ottawa Waitlisted: UVic (# was in the 40s out of 70 something, so don't think my chances are too good) Focused my essay on why I want to make a career change and went into depths about my current career & volunteer work, and had my essay read over by many people - you'd be surprised what you hear from them. Find someone who won't be afraid to rip apart your essay - it helps you in the end! I think my reference letters were pretty average - I had 2 professional and 1 academic letters (totally unnecessary by the way - most schools ask for just two). I was hoping to get away without having an academic letter, because I was afraid none of my professors would remember me and write very mediocre letters. I emailed a few law schools asking if this was okay and their responses all said the same thing - that they'd much prefer to have an academic letter. Ended up looking through my undergrad transcript and picked a few courses that I got the highest mark in in my last year of univ and emailed the profs, and all of them were responsive and more than happy to write a letter for me (and surprisingly remembered me although I think I was pretty quiet in most of my classes). I wasn't sure how my cycle would go given my average LSATs and cGPA, but glad I went ahead and applied and spent the amount of time I did on my essays, as I ended up getting into my first choice (Osgoode). Hopefully my info helps other mature students looking to apply out there.
  9. When you submit your application, the application asks you to specify which move in date you'd like. I asked for Aug 21 and they had no issues with that.
  10. I'm trying to firmly accept my offer from Osgoode, and when I go onto OLSAS to select my response as "firmly accept" and hit "review and submit," my response shows up as "unsubmitted firm accept" for Osgoode - anyone have this issue as well? The wording makes it seem like I'm backing out on my firm acceptance to Osgoode, when I never have firmly accepted in the first place, and is a little confusing...
  11. This gives me hope as I have identical stats and went into queue on the same day.
  12. Is the deadline to "provisionally accept" also April 1? (seems to be the case... but just want to double check)
  13. Do they normally call when admitting students?
  14. From reading the acceptance letter, I got the sense that there wasn't going to be a formal package - nothing like that was mentioned and they've provided all info on the website that they provide the link to. I personally was hoping to get one though...
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