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  1. FYI, for U of T students, I have it on good authority that at least some employers have posted on UTLC.
  2. The litigation boutiques also don't send out PFOs/ITCs. (Or at least they didn't last year, if I recall correctly).
  3. My understanding of the whole inSource deal is that it's gruntwork outside of the partnership track. I've also heard that the firm is supportive of people finding a job after their time with the inSource dept.
  4. Further, the 'my witness would be uncomfortable' logic applies to everyone. Giving evidence and getting crossed isn't fun, and isn't supposed to be. Obviously, there are degrees: a complainant giving evidence for a sex assault may be more likely to be uncomfortable than a complainant in a fraud, or a simple assault. Who's to say where that line ought to be drawn? The Court.
  5. The exterior might be open to that criticism, but the classrooms are fairly standard university classrooms that don't scream 'mall jail'. Granted, I have never been to mall jail, so it could just be that mall jail looks like standard university classrooms.
  6. As someone who has accessed counselling services at the law school I can give a positive review. I've only had experience with Yukimi myself but it is miles and away better than any experience in my undergrad- send someone an email, and you should be able to get an appointment within 2 weeks. In terms of helping with things that are law school related, I found she was helpful as well- though that was more on the career side of things (i.e. me not getting a job in 1L, and some other opportunities). Cannot comment on the exam deferral bit, as I've yet to have to do that.
  7. I went to a farm school. It was intimidating, in the first day of legal methods at U of T, to go around the room and hear that everyone went to McGill, Yale, U of T undergrad, etc. How could I, a graduate of a dustbag university, hope to compete with those who finished in the top of their classes at some of the best schools in North America? Especially considering that I was only accepted in the last round of admissions at Toronto... You realize relatively quickly that that means jack shit when you're in it. Wherever you have been accepted, you have earned your spot. You will not be punching out of your weight class. You have just as much of a chance as anyone else. Do not be intimated because other people did well at "top schools". You ended up in the same place.
  8. I got my offer in the 3rd round almost exactly 3 years ago.
  9. NY Firms also recruit from at least the ONCA and the SCC. Cannot speak to other appellate courts. Also have met people who (granted, at UT) got jobs post- 2L recruit.
  10. U of T has clinics for 1Ls (but a relatively limited number of spaces) and I don't know how many spots for 1L mooting as it currently stands (last year there were only about 20, but I think there is an additional moot this year). For what its worth, I got an OCI job with neither in my 1L, though I am taking a clinical course now.
  11. Yes, you can- at least with DLS, you are actually required to take the credit course (be it full time for one semester or part time for the whole year) after working there over the summer.
  12. I got in in the third round (2020 graduation, straight JD) with stats slightly below yours.
  13. I may be wrong, but I that one of the promise auctions items was resume/interview help with Ari Blicker of Aird & Berlis.
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