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  1. That. Is. AWESOME! That is great! I would like to continue working for the organization I am currently working for, just within the capacity of a counsel instead of the current role I hold. I know we accept articulating students, so I am sure if I identify some key people I can perhaps get placement here as a student! Thanks so much! That just made me really happy and even more enthused about choosing Lakehead!!
  2. Question about this, Can students only pick placements that have applied to the University? Or are students able to find their own placements with agencies/organizations they like, if that organization is willing to accept the student?
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    Accepted to Lakehead 2018

    http://aptnnews.ca/2018/04/23/professor-aboriginal-committee-stand-by-lakehead-u-dean-who-quit-amid-allegations-of-racism/ Is this causing concern for anyone else?
  4. Is anyone else having trouble accessing myInfo from lakehead? I reset my password twice and still cannot get in. It keeps saying unrecognized username or password. Kind of annoying.
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    Trouble accessing myInfo

    Thanks all for your help! It seems to have sorted itself out. I guess maybe I just wasn't in the system.
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    Accepted to Lakehead 2018

    Was accepted a couple weeks ago, just confirmed my offer today (was debating whether I'd post here or not, I've been lurking but unsure haha). Anyway, accepted today and still can't believe it!!!
  7. Did you end up getting accepted?
  8. Hello all! Or dois-je dire, Salut tout le monde! J'aimerais écouter plus des étudiants de Moncton. Il semble que tous les étudiants ici sont silencieux! J'aimerais savoir plus sur l'université. C'est amiable? Les professeurs son sympathique? I am thinking of applying here for the Sept 2018 start date. I have applied within Ontario already but wanted to check other provinces out too and I like the dedication Moncton has to French, but I can't seem to find much about them in terms of student satisfaction, reputability, etc. Thoughts, opinions and all welcome!
  9. While I am not sure about your methods to answering questions, one way I use is to just memorize formulas based on Powerscore, Kaplan etc. I use these formulas to "plug in" my results of the question and verify my answers. For example Justify questions, I would do Answer choice + premise = conclusion. - Assumption : Conclusion = assumption (answer choice) Must be true questions Conclusion = answer choice I find this has really helped me. Unlike you, I would not understand why I didn't get a question right, until I began using these and other formulas and then it started to make more sense. Good luck!
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    URGENT: Referees

    I just contacted Lakehead about it. They need by November 1st generally speaking; however, some schools make an exception. Lakehead is one of them. They stated they would accept up to a week from Nov 1st. But they also said that not all schools may be as lenient, you will need to contact the institution in which you have applied. Hope this helps and I am in the same boat as you. Fingers crossed!
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    Including publications on OUAC

    Hi there, I am about to submit my application today, as tomorrow is the deadline, but I am torn about whether or not to provide a copy of professional publications I have? My first choice is Lakehead, as I have a strong tie to rural communities and I have published an article about barriers to rural community health care (from a nursing perspective) that I have discussed in my PS but also would like to provide to the admissions committee. Should I include it under SAM? Or should I just reference it. My reluctance stems from that fact that OUAC says do not include any documents that are not listed on the list of things to include, and publications are not one of them. Should I just source it and leave it up to the admissions committee to retrieve it (it is open access though, everyone has access to it, you do not need a membership to a research database). Thoughts? Thank you in advance!
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    Including publications on OUAC

    Thank you all! I will just cite it and remove it from SAM.
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    Referee help

    In the same boat! One of my references has yet to submit and I cannot get ahold of them. I reached out to my first choice university today and they said that, while this isn't ideal, it's not a huge issue for this particular school (Lakehead). They will accept up to a week late. Not sure for the other ones though!
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    Hello Megatron7, I wondered this same question! It helps to have a little bit of creativity and look for non-traditional scholarships as well as those tailored to law students. Scholarships such as "hardship scholarships" and, depending on our location "rural student" scholarships. You can find these in random places, simply by typing into Google. It also helps to ask around as well! By discussing my aspirations of law school with my employer i actually found out that they would fund me up to 5,000$ for tuition if I applied for my organization's "homegrown student" scholarships. As well, as I belong to a professional association, despite the fact law school is not within my current profession, they are willing to fund me up to 2,000$ towards tutition. These were things I had no idea about and only discovered by making phone calls and discussing with peers and colleagues. It may sound labour intensive but it really is worth it! Look around with the resources you have and you may be surprised . It lists you as in Edmonton, but this is another site I used: https://www.ontario.ca/page/student-loans-grants-scholarships-and-bursaries#section-2 It does link you to scholarshipscanada.com but it also provides some information on other, Ontario specific scholarships. Also check with the university you are attending! Sometimes they will automatically apply a scholarship to your tuition. This happened to me in my masters degree, I had no idea but I had, by default, got over 3,000 in scholarships by just maintaining a 4.0 GPA in my MSc degree! I didn't know until I did my tax returns. I hope this is helpful! Best of luck !
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    June 2017 LSAT Study Thread

    Anyone use Kaplan's? I just bought the Kaplan's LSAT Premier 2016-2017. It is really heavy on Theory and very minimal on actual practice questions. Anyone have any experience with this/comments/reviews? Thank you!
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    June 2017 LSAT Study Thread

    Anyone in the Ottawa area interested in a LSAT study group for the June 2017 LSAT? I am finishing writing my masters thesis while also studying for the LSAT. I feel having group meetings would keep me focused on the LSAT as well instead of letting me fall behind on the studying!
  17. Hello all, I have seriously been considering applying to law school and have many questions from current law students, law student graduates and prospective law students in similar situations as I! I am currently working as a nurse and doing my masters degree (in nursing) as a nurse practitioner. I have given serious thoughts to applying to law school post graduation of my MSc. I am very interested in healthcare policy, malpractice law and fraud. I feel that law school would be a great opportunity to focus on these interests and learn many more potential areas of practice. My questions for everyone are: a) Anyone here do healthcare/nursing/medicine then go into law? What was the experience like? I fear that law is very different from anything I have studied. I see some people who have done BScs in biochem and hard sciences that go into law, what was the experience like for you? b) Does already having a professional designation and registration in a professional college and having attended a professional school help? c) Does law school consider previous publications/research/work experience when applying? I have a couple publications and wonder if being present in the academic world helps your admission application? d) I think my GPA is 3.8 in my undergrad (my MSc is TBD), is that considered "good" to law school standards? What is everyone's experience with GPAs and admission? I worry about the LSAT. I really do not want to have to re-write it a thousand times, so I am really hoping that there is some weight given to other things other than LSAT scores. and of course the million dollar question e) Job prospects, are they good? I hear that new lawyers make anywhere from 50,000-80,000. Currently, my salary is slightly above 100,000. It would be super depressing to have to pay for law school and then end up falling back on my undergrad/masters for income! I know salary shouldn't be a consideration if you love what you're doing, blah blah blah, but it is a very practical consideration that I have to give prior to investing more time and money into school (I have been in university now for 6 years non-stop! I am ready to be done with it any day now!) I appreciate all your views/opinions and feedback in advance! Thank you
  18. steversteves

    Nurse wanting to apply to law school?

    Thank you everyone for your response! I have decided to bite the bullet. I have been prepping for LSAT and will write this year (2017) and apply for the 2018 academic year once open (which will give me time to prep/write LSAT and finish my dissertation). Law school is definitely an interesting challenge that I hope to pursue and am exciting about the prospects! One thing that I am already impressed about is that there was not 1 single negative post! All of you seem very supportive and encouraging of this endeavour, which is very refreshing! Thank you all again !
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    Nurse wanting to apply to law school?

    Hello Luckycharm, I actually have no preference to the area I want to practice, I am living in Ontario currently however. In terms of schools to apply to, I was aiming for Queen's, Ottawa and Lakehead (I am originally from up north). What do you mean by opportunity cost? As in post graduation or during law-school? Thank you again!