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    Who is still RFR?

    uh huh, I'm still waiting as well.
  2. JustMeIV

    Practicing in Europe???

    Here's my question. Does anyone know what my status would be if I did my LLB in Canada and then an LLM somewhere in Europe?? Would that LLM itself permit me to practice law within the European Union?? Any clue where I could go to get some more info on the subject of how Canadian degrees are viewed in Europe ???? I would appreciate any insight, input, comments or suggestions since I'm on the verge of making some major life decisions and any advice would be appreciated .
  3. JustMeIV


    yellow, thanks for the clarification. re: your question. I'm not yet sure if I'll be attening in Sep. I need to do a bit more research and soul-searching before I decide, but I will accept it provisionally. As far as ECs go, I can say with confidance that I had a great deal of them and that they were very diverse. My WE surely also stood out due to its nature.
  4. JustMeIV


    Thanks for the congrats. I received the news by mail last night. My package is dated 4th of April as well and I have until the 25th of April to make a decision. Frankly this is the first I hear of SIS. Honestly, I feel bad for asking but, what is it?? I'm assuming it's like infoweb or minerva. My stats were: GPA 3.5 and avg lsat 153. I applied special and did not apply for the joint program. Hope that clarifies things.
  5. JustMeIV


    FYI for anyone interested. I received an offer of admission from Windsor last night. It's far from being my first choice so at the moment I'm not really sure what I will do with it . For those of you still waiting for Windsor specifically I guess this is a sign that things are still moving along. Good luck.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I think I'll be getting in touch with LSAC directly to see what they have to say about it. Hopefully something in my favour
  7. Ok here's the deal. Feb. - Grandfather who lives abroad got sick about week and a half before the exam. Had to fly out to help him for entire 10 days right before lsat. Can't remember exact days right now. Scored 151 Sep. - I was hospitalised two weeks before the exam. Still on some medication while writing it. Scored 155. Dec. - No actual excuse for this one. I decided to write it since I figured I had no chance with the previous scores so I had nothing to loose. I'm on exchange in Europe since September however so the full course load in a foreign language left no time to actually prepare. I knew it would have been worse to write it in Feb. since the semesters are longer here and final exams are in late Jan. - early Feb. Scored 152.
  8. Hey everyone. I'm hoping someone can clear this up for me. The LSAC site says that one can only write the LSAT 3 times within a 2 year period. I did indeed write the LSAT three times: Feb 04, Sep 04 and Dec 04 and basically blew it all three times. I applied special to some school and tried to explain why the LSAT went so badly (I really did have ligitimate reasons). My question is whether or not there are any exeptions to being able to write it 3 times AND if anyone knows when exactly I would be able to rewrite a fourth time??? How do they count the 2 years?? Starting from the first time I wrote or the last?? If it's the last, then I'm done for because what the H am I seposed to do with the next 3 years (2 to be able to write + 1 applying and waiting for a reply) of my life while waiting to start law school?? In other words, if I don't get in now, are my law dreams pretty much out the window?? Just
  9. JustMeIV


    there seems to be a general concencus. thanks everyone.
  10. JustMeIV


    thanks a lot dulfun. that's a start. out of curiosity, how many did those of you who applied send in?
  11. Maybe I'm blind or something but I can't seem to find out anywhere on Dal's website exactly how many letters of reference they want. It says letterS so I'm guessing it's more than one. But is it two or three or up to the applicant ? Would really appreciate it if someone could clear this one up for me. Good luck to everyone
  12. JustMeIV

    In retrospect...

    I don't attend UWO but I did consider attending. I am a student at Osgoode. In retrospect, I am glad I didn't go to UWO. UWO has a number of required courses in upper year which is unique to UWO. While I am taking most of those courses at Osgoode, there are a few I have decided not to take (even though I am going to a big firm). Do you want to be required to take 6 upper year courses? Do you want total freedom in making that decision? As well, most of courses are required in 2nd year meaning your course selection for 2nd year is quite restricted. I was also advised by a transfer student that Osgoode (and U of T) have significantly better career services dept than UWO. This may or may not be an issue for you. Edited by: ChillPPP at: 2/3/05 6:02 pm
  13. JustMeIV

    McGill sans LSAT?

    JonMan, Unfortunately, my application wasn't in until the 17th of January. In other words, at the very last minute I'm currently on exchange in France and am finding that it's a nightmare trying to get things in on time from here. Plus, the work load in French is killing me. thanks for the reply. got my fingers crossed with my new found hope
  14. JustMeIV

    McGill sans LSAT?

    Hey JonMan, Might if I ask what your GPA or you average % was? Was there anything significant that might have improved your chances? I'm sitting on a 155 lsat (153 average lsat), 80% average, tons of ECs, 4 languages, military experience blah, blah, blah. I had given up hope regarding McGill due to my lsat but your post is giving me some hope
  15. JustMeIV

    curriculum vitae? Please Help Clarify

    thanks everybody !!! That CV thing has been bothering me for the past few days. I can sleep soundly...well, a bit more soundly until I hear some more good news best of luck to everyone.