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  1. Could you provide a link to the Ontario Bar Prep practice exam? Every time I google it I only find the emond practice exams and the bar crackers one.
  2. How much time do you guys think is needed to begin using the index and taking practice exams?
  3. Hi I am also in the same boat, if anyone could let me know where to access them i'd really appreciate that. Thanks
  4. Hey guys, so I was maintaining a 76 average in my first year and landed a summer job at a large may st firm. However my grades for my 2nd year were released, and to my unpleasant surprise my average for that year was 73 (total GPA: 74.6). I had already prepared to do exchange in my first semester, however as exchange courses only transfer credits and not grades, I am seriously considering not accepting my exchange offer. How concerned should I be about my average and should I go on exchange? I think I cam bring my average up to 75 through 1 semester, but to bring it back to 76 I think I need at least the entire year ( meaning I cant do exchange) How important are law school gpas after your secure a 2L summer job at a large firm? Thanks
  5. I just finished my 1L at UBC, my weighted average when taking into account the amount of credits in each comes out to be 75.9 percent (which was about 1.4 percent higher than the class averages in my small group) I was wondering if this would be a competitive average for OCI's at large firms in Vancouver or Toronto, or even the States. Thanks.
  6. I was accepted into Western Law and I provisionally accepted the offer before April 1. In the letter it states that I need to make a non-refundable deposit by June 1st, however when i log into my student service account the account summary is zero. How do I pay this deposit
  7. I entered the queue on 1/17 stats: CGPA-3.29, lsat-167 Still says my file is in queue, anyone else in a similiar boat?
  8. Accepted Stats: cGPA: 3.29 LSAT: 167 Undergraduate from UBC
  9. Hi, I was wondering if it mattered when you completed and submitted your law school application through OLSAS. Is submitting it earlier than the deadline help your chances of being admitted, or does it not matter as long as you submit the application before the deadline. Thank you.
  10. cGPA 3.27 L2: 3.43 L3: 3.29 B2: 3.44 B3:3.36 LSAT: 166, 167 Applying to UofT, Osgoode, Queens, and Western Thank you.
  11. Hello everyone, I am applying for Osgoode 2017. I have the following stats: cGPA:3.27 L2: 3.42 L3:3.29 B2: 3.44 B3: 3.36 I have LSAT scores of 166 and 167 respectively. If you guys could give me your blunt answers to my chances of acceptance. Thank you.
  12. Hi, I am assuming when imputing your GPA, you are excluding the bottom 12 credits (if you are in the last year or have graduated). Is that correct?
  13. I have an index of 91.10506, will I have good chances to get accepted to UBC law in 2017/2018?
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