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  1. thinking about the same thing right now. i seems like the one thing that is clear is that there are wayyy too many law student graduate for wayy too few positions. gg ontario for letting ryerson add more students to this mess
  2. something happened to me. big shot to the ego and i now have a cemented hatred for this entire process in our profession
  3. really appreciate your insight - thank you for sharing
  4. wondering the same thing. i wonder in the history of this recruit if anybody got a call much later?
  5. does anybody have any idea how long we should wait for a call? trying to stay optimistic and hope that some firms are running a little behind schedule
  6. Do you know if they actually did second interviews? If they did not, it follows that you likely still rank somewhere on their list for candidates they are considering hiring!
  7. That's definitely reassuring but still confusing. Not sure if you can comment on the specifics, but did this happen because this firm(your first choice) gave an offer to another candidate that did not rank them as their first choice? It seems kinda shady that the student coordinator/lawyer would knowingly give an offer to a candidate who did not use the words "first choice" & at the same time tell another candidate (that they knew said first choice) to hold off an accepting an offer because they "are interested in you". This whole process just seems like a big game right up until they very end
  8. That seems like the best approach. How specific was your 1st choice in their answer when you inquired about your position on the list/if there were going to make an offer? I am assuming it was enough to make the decision but I am concerned about hearing a vague "well you are definitely amongst the most competitive applicants we intend to hire" because the firm itself is still waiting to hear back from another candidate doing the exact same thing with another firm.
  9. I was actually wondering the same thing. The rules stipulate that "Students shall deal with offers received as expeditiously as possible regardless of the stipulated time that the offer shall be allowed to remain open", but how does that make sense if "All offers made at or after 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 4, 2020, shall be allowed to remain open until at least 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 5, 2020."?!?!
  10. My cards are still both at 5k so no changes there. I know there has been issues with the scotia system making changes to the PLOC automatically. Im sure if you call them they will reinstate your credit limits as I bet this change was without anybody at scotia actually triggering it
  11. @blonderachelzane Absolutely nothing unfortunately
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