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  1. Hello fellow Oz people, I am interested in the Osgoode tax law program but I would like to admit here that I am not at all sure of what exactly tax law is, the skills/abilities that would be most suited for someone in tax law and so I'm unsure if it would be right for me. Currently, I am not sure of where I would like to take my career but tax law just seems like a good, solid option among other options such as estates and business law. Also, I would like to declare the stream because it would teach me valuable skills and experience that I can discuss in interviews - regardless of whether I want to pursue tax law after all. I would like to know about opportunities in tax law and what kind of a person would be most suited for this program/jobs. I would say that although I am good with analytical thinking and did well in the sciences, I am probably more of a creative person. I would like a good work/life balance and I think I would be okay with doing a job that is just that - a job that is interesting enough. What is most important for me is a friendly, encouraging and positive work environment that really allows me to grow and pushes me at the same time. I don't do well in negative or toxic work environments or if it's too, too competitive. I know what that sounds like but better said here than anywhere else. Would declaring the stream be beneficial even if I don't end up doing tax law? Would I be limiting myself with the courses that I have chosen because I won't be able to take some courses that I actually find more interesting...? It would be super helpful if someone who has done this program could share their experience. I haven't talked to anyone about course selection yet so any information would be nice. Thanks.
  2. Sometimes you just don't and that is the answer. Instead, explain why law school was the next right step in your career. This is probably not for the PS but for general conversation or interview so something along the lines of 'I wanted to give voice to my perspective' or, 'I learned that science is this... but as a grew I realized that I could give more/do more with a law degree/as a lawyer because it will empower me to bring change/pursue my passion for...'
  3. Flow, the psychology of optimal experience is good if you want to know how to feel happy/content while drowning yourself in law school material.
  4. Neither. I'm not sure yet if I'll be participating in the OCIs and even if I do, I probably won't get many interviews. However, I know that I'll have to do interviews in 2L and probably (hopefully) many of them and then for articling so, I'm preparing for that - early but I know that I need to as I won't have time later.
  5. I have very little interview experience let alone interview experience for law jobs and I was wondering if there are any sources/videos out there (aside from the CDO) that I can learn from and at least get some sense of what to expect/prepare for - as I currently have no idea and feel very out of the loop with my peers regarding the process. Any advice that especially helped people drastically improve their interview skills? I honestly feel that interviews are definitely not my strength but I think that I can improve considerably if I have a general sense of what to say/talk about and expect in the process - and practice (that too).
  6. Well, I'll just add my experience here. I got my braces during Law School and it was fine. They were of the very regular kind; visible but not anything extra. Weren't too time-consuming etc. Didn't affect my speech that much but it did a little bit and, it does not matter AT ALL. Don't worry it'll be fine.
  7. What would be a good time to start looking around for these SPIs? I haven't heard of these SPIs before, where do I go to discuss this? the career place? Are they proposed by the student on both sides; so I would have to ask and arrange where I would be able to intern and, at the same time, have to tell the school? Would any law firm be eligible for this?
  8. I am having dreams about the issues I missed in my exams and where I messed up when I shouldn't have (yes, still!); any advice on how to keep a cool and calm mind during exams? I mean I knew it and I still wrote the incorrect analysis on one exam and on another I kept reading the question over and over and I couldn't understand it or spot the issues as quickly as I expected. Also, typing during exams becomes this complicated task where my typing speed goes down considerably... I'm not torturing myself over this because I'm not going to do that to myself (plus, hoping the curve will save the day - but meh.). I am, however, looking to improve exam writing and performance (ability to write down and articulate my answers given exam pressure - display what I have learned/know) and would like advice/suggestions on how to improve in this respect. Am I 'normal' regarding this experience?
  9. Thank you for the responses. I did not mean to say that I've been misled in terms of course content just...feeling bad about a select few individuals. I don't want to say more. But I do want to say that people are super-nice generally especially upper-year students and others in my section. I feel good to be a surrounded by such motivated, kind and accomplished people. Your advice @drankcoffeeis so helpful; just focus on my self and my goals. Taking all this advice with me, I shall get to work and only return when I have done my due research.
  10. Hello All, I admit, as a 1L student who doesn't know many lawyers, that I, negligently, do not have much knowledge about careers in law. I want to know whether it is possible to have a job that although is stressful and demanding (can't get away from that I suppose) is also one that does not require as many hours? Also, possibly requires/utilizes a science background? I'm not even going to narrow down the area of law because I don't know yet; maybe I'll like tax law or something. How much do grades matter? Does it matter more depending on the area of law? In business law, I am assuming grades matter more? Or am I wrong? O. And, I'm in the process of experiencing the 'competitiveness' of law school and it is off-setting my trust in humanity. Seriously, what about me says, 'please mislead me, I'm stupid and will believe you.' I'm too nice and am easily influenced by others. People can be so manipulative. Or maybe it's just me who has failed to see all along. It's me, isn't it?
  11. Apparently, one of my exams is based on this upcoming decision. ...Please continue your discussion.
  12. This is too much work. But its not really... Why do I feel so de-motivated? I know I can do so much better but I just don't want to do much, only the bare minimum. I feel that compared to everyone else in the class, I am the least motivated, least 'feel-good,' excited person. I don't know why exactly...
  13. You know whats a little funny. When I was starting undergrad, I attended a bunch of 'headstart' (or something) type seminars and the students were like: Two hours of reading and review for every hour of lecture 0.0 ...But it was true what they said..I did need to do that much to get really good grades xD Is law school not as hard as I thought? Or, more likely, majority of incoming law students have honed their study skills and developed excellent work ethic so they only need that much time.
  14. As far as I know about admissions, taking more than a full course load (more than 5 courses) won't give you any advantage. Much better to prioritize GPA.
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