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  1. I'm on exchange right now and I'm just wondering how much the late fees are and if it's worth it for me to find/pay a lawyer here to notarize my application or whether I should just bite the bullet and submit my application package late.
  2. If you're from an arts/humanities background (which I was) or are just an artsy person in general, make sure you make time to do creative things. Especially in first year, or in semesters where you're taking mostly exam-based courses, I would really emphasize finding some kind of creative outlet for yourself; whether it's writing or painting or dance/theatre or playing an instrument, it is worthwhile and making time for it could do wonders for your mental health.
  3. Has anyone heard from Norton Rose? (Queen's student, just had OCIs on Thursday)
  4. Hey all, So I finished 1L with more or less average grades (4 B+s and 2 Bs) and while I'm not 100% set on Bay street as a career path, I was wondering what people thought about applying to larger firms with mediocre grades? I have a really good summer job this summer doing legal research on law and tech issues for a very reputable organization and I'm also a Fellow with the Ontario Justice Education Network. Both positions will continue after the summer and into the academic year. I also did a lot of extracurricular activities during first year (legal aid, law journal, pbsc project). Be honest! I am very happy to (and fully plan on) applying to smaller and mid-sized firms as well, I'm just curious whether it is even worth it to apply to larger firms.
  5. None at all. Maybe they'll release it when they announce who won what awards? I did see some people on LinkedIn add the position of "academic tutor" to their profile, but I'm not sure if they officially got a list, or if they just figured their GPA was so good they'd have to be on the tutor list.
  6. Has the tutor list already been sent out? Any idea what the GPA cutoff is this year for 1Ls going into 2L?
  7. Last year the waitlist didn't come out until end of June, so it'll probably be a while before any news of that emerges. Your stats are decent and there's a few months left in the application cycle so try not to stress about it too much! If you haven't been accepted/rejected by the time the waitlist comes out, you'll be on it, and there's usually a bit of movement on the waitlist throughout the summer.
  8. I think there's about 25 of us. It's pretty competitive, so apply broadly (to the journals and PBSC projects too). Also if you're keen on getting practical experience with file management, I'd also recommend applying for the PBSC Family Law Project - you'll get to do a lot of legal aid type work, but with family law files. Even if you're not interested in family law as a career path, it's still great experience and you can still highlight the same skills (file management, client interaction, professionalism) on a resume as you would with the legal aid clinic itself.
  9. I'm currently a 1L volunteering at Queen's Legal Aid (though it's winding down now since exams are coming up). I also did the Queen's Law Journal, and a PBSC project and I would recommend legal aid over both of them; for me personally, legal aid has definitely been the most compelling and inspiring extracurricular thing I've gotten to do all year. I personally found the clinic to be quite time consuming in first semester, but that's really because the file I was on was scheduled for a hearing in late November. That being said, representing my client at that hearing has easily been the highlight of my 1L experience. And if I had really felt that I couldn't keep up with all the work demanded of me between school and legal aid, I could have asked the legal aid lawyers to assign the file to a credit student (but I was really excited about the opportunity to do a hearing so I didn't). Let me know if you have any more questions!
  10. Sorry for the late reply (I don't check the forums as often now), but I was later rejected from UBC. Didn't get notified about it until about May or June though.
  11. Yes there has been movement. I was accepted off the waitlist in mid-July, and I believe there was one other LSer who was accepted off the waitlist (check the accepted thread).
  12. Gave up my spot on the waitlist today (#33) in favour of another offer of admission. Good luck to those still waiting!
  13. Just got accepted off the waitlist this afternoon! cGPA: 3.71 LSAT: 157 Strong ECS LORS from two professors, both of whom are the current or acting chairs of their respective department. Will definitely be accepting.
  14. Finally got a number! #33 on the numbered waitlist cGPA 3.71 LSAT 157 Decent/slightly above average softs & LORs. Also, I don't think I saw anyone else mention it in this forum yet (if they have, then just ignore this), but on UOzone, it says: "You have been placed on the first numbered waitlist. Please confirm your interest to remain on this list by sending an email to [email protected] before the deadline date of July 5th 2017 otherwise your application will be cancelled." So basically, everyone who has received a number and wants to stay on the waitlist should send them an email by tomorrow! Just thought I'd give the heads up, in case anyone missed it.
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