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  1. Thanks for your input everyone! The firm that I'm considering is offering 50% and said that they have a lot of existing clients that they would transfer over to me (I would also look into bringing in my own clients; NOTE: I am VERY junior so this would take some time).
  2. I agree with @setto. Your firm's precedent database is the most useful resource you will have (and for some lawyers, the only resource you should have).
  3. Hi all, I just came across a firm whose compensation is based on a split of collected fees as opposed to a set salary. Any input? Is this more common than I think it is? Thanks!
  4. Hey! I'm also thinking of transferring to BC right after my call. If you want to chat, shoot me a PM!
  5. I lived on campus during 1L and 2L and lived in downtown during my 3L. I would say I enjoyed my time in downtown a bit more just because I lived across the street from a grocery store and a lot of my friends either lived in downtown or would hang out in downtown primarily. If you're currently a 0L I would say living on campus is not a bad idea for your first year. That way you get to meet everyone else who lives on campus and it's a good way to network with others new to the city! Hope this helps.
  6. I would have to agree with everyone else. I'm currently articling right now and some of my friends didn't find positions until June. But having waited, they're with firms that are reputable and treat them well. Please try not to settle. 10 months (or 12, depending on where you are) is a long time to be unhappy.
  7. Hey OP, A friend of mine actually articled in Ontario and moved to Halifax as a new call. She was able to find a job before her articling term was over!
  8. I would say the only benefit is that there are less people writing in Ottawa, hence less hectic, wait times, etc.
  9. Canadians can if you have 3+ years of work experience or if you do the LLM program (which is 1 year)!
  10. Thanks for your response! The only reason why I'm considering an LLM is because then I wouldn't have to wait for 3 years to be eligible to write the Washington bar.
  11. Thank you all for your response. I do know of some lawyers in Seattle who offered to help me with my job search post-graduation but I suppose there's always a risk with doing an LLM in another country. Thanks! 😀
  12. Thanks for your input ☺️
  13. I’ve summered and am articling at a family law firm so hopefully family law but I also want to branch out and do civil litigation, if possible. As for the city, it would be Seattle and I’ve already applied to the two law schools in the city.
  14. My SO lives in the States so I was thinking of doing my LLM there once I get called in Ontario. Has anyone done something similar and how difficult has it been to pass the bar/find a job in the US?
  15. Right, of course. Those I would recommend always buying from Bound & Copy rather than using an older edition.
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