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  1. Thank you for your comment Donoghuevstevenson. I am definitely not litigious and seeking thrills, I'm hoping to find work that I can feel like I made a difference, or accomplished something. I don't mean looking to save the world but at least hope that what I did in my job mattered, even in a small way to someone. I've been doing admin work for years and sometimes I feel like I'm just pushing paper around...
  2. I'm trying to decide if the Paralegal field is right for me. Could any working Paralegal comment as to what qualities, personality they think fits the job best? I have been in admin work most my life ( i'm over 30 and find the work tolerable, but I'm bored and don't feel like my work is of much value. . Is it very tedious, repetitive work? do you feel involved in cases? Do you feel like what you do is important? or are you just pushing paper around..... note: I don't intend to start my own business as I live out west and hope to return out west and Paralegal are able to work on their own out here as I understand it. any comments appreciated.
  3. Hello, I have been accepted to the Paralegal Accelerated Program At Seneca College. I will be moving from BC to attend and I am really getting cold feet as the online reviews for Seneca are really quite terrible! Anyone on this forum who can speak to the quality of the program at Seneca? The reviews speak mostly to the Administration of the school as a whole, not specifically to the Paralegal program, but they make the school sound horrendous! Tuition mistakes, printing wrong Book lists, scheduling conflicts etc... Thank you for your input.
  4. Hello, I've decided to switch careers at 41 and become a paralegal. I currently live out in BC but plan to move to Toronto and go to college there. I've read several posts here about private versus public and am looking at either Seneca or George Brown. George brown is attractive as it is an evening part time program so I could work at the same time. Both schools are 2 year programs, though Seneca does have an accelrated program, and both are accredited. However I am trying to find some reivews of the schools as I don't live in toronto so don't have a feel for the general perception of the respective schools. There are many horrible reviews for George Brown online but they are almost all from at least 2-3 years ago, and nothing to do with the paralegal program. I am more keen to take the george brown program just so that I could work at the same time, so does anyone have any insight on the quality of teaching, actual education and reputation they provide versus Seneca? Any thought and comments appreciated. cheers
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