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  1. You're in first year of undergrad. These decisions are still far away. Maybe you'll be lucky to have multiple options for law school. Maybe you'll only have 1 or 2 options, and the Windsor/UofT dichotomy won't be relevant at all. Maybe you'll work a few years and save up some money before law school (I always advocate this for people graduating and in a position to do so, especially those financially strapped). It's good to start thinking about costs, but in the meantime, work hard! Enjoy the ride!
  2. Some people with strong science backgrounds (Masters or PhD) handily get 1L positions in IP irrespective of grades, but I hardly think that counts as a lucky break or success story - just right fit for the right role.
  3. Osgoode is in Toronto, with slightly stronger placement figures. However, if you love Queens and the environment and the student culture (who doesn't), I wouldn't let it stop you going for that reason alone. Queens places plenty well and is certainly on the same "tier" in terms of placement.
  4. Don't want to pile on but..... McGill is the dream. Many McGill grads work in Toronto. My McGill friends look at my tuition and laugh. Most use their Articling sign back bonus to pay off their last year tuition at McGill. I used mine to buy textbooks. The school is looked on very favorably. You might need to put in a bit more leg work just physically coming to Toronto for events but not a huge issue. Congrats.
  5. Will also chime in and say once you land at a Bay Street or similar firm, you will get solicited frequently for these positions, irrespective of school.
  6. Everyone has an off day on an exam, so firms will understand. Not like you can change the grade for applications, but just have a story around the D+ come interview time and how you learned to prepare differently/not indicative of your regular performance.
  7. Yes certainly fair game to do so. Be respectful, set up a call to learn about their careers/firm/practice first rather than just requesting a role. Always helps to reach out to Alumni or people that have something in common with you (same high school, similar interests, volunteers at same place etc. Linkedin helps too, makes reaching out a bit less awkward since that is what the platform is for.
  8. Chances are not historically great: http://ultravires.ca/2020/10/toronto-summer-2020-1l-recruitment-results/ Your grades are strong and you might as well apply for practice getting your materials together. If nothing comes of it, you'll be in a good starting point for OCIs, which is a much broader intake that you will be competitive for.
  9. Pretty good. It's competitive every year but I think you'll pick up 0-2 interviews. Depends on the rest of your application package. Very solid semester, congrats!
  10. Go to McGill. McGill students who want Bay St still do very well. Will just take one extra layer of hustle (and showing interest in Toronto) but that's it. You'll save on cost and will not lose anything on reputation.
  11. Used to go 2-3 times a week. Gym was very close to the office which helped. Most people I know are either in the 7-9am gym crowd before work, or otherwise the 6-7pm time slot when they find a lull. Tough to do afternoon because you still have to shower/eat lunch and you'll be at 5pm starting at your computer with only 4 billable hours logged at times.
  12. UofT, Osgoode and McGill recruit OCI to New York as mentioned above. UofT JD/MBAs seem to do particularly well. Outside of those schools, it's not uncommon for 1st-3rd year Associates practicing on Bay Street (law school agnostic) to lateral to NY. Used to happen all the time in transactional practices, though your mileage through Covid may differ.
  13. Sounds like Osgoode. If you want to practice in Ontario, you want to go to school in Ontario (for the most part). Course selection is great at Osgoode and you said you want a change of scenery from Ottawa. You have great stats and may qualify for decent amounts of aid.
  14. If you're dead set on law school, pay the minimum amount for now and save up as much cash as you can. OSAP is put on pause while you're in law school, and you'll need the cash for rent, books, and a myriad of non-tuition related expenses.
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