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  1. Yayayaya!!! I wonder if there is a FB group?
  2. Received my acceptance today! Best of luck to everyone! Hope to see you all in September 😃
  3. Hi All! I wanted to start a thread for this. I found it was very helpful to have a community last year while waiting for my acceptances from law schools. Now I am trying to transfer to Toronto on compassionate grounds due to health. My first year GPA is so far a B - B+. Anyone else waiting to transfer to Osgoode for September 2019?
  4. @sparkles5 - Me and another user just enrolled today and it looks like there is a few spots open in one of the small group courses - I would say about 12 spots.
  5. Hey @ZeroDark169 it is not showing up yet that I can enroll. I just got admitted this morning and paid my deposit. What is the turn around time to be able to enroll in a block?
  6. ACCEPTED TODAY!!!! Originally 77/298 and then 12/158!!! WOOT WOOT!!!
  7. ACCEPTED TODAY!!!! Originally 77/298 and then 12/158!!! WOOT WOOT!!!
  8. I am shaking in my boots over here... refresh refresh refresh...
  9. @LP95 - communicating with other users/students. Please visit here the other thread - to ask more questions. We are leaving this thread specifically for waitlist updates. .
  10. I hope before Friday! Thursday at the latest. @TheScientist101
  11. For next year's inquiry - #10/158 on the revised list was accepted today.
  12. 12/158 on revised (#10 is in as of today). My chances - being #2 now?
  13. Well if I get in by this weekend I am drinking to celebrate... and if I do not get in I am drinking out of cosmic irony.
  14. Yes, I am #12/158 and 10/158 is under evaluation... so I guess I am #2 in line now...?
  15. Hoping they will send out some offers today.
  16. I guess that’s the end of the road then. Thanks.
  17. Has anyone called admissions in the last couple of days inquiring about any anticipated movement happening?
  18. You're right... 5/151 makes more sense or 12/158 and 7/158 has been admitted. I am trying to say I am in the top 5 to be admitted.
  19. That's fair. I just wonder if there will be any more offers before school starts.
  20. I wonder if they are going one by one now.
  21. I was notified that 7/158 has been admitted. Anyone else admitted yesterday? I am now #5/158. This is intense!
  22. 25 spots left as of today? That seems like a lot of room still left. I wonder when they will send out more offers.
  23. Yes, of course. I just hope it’s sooner so I can get my LOC in order. However, I’m assuming if they give you a late offer, they probably give you more time to pay tuition. I am in the top #10 right now, so I hope I’d get an offer before September 5.
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