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  1. I am utterly shocked to be posting here. Got wait listed today CGPA: 3.41 L2: around 3.6 LSAT: 144
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if you're to reapply next year again for Ontario law schools. Would my references have to resubmit all the forms again? Or, hopefully they will have them on record still. Thanks!
  3. I have decided to hold off the lsat and study harder to retake in June or even September if I must. Thanks all for the advice.
  4. I cancelled the September LSAT score. I highest score I have been getting is 155. I work full time currently. But I believe I can achieve a 155 with a month of studying, I have signed up for Feb lsat. But I have heard that usually a 2-3 point decrease on the real test is normal, which is why I am having second thoughts. Thanks for the advice. I wish I didn't take the Sept lsat I was not aware that a cancelled score counts as one of the three test takes -.-
  5. So after months of periodically studying and dealing with some personal issues my LSAT score came yesterday to a disheartening 144. I have signed up for Feb write but that would be my last write. My CGPA is 3.41 and L2 3.55. I have applied broadly in Canada. Including Windsor Single and Dual and TRU. It will be a miracle for me to get accepted, despite having pretty good softs. Should I use my last write or wait till next year to apply again?
  6. I also will be applying for 2017 cycle. Does anyone know if TRU looks at the last 90 credits based on a 4.33 scale or 4.0 scale?
  7. I have an assumption question with logical reasoning. This from the powerscore bible. The conclusion of the argument is in conditional form. "Therefore, the ONLY effective way to reduce such emissions is to replace the conventional diesel fuel and gasoline used in automobiles with cleaner-burning fuels, such as methanol, that create fewer emissions". The explanations states this: ERE = effectively reduce emissions Replace - replace diesel and gasoline used in automobiles with cleaner-burning fuels, such as methanol that create fewer emissions. the conditional statement is shows this way: Suff --> Nec ERE --> Replace But, wouldn't it be vice versa. Replace --> ERE because after the necessary indicator "only" it states effectively way to reduce...
  8. I did crim in undergrad and as others said organization is key. I preferred to take classes when possible with only papers and no final exams. Most crim classes at my school are like that, so make sure to keep up with readings, which are super useful with writing papers. The nice thing about crim major is that there are so many different courses that you can take which may interest you. Such as RJ, cyber-crime, terrorism, policing, corrections, legal issues and the list continues. I actually looked forward to some classes because the material was super interesting. Chose what interest you within crim course selection. All courses do not have to be criminology theories!
  9. I will be taking the September LSAT too in Vancouver. We should have group study sessions.
  10. Would you guys recommend studying using the Powerscore bibles first then 7sage? My only concern is that there may be different methods and techniques taught so I don't want to confuse myself?
  11. That is odd. I emailed Heather my gpa for L2 and she provided me a gpa on the 4.0 scale. I will be applying in fall so hopefully they do convert each course, which actually works out better for me. lol
  12. What is incorrect? I am just advising OP to email admissions and get first hand info than guessing...
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