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  1. I just firmly accepted my offer from uOttawa. It now says "unsubmitted firm accept'' on OLSAS. Is this just because it needs to be confirmed by someone? Has anyone else seen this?
  2. Rejected today. LSAT: 158, 159 Undergrad from the UK
  3. I got accepted back in January and still haven't received an official email with the offer, though it's all still there in the uoZone. However, I did get an email or two indirectly confirming my status when they wanted me to come to the open house ("congrats on being accepted; please come to open house blabla"). I'm guessing there won't be much more than that until we accept the offer...?
  4. I got in with similar-ish stats (identical LSAT), so hopefully you'll get in!
  5. First time poster! I only just managed to log in (I made my account ages ago but never used it), though. I got in on January 13, but did not receive an email or anything. I had not been checking OLSAS because I didn't think I'd hear back from anyone before March at least (now I'm checking everyday, which is nerve wrecking, heh). I accidentally found out Ottawa accepted me because I was checking OLSAS for something random, when I saw I had an offer. SO I found out last week of January. I'm so happy! LSAT: 158, 159 GPA: my undergrad is from a Commonwealth country, and I did not do the WES thing, so I don't know, but my last year I did much better than my first year, for sure. I think maybe I would get around 3.6 or something overall? I did almost fail 3 first-year courses, *cough*. I also have an MA in a social science from a Canadian university (thankfully did really well, though yes I know those grades don't count etc), and did a short course in Toronto that I got 4.0/4.0 in (though I'm sure that barely counts). I think I have pretty good LORs, both academic. I've been fairly heavily involved in community service and volunteering things, often social justice oriented, and offered reasons for my less than stellar undergrad performance (which they may or may not have taken seriously). I applied in the general category. Best of luck to everyone who's still waiting! Ottawa isn't my first choice, and to be honest I did not think they'd admit me, but I have not received any other offers yet, so I just might see you soon
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