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  1. Deadpool

    Here is My Situation... (3.01, 3.5, 149)

    99% you won't get into any law school in Canada, at least with the information you have provided us here. If you believe otherwise, that is your call to make. Unless it's schools like Oxford, Cambridge, and LSE, UK law schools will accept you right out of high school, so you should have no problems getting in there. Keep in mind that the folks on this forum advising you are law students and lawyers, and they are some of the types of people you will be looking to for jobs when you return to Canada. The Canadian legal community is not made up of fools, and most of them know why Canadians go abroad for law school. It's common sense logic really. Look at the people who go to the Caribbean for medical school when they can't get in here. Most of them are not given the opportunity to return to Canada to practice medicine here. Personally, I can tell you that when I, myself, as a recent law school graduate who will likely be in a position to hire law students and lawyers in a few years' time would, barring extreme exceptions, toss out job applications (probably not even read most of them) from foreign-trained lawyers (unless they come from top ivy leagues, Oxford, etc.). Believe me, my position on this matter is not unique, and other lawyers on this forum have reported the same. Their time is limited and they receive thousands of job applications. There are many who don't even look at the applications from Canadian law school graduates who were not in the top 25-30% of their class, so what reason would they have to look at applications from foreign-trained lawyers?
  2. Deadpool

    Uvic vs Osgoode

    You're not going to make connections with BC firms and organizations by going to Osgoode. Go to UVic.
  3. https://www.law.utoronto.ca/admissions/youth-outreach/so-you-want-become-lawyer
  4. Deadpool

    Uvic vs Osgoode

    You haven't indicated in which province you'd like to practice law?
  5. Any events that go on at the school after classes are done and in the evenings. Wednesday JCR nights. Osgoode students living together party pretty hard, especially in 1L. It's almost like being in first year undergrad all over again, only with an older, more professional (hopefully) crowd. Not saying that it will greatly disadvantage you, but if you're going to rent downtown in 1L and commute to Osgoode, you may as well live on or near campus.
  6. Not in first year. You're essentially still a commuter then and may miss out on good social experiences to get to know your classmates in 1L. People move downtown in 2L and 3L. Plenty of Osgoode students live in the Chambers, Quad, Assiniboine, and even the Village. It's not as bad as you may heard it is. One of my classmates is blind and he lived in the Village for all three years of law school.
  7. Deadpool

    Why did you pick UofT over Osgoode?

    The main difference here is that around 50% of U of T's class ends up on Bay Street (compared to 25-30% at Osgoode), but this also doesn't mean that the other 50% from U of T are landing coveted government jobs and boutiques. Your chances of landing a good Bay Street job are higher from U of T, but you can also do it from Osgoode, while U of T does not compare to Osgoode in placing students in other areas of law. So contrary to what I've read here, I think Osgoode is a more well-rounded school, as students pursue both Bay Street and public interest/social justice careers there in equal amounts. Obviously I don't want to make any assumptions, and this is from my experience talking to U of T graduates and researching of different areas. https://www.law.utoronto.ca/student-life/career-development-office/career-statistics This survey is also worth looking at. https://www.lexpert.ca/directory/practice-areas/ranking/ You may want to consider going through the practice areas and firms/organizations that interest you, and reading up on lawyer bios. Look at their experiences and schools that they've gone to. Edit: I turned down U of T for Osgoode and don't have any regrets. I gained a lot of clinic and experiential education experience in law school and did an internship at the UN (still have my connections there). I really don't believe I could be where I am at right now if I had gone to U of T. Certain schools are better than others for some areas. Queen's is quite strong for labour and employment and family law as well. Ottawa is strong for government careers. Western also has a decent Bay Street placement rate (Queen's is catching up too). There really isn't a wrong answer here. You're not screwed if you pick Ottawa, Queen's, Western, Dalhousie, UBC, McGill, or Osgoode over U of T. I know people who've done so and they're perfectly fine in their careers. Make sure you take time off this forum to gain perspective from students and graduates in real life too.
  8. Deadpool

    Why did you pick UofT over Osgoode?

    You've indicated a strong interest in pursuing family law in your posts. How likely is it that this will change to something like Biglaw? I would not go to U of T for family law, unless maybe if your goal was to teach it. I strongly believe that Osgoode is the better school for people wanting to pursue personal services, primarily based on the clinics, course selection, and experiential education offerings there. A large number of my peers are articling now in personal services and the government. There is a large alumni network in areas like criminal, family, wills and estates, labour and employment, immigration and refugee, personal injury, etc. from Osgoode than U of T. Most people choose U of T over Osgoode because of its reputation as the best law school in Canada, and because they want to keep their options open - including the doors to Bay Street. Very rarely will you see someone interested in social justice and personal/public services choose U of T over the other law schools in Canada. You'll find the U of T hype to be high on this forum because there is an emphasis on Bay Street/New York careers and OCIs here. I can tell you that people do turn down U of T to attend other law schools in Canada, and it's a perfectly reasonable choice to make. When I interned for the UN, there was a strong Osgoode presence there, and internationally, Osgoode carries a good name. So don't think that you'd be selling yourself short by picking one over the other. I would be hesitant to pick U of T if you were sure you wanted to do family law, and pick it immediately if you were open to pursue Biglaw and New York careers.
  9. Deadpool

    Turning 30 in 1L

    No worries mate. Haters gonna hate and sink in their own pool of jealousy and insecurities. Keep doing you.
  10. Deadpool

    Stats - 169/3.78 cGPA

    Where did you apply? We haven't read your personal statement or autobiographical sketch, so couldn't tell you. When did you write the LSAT?
  11. Deadpool

    Is it recoverable

    You never know until you try. Start getting those A's.
  12. Deadpool

    UofT for Family law?

    It's largely self-selection. With the high tuition and Bay Street emphasis at U of T, there isn't a lot of incentive for students there to work in personal services. What I have noticed though is that once the Bay Street illusion wears off, many U of T grads make the switch into smaller firm settings, including family law firms. It's just not something that's done by most students there right out of law school. From the Osgoode perspective, I can tell you that our family law courses and clinical offerings are stellar, and a fair amount of students I know are currently articling in family law - at least 7 and that's just from who I know alone. The number increases if you add wills and estates to the mix.
  13. Deadpool

    UofT / UBC / UVic

    OP, you do have to consider the fact that you may change your mind about Biglaw and corporate/commercial law in law school. Even if you didn't, there is no guarantee that you'd get into a Biglaw firm even if you did go to U of T or Osgoode. There are a lot of what ifs here. I'd just start by going to the law school in the province that you want to practice in - even better if in that city.
  14. Deadpool

    Government Legal Positions

    It's highly competitive for federal government positions, but municipal and provincial is doable. You have to apply to specific divisions that your experience can cater to, such as the MAG Family Responsibility Office or Civil. It can be a lengthy and grueling process, as the process is very standardized and not like in private practice where you can walk in through connections. Where do you want to work? I can't comment on other provinces, but government jobs in Toronto are the most difficult to land in the country. You may be better off looking into Ottawa, small municipalities, and out of province.
  15. Deadpool

    engineering graduate low cgpa

    Plenty of STEM graduates applying to law school with high GPAs nowadays...