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  1. Difficult to ascertain what they mean by perfect grades and high LSATs, but some applicants have reported being rejected with 3.9+ Best 3 and mid-high 160s in the past - at least in the U of T Rejected threads from previous cycles. However, these appear to be anomalies and not the norm. I know a few of these people ended up coming to Osgoode.
  2. What should you do? Learn some French ASAP and go to McGill where tuition is less than 10k/year.
  3. https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/programs/juris-doctor/jd-admissions/first-year-applicants/eligibility-requirements/ See admissions statistics here. Why do you believe your A- GPA in undergrad is not competitive for Canadian law schools? Have you done any research yet? I see a lot of issues here that will crop up if/when you go to law school. Are you aware of the pressure, stress, and mental health issues prevalent among law students and lawyers? Undergrad is nothing in comparison.
  4. Where you go to law school in Canada largely doesn't matter and you are going to get into some great schools anyways. So I would not stress just because you may not get in everywhere you applied.
  5. Did you apply to other law schools like UBC and UVic, since you calculated your GPA for those schools but not Queen's and Osgoode?
  6. I don't think they track the MAG but they should. I always get updates about new Associate hires at the various law firms but nothing on government, public interest, etc. I think these people should also be recognized in this magazine and it would help future students to see the hireback numbers in government offices.
  7. Hugely insensitive and ridiculous to say the least. OP has the stats to get into most Canadian law schools, something that fewer than 10% of Canadians can claim, yet makes this post asking if they will get in and have they ruined their lives. What about all those dreamers and human beings with lesser stats than OP gunning for a chance at a Canadian law school? Should we just tell them to give up because they ruined their lives and go do something else? Oh, and it seems as though the OP has also gotten an offer already. Their life is surely ruined.
  8. OP says that U of T students are disadvantaged because their grades have systematically been lowered, yet statistically there are more U of T alumni in Canadian law schools than any other undergraduate school. This is a fact I've seen by reading the annual reports of different law schools. So do we make an argument that U of T undergraduate students are just smarter overall? We can go back and forth with these arguments. Why punish someone for a decision they made in high school? Students pick schools and programs based on a vast array of factors.
  9. https://precedentjd.com/hireback-watch/bay-street-hireback-ranking/ I am far less impressed by these hireback numbers after some of the comments here regarding first and second year associate "culling". As if doing OCIs was not hard enough as is...
  10. What is your index score for UBC? For Osgoode, it will come down to holistic factors because your cGPA is well below their median and LSAT is above median.
  11. The reason that a lot of Dal grads are practicing outside of the province is because these grads were for the most part not from that province to begin with.
  12. Seeing as how most law students and lawyers do not have a graduate degree themselves, I think your worry is misplaced. No one will care. I had PhD dropouts in my year.
  13. Firstly, did you bother to do any research into each school's admissions requirements? It's all on their website. Edit: OP wants a pity party. Please do not feed trolls.
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