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  1. Can we call in Diplock at this hour? Aren't exams worth 100%? How did you predict your grade before you even wrote the exam? If you are referring to the employment rate COMING OUT OF LAW SCHOOL, it is indeed 90%+. You still do not get it. Most students secure legal jobs outside of the 2L recruitment process. This is not the only means by which one can secure a job in law school.
  2. I don't want to be that guy, but literally we have a professor, upper year law students, and lawyers on here trying to make a 1L student feel better; the OP's tactic is simply to dismiss everything being said here and engage in circular reasoning. This is a classic case of someone who needs to live and learn. Let them apply broadly and see what happens. Can't turn back the clock now. Edit: Newfoundland, this may come as a shock to you, but there are people going to law school for more than the chance to land a student position at a large corporate/commercial firm. A number of medalists and clerks I know went into litigation boutiques and practice areas like criminal, aboriginal, and immigration. Sounds like you may have gone to law school for the wrong reasons. Only you can answer that.
  3. You may be a splitter if the school looked at your cGPA, but your B3 GPA are not splitter stats. More importantly, U of T doesn't accept a lot of splitters from what I've seen; they want both a competitive GPA and LSAT score.
  4. Ottawa is very cGPA heavy and your current LSAT score is not competitive for Queen's. I'd work on trying to improve on the LSAT, as that is still within your control.
  5. Never say you're waiting for another call. Just say that you need some time to think it over. You should ideally give them your decision soon after the call was made, or they'll know that you're not particularly interested and that could sour the relationship a bit even before you've started working there.
  6. Considering the fact that 60-70% of law students have below a B+ average, I'd say then that most law students are not strong students, and will therefore not make good lawyers. The system is failing us! Too many incompetent lawyers are now coming out of Canadian law schools. That B average is like a noose around your neck to be sure.
  7. Your question sounds like it's coming from a 0L who wants to do everything and learn everything. This is problematic given the fact that you're entering 2L/3L. By now you should have narrowed down your interests and career objectives. Many employers want to see demonstrated interest in their line of work, so applying with a resume that says you want to do everything and learn everything is problematic. Edit: Also, you need to check whether it is even possible to transfer into these programs after completing 2L. Most law schools only accept 1L transfers. Never mind, just saw that you're a second year undergrad student. In that case, apply to schools in the region you want to practice law in. Law is jurisdictional.
  8. I don't want to derail this thread and wasn't going to comment further, but this just irked me quite a bit. Do you know that immigrants and first generation Canadians are flooding professional school programs like medicine, dentistry, and law? Something they all have in common is that they worked hard (very hard) to be there. You yourself admitted to not working harder in undergrad. I came from a relatively poor background and was working multiple jobs in undergrad while commuting 4 hours to university everyday. I went to Osgoode and got into a number of other schools as well. My parents came to Canada with nothing and could not afford to pay for my education even if they had wanted to. Yet you have the luxury of travelling abroad for law school and are calling the people here who worked their asses off to get into Canadian programs elitists...tell me, who is actually privileged - you or me? If I did not get into a Canadian law school, my legal aspirations were done. I took out OSAP and a student line of credit at prime interest rate to pay for the whole thing. I depended on bursaries from my law school. While you can take out a line of credit to attend a foreign school, you need a co-signer with good credit (which I did not have) and the interest rates are high. Scotiabank just recently stopped giving out loans to students travelling abroad altogether. We need to stop these kinds of nonsense statements in its tracks. I see it a lot from my friends and peers who went abroad for law school. Something they all have in common is that they come from money, are well-connected, and they didn't work as hard as us elitists in undergrad to get into a Canadian school. But, hey, bring out the banners and march on the streets because us elitists are blocking them access to these "high paid jobs" to maintain the status quo.
  9. I'd also argue that the end goal here is be called to the bar and become a lawyer - not a summer or articling student which are just a means to an end. There is always the LPP as well. OP, get called and your job prospects will be better than if you were to be a summer student and take a gap year right now.
  10. What's the question here? What is a competitive LSAT score for the few schools you have in mind?
  11. Queen's used to have a cGPA cutoff of 3.4 which I do not believe is mentioned on their website anymore. A school may place an emphasis on your best 2 or last 2 years but this does not mean that cGPA is completely discounted either. Are you confident that your reference letters were positive? I'm sure that if you raise your GPA and take a full courseload, you'll get in.
  12. It sounds like maybe you haven't done as much research as you thought if you're considering non-ABA approved third and fourth tier law schools in the States; you're seriously asking about job prospects there given the bloody job market and how even T-14 grads seem to be struggling, and a UK LLB that will accept anyone breathing? Are you do or die law school? If you plan on moving to the States anyways, why not just go into something else - perhaps apply to law school a few years down the road when you've saved up financially and have some more perspective on reality/life. A foreign law degree isn't going to help you much in the States either. Law is a jurisdictional degree. In any event, your chances at a Canadian law school are not totally sunk, especially if you can raise your LSAT score. Your current plans with a UK or US law degree are extremely unrealistic, far-fetched, and frankly irresponsible. It sounds like you come from money and have rich parents footing the bill here. Make their lives easier and start thinking like a responsible adult before you make a decision.
  13. Death in the family, medical/health problems, disability, educational and financial disadvantage (has to be very obvious), age (perhaps you're applying decades later than most other students and have special life circumstances to explain why), membership in a historically disadvantaged group (mainly Aboriginal, First Nations, and Metis fall into this), etc. Breakup...being in the wrong program...does it count as special circumstances when most students go through these very normal things in life?
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