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  1. Deadpool

    Law School Resum

    Read up on the admissions requirements first for the schools you are applying to.
  2. Deadpool

    Early Admission Question

    Why'd you apply there? It's a Tier 2 law school (ranked somewhere between 50-60) with a 67% bar pass rate. No wonder they have such a ridiculous clause saying that you have to withdraw your applications from all other law schools. The better ranked American law schools don't have this.
  3. Deadpool

    Thoughts about working at Davies?

    If you want a work-life balance, you probably shouldn't be working at any Bay Street firm.
  4. You need to get hired into a criminal law practice or go solo. You need clients.
  5. Deadpool

    Why you shouldn't go to U of T Law

    I graduated from Osgoode and still wish I had gone to U of T. For anyone who wants to know the reasons why, they can PM me. Tuition costs are not everything. U of T law does better than most of the other Ontario law schools in the student recruitment (even outside of Bay Street). My class articling rate can attest to that. I strongly believe that many of the practicing lawyers here, who are years out of law school, don't understand just how bad the market is now for legal jobs. U of T still does amazing compared to the rest.
  6. Deadpool

    Should I re-write the LSAT?

    Have you looked at the average admissions statistics of the Ontario law schools? With that LSAT score you will likely not get into Osgoode, Western and Queen's either. cGPA is on the lower side for Ottawa. Why wouldn't you apply to Windsor or Lakehead?
  7. It would be a soft factor, but GPA and LSAT score are the most important.
  8. Deadpool

    The TRUTH about law school

    I've only really seen this among 1L and 2L students who are Bay Street or Bust gunners (U of T does much better there, especially considering the difference in class sizes, which leads to the inferiority complex), and people like the OP, who probably wanted to work on Bay Street and struck out and think they could have done it if they went to U of T. I've never met an Osgoode graduate/practicing lawyer from Osgoode who had this, or at least, openly showed it.
  9. Deadpool

    The TRUTH about law school

    @Diplock, I agree with everything you said, but just wanted to add that OP may also be referring to the summer articling recruitment, which is primarily made up of MAG, personal injury and insurance defence, and small/mid-sized firms.
  10. Deadpool

    The TRUTH about law school

    I think what the people on this forum don't realize is that there are tons of legal jobs outside of Bay Street and the government. They make up excuses for why some/many students can't find jobs, but the reality is that there are many firms outside of Toronto and small/mid-sized in nature that would happily take you without connections and grades, if you show strong interest in their practice area, are personable and don't come across as someone who'll get up and leave once articling is done. Many of these firms also don't post in your school's career development portal, so you have to take the initiative to reach out to them. This forum will make you believe that everyone from Osgoode is clerking, working on Bay or in international firms. That's a quarter of the class. The remaining 70% of Osgoode's class are working in government, small/mid-sized firms, outside of Toronto, doing the Ryerson LPP, shared articles (I know 3 people in my graduating class doing this) and even unpaid articles (I know 2 people doing this). No, they were not all "C" students, and most were in the average "B" range. This forum is a circle jerk, where the only Osgoode students that I've seen are ones with great grades that landed clerkships and Bay Street jobs. Someone who doesn't go to this school will assume that the hiring stats are great, but really most people find a job on their own and only a quarter of our class lands a job through OCIs. There were many students in my class with strong B+/A grades that did not land OCIs and ended up working in smaller civil litigation firms.
  11. I stopped reading at "Get your Canadian Undergraduate Pre-Law Major" and "You must Pass the LSAT, or Law School Admissions Test before you will be accepted into any LSAC-member Canadian law school." Also the statement, "if you intend to practice law in Quebec you must graduate from a Quebec law school," is false. The article is written by a freelance writer and not a lawyer or law student. Take it with a huge grain of salt. This website provides better resources and more accurate information on Canadian law school admissions.
  12. If we're being honest here, you have an LSAT in the 23rd percentile. To most law schools it wouldn't matter that you're a visible minority and have a baby when your LSAT is that low. When I went to Osgoode, there were a lot of visible minorities and mature students with children who had strong stats coming in, in both the GPA and LSAT categories. Having a baby is really not an excuse for a 23rd percentile LSAT score and you should not use it as such. You can apply, but I highly doubt you'll get in anywhere in Canada. Retake, crack a 155+ and you have a shot at some schools.
  13. Deadpool

    OCI noise

    Sigh, so literal. I jumped on this thread with excitement that we were all going to pile on and bash OCIs as "noise."
  14. Deadpool

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    OCI employers are receiving 2000+ applications for the few spots available. They're not going to be interviewing everyone. Less than 20% of all legal jobs are on Bay Street and if you go to Western, only about a quarter of your class will end up there. http://ultravires.ca/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/UV-February-2018-Recruitment-Special.pdf http://ultravires.ca/wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Recruitment-Special.pdf http://ultravires.ca/2015/11/2016-summer-student-hiring/