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  1. You most likely will not be working at a large firm in Toronto if you do the articling recruit so there is that.
  2. Hey, Bond can't be that bad if you can land at Blakes! In all seriousness to the OP, I would just stick to business at this point in time.
  3. Not really. I was almost assured of a hireback early on in my articles, but they were still not sure and I did not get anything in writing, so I told my employers that I had Associate interviews with other firms and asked if I would be able to take 1 hour off here and there to do the interview. They welcomed my transparency and knew that as articling students, this was a standard process and we needed the job to pay off our student loans, and encouraged me to attend as many interviews as I could. Sounds to me like your entire approach to this was all wrong and you just made excuses for yourself at every turn.
  4. My employer did not inform the articling students of hirebacks (and no hirebacks) until a few days before the articling period ended. This was also a structured environment where they had the resources to inform students early on and hireback as many as they wanted. Nope, I do not think you were treated unfairly whatsoever. Have you ever been employed before? Unless you get something in writing and sign the papers, or at least a firm oral promise from someone reliable extending you an offer, you should never presume that your contract has been extended or you have been hired back. Welcome to the real world.
  5. Dal. There are a lot more Dal alumni working in Toronto than Calgary. Some employers may also ask why you went to Calgary if you're an Ontario resident and want to work in Ontario, while most won't ask why you went to Dal.
  6. If this is a concern, then I'd encourage you to go on LinkedIn and actually look at whether students have landed at the ICC from King's College London when you have schools like HYS, Oxbridge, LSE, etc.
  7. This may be a somewhat controversial point of discussion as it relates a lot to fit as well, but I've noticed that the corporate world in general loves varsity athletes. Most of the students that played on the sports teams at my law school and others whom were former athletes all ended up on Bay Street.
  8. And who makes the call as to which courses are easier or more difficult? Does this not depend on an individual's personal strengths and weaknesses? Fore sure consideration would be given to applicants with degrees in mathematics, engineering, and computer science, but beyond this, who knows.
  9. You have a chance, but nobody here can really tell you anything more than that. Your cGPA is low for Ottawa, but you do seem to have some interesting work experience. And you do not need years to study for the LSAT, and simply putting in years is not going to magically get you a 165+. Have you done a diagnostic yet?
  10. Do you have any civil litigation experience or interest? I see a lot of job postings for junior lawyers in personal injury and insurance defence online. Associate positions for new calls are few and far between. I really empathize with your situation as many of my peers are finishing up articles with the provincial government as well and don't have hirebacks. It's a tough job market and a lot of people I know have been struggling to find jobs after their call.
  11. Many students who are interviewed by Osgoode are rejected, so count yourself lucky to have at least gotten a waitlist. It means that the class is currently full and when a spot opens up, you may get in depending on your position on the waitlist.
  12. Yea, when you're in all that student debt and your school is posting jobs, you're going to apply to it even if that may not be what you want to do in the long-run.
  13. This isn't true, but I guess I can't prove it without showing a screenshot of my student financial account, so we'll have to agree to disagree. 😃 They do have quite a bit of funding left in the winter semester, so the students who already got high bursaries in the first term get a few grand extra in the second term.
  14. I graduated and the amounts given in 2015 when I started were very high. Who knows - this may have changed now. Your information sounds up to date so I'd default to it.
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