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  1. lol.... wow. and they wouldn't give you any idea when they would have an answer for you?
  2. this is really frustrating.... I didn't pay 90$ to get no response.
  3. 169?? wow !! damn sorry guys do you mind sharing when you went into queue? brutal wait...
  4. agreed. could not have said it better myself.
  5. But what about that July 2nd deadline... ?? There's way too many people still in queue for there to be no movement until post july?!?
  6. From what I see Unionized trades people have it pretty good IF (and this is the main problem in this discussion) you like the job. Apprentices have work all the time because they are paid less and they are easily moved around between job sites. Plus there's all the work you can do on the side without your company if you're any good at renovations. People will pay big money not to have to do that themselves. see that's what I'm saying... I've talked to trades people who couldn't imagine sitting on their asses all day and would go crazy/hate themselves in an office setting. It matters what YOU like to do. cause there's no amount of money in this world that would make me want to work my boyfriends job by choice and he feels the exact same way about the office. He likes dangling off roofs and suspensions too much. For other people it sounds like their worst nightmare.
  7. my boyfriend's foreman makes 150k + running commercial construction job sites and essentially more time in the office/telling the boys what to do than any heavy lifting and his hours are still 9-5 without any debt so if money is the main motivator.... actually sorry, when my boyfriend had to go to trade school as part of his electrical apprenticeship (the only time he got off working full time) for three months every year THEY PAID HIM TO GO TO SCHOOL AND FOR HIS TRANSPORTATION to and back from school.
  8. Some of you are clearly very miserable people who get their jollies from being bullies on the internet, so your advice is irrelevant. The market might be bad for lawyers, but it's bad for almost all fucking professions. Compare it to a larger market. The key is to be flexible and to be able to adapt the skills that you learn in law school to the new and EXTREMELY unpredictable market. If you have a very rigid and fixed plan for where your career will lead you, chances are that you will be greatly disappointed. Instead of comparing the profession to the past, compare it to the present market. Every person has to work their ass off to get where they are and everyone has to do some dirty work for a while and it's clear that some of you think that you are "above" that. You don't just land in a high powered, fun, high paying position. YOU work and sometimes it takes a lot longer than you expected, but that's the reality of this current market. 5 years ago every single person and their mother told my boyfriend that only losers go into the trade and that he needed a university education to have any shot at a decent future. He works hard, but today at 22 years old he was able to afford buying his own house without the help of his parents in Richmond Hill. He has had shifts where he spent three days straight at work, working day and night in some filthy conditions. Now all of his friends who are swimming in debt coming from Queen's and UofT with no job are no longer laughing at him for becoming an electrician. My best friend is an electrical engineer at the Honda Plant and he makes good money, but he has no weekends and works 10 hour days. Point of the story, you are entitled to NOTHING. You have to work your ass off for it and you have to invest money in it. If you walk around feeling entitled and thinking that every job is below you just because you have an education you're dead wrong. That's not how the world works anymore. There are no guarantees and job stability is rare. There is no point comparing yourself to people who have spent years grinding in the dirt to get where you are ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU'RE STARTING OUT. The grass just looks greener when it's been watered and worked. If you go into any job solely for the purpose of getting money, you will be miserable. Every job will work you really hard for it, there's no easy way out that so you better hope that you picked something you really like.
  9. Congrats, even if you are declining! Lol I e-mailed asking for an update and they essentially told me to wait my turn...
  10. well congrats! that's a decent number.
  11. did you get an e-mail or was this updated via infoweb??
  12. I'm glad we're all in the same obsessive boat...
  13. LOL I feel that deep in my soul... you know times are rough when getting through the weekend is a struggle...
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